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Almost everyone\'s eyes widened slightly as they heard that.

They looked around and noticed over seven hundred buttons and that some switches were built differently.

They wondered how they were supposed to learn the functions of every button within two weeks.

I hope you all have your recording devices turned on...

I will state the functions of every button, so make sure you pay attention, She said as she moved towards the first control platform.

Gustav\'s ears perked up as he raised his concentration to the max and moved forward as well.


The training ended later after two hours, and many cadets left grumbling with dissatisfied expressions on their faces.

They couldn\'t understand why officer Mag was so harsh.

Someone got slapped after doing something out of turn.

Out of all the officers that had trained them so far, she was the only one that treated them this way.

The others were either neutral or nice, like Officer Briant.

Gustav wasn\'t bothered like the others since he memorized the seven hundred plus buttons and their functions.


His intelligence had risen to the point where he had a photographic memory.

In fact, it was even better.

The moment something was mentioned, he couldn\'t forget about it even if he tried to.

If he did, he could easily recall it.

However, Gustav wasn\'t going to let anyone know about this.

Neither was he going to reveal that he knew the function of every single button and gear when it was time because his aim wasn\'t to become an MBO pilot.

He could do with being a combatant in the future, but he didn\'t want the pilot role because of specific reasons.

He moved on to combat training before he was done for the day.

Gustav had been visiting the MBO camp library for the last week to increase his knowledge of many things.

He once again headed there by evening time to read more on intergalactic travels.

The MBO camp had four different libraries, and Gustav\'s goal was to read every single book within.

However, this would be impossible in the meantime because first-year cadets were not allowed to visit some of the libraries unless they had successfully become second years.

And second-year cadets were practically third years because two years equaled a single semester.

What Gustav didn\'t know was that his current rank gave him access to everywhere within the MBO.

He didn\'t know what being ranked personnel entailed.

Gustav was currently reading within one of the libraries.

He found out that cadets that had just completed their four years of training were put on some kind of probation first.

Even those that completed their training with excellence were given internal missions first before the higher-ups decide whether or not they were qualified to go on intergalactic missions.

These internal missions, of course, were missions on the earth.

There was a probability that an officer who had just completed their training with excellence might never actually be given a mission outside the planet.

This decision was up to the higher-ups.

This threw Gustav off course a bit as he wondered if such a fate might fall on him.

It would be disastrous if he finished his probation missions on earth and wasn\'t enlisted among the squads that dealt with intergalactic missions.

Gustav\'s main goal was outside this planet, if he decided not to use the MBO to achieve his goal, it would be harder for him, so it would be a problem if such a thing happened.

Gustav started formulating plans just in case things went sideways.


In the process of thinking and not paying attention to his surroundings, he didn\'t notice that someone had closed in on him from the east side.

Gustav turned to the side to stare at who had called out his name.


What do you want Gustav said with a slightly wary expression after noticing the person.

It was the same Vera who jumped on him the last time he had a date with Angy.

The granddaughter of Mr.


Hi Gustav, I didn\'t come to cause any trouble I promise...

I just want to have a little chat with you, She muttered with a shy expression as she arrived in front of him.

\'What is with her Why is she acting differently this time\' Gustav wondered.

\'I should stay away from her...

I can\'t read her at all,\' Gustav said Internally as he stood to his feet.

Not interested, Gustav said as he picked up the book in his hand and moved towards one of the shelves.

Wait Gustav really, I need to talk to you about something important, She voiced out with a tone of urgency.

Gustav hurried even more upon hearing that.

He wasn\'t interested in witnessing her do something crazy to him again.

Vera tried going after him, but in a few seconds, Gustav was out of sight.

Ah, I lost him...

How will I get it out of him now She muttered to herself.

Gustav had arrived on the path that led to his room area in the next few seconds.

He was currently sprinting towards his room.

(Hey, we have a problem,)

The system suddenly voiced out as Gustav arrived in front of his room building.

Gustav paused his footsteps and slid forward by a few feet due to friction.

\'What do you mean by that\' Gustav responded internally.

He was startled by the system\'s statement since this was the first time the system was ever mentioning that they had a problem.


There\'s something inside you...) The system stated.


\'Uh What do you mean by that How can there be something inside me without your knowledge\' Gustav replied with a confused expression.

(That\'s because It has hidden itself pretty well so far...

*Sigh* now I understand,) The system said.

Gustav turned silent and waited for its explanation.

(Remember your date with Angy, when you two were returning...

I mentioned that something integrated with your body) The system asked.

Yeah I do...

Is that what this is I actually thought you were messing around,


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