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What\'s tha... His eyes widened slightly as he sent his senses into his body.

I\'m breaking through into the Serial rank Gustav voiced out with a delighted look.

He sensed the bloodline plant roots that had grown out of his original bloodline expand into different corners of his body.

This was normal when a mixedblood broke through to the Serial rank.

When the process was done, not only would bloodline channeling be easier and faster, new channels of power usage would be unlocked because the roots of the bloodline were now connected to every part of the body.

To Gustav\'s surprise, his original bloodline didn\'t stop there after its roots spread to every part of his body.

Huh What is it doing Gustav wondered as he noticed the roots were starting to move towards other bloodlines in his body.

One after the other, the roots of his original bloodline began to connect to other bloodlines he had stolen and bought.

\'Is this supposed to happen\' Gustav asked internally.

(Well, you\'re the first creature to have so many bloodlines within you, so this seems to be a biological reaction,) The system voiced out internally.

Gustav\'s finger suddenly started trembling as he felt hotness rushing from within when all the bloodlines had connected to his original completely.


His body started turning red as his internals glowed up.

Wh-what\'s this.. All my bloodlines are suddenly syncing, Gustav muttered as he struggled to continue lifting his body up with his finger.

After a few more minutes of holding on, the process came to an end.

Sweat was already dripping from Gustav\'s forehead and falling to the floor.

Fortunately for him, he was able to hold on and not fall off his finger, or the hours he spent in that position would have been for nothing.

At this time, it was only about ten minutes to twelve am, so in the next two minutes, Gustav would have completed the three hours daily task.

Gustav sensed the transformation his bloodlines had just gone through.

His mouth hung slightly open as he saw that every bloodline within him was now at the second step Zulu rank except for his Genetic Transformation bloodline, his original bloodline.

His Beast transformation bloodline was originally at the third step, but it decreased to the second step, and the others that were first step earlier had increased to second step.

The ranks of every bloodline were now in sync.

Gustav noticed that after his original bloodline was connected to every bloodline he had gotten, it was like the governing bloodline.

He tried channeling his bloodline and noticed that his other bloodlines were also being affected.

So long as he tried increasing the level of his original bloodline by channelling it, it would also have an effect on the rest of them.

[Daily Task Completed (9/9): Use a single finger to support your entire body weight for three hours ]

Gustav dropped his body down the moment this notification popped up in his line of sight.

Finally, Gustav muttered as he proceeded to pick up the book he dropped some time ago when he was breaking through.

He moved towards the sofa and took a deep breath after sitting down.

Among all his other bloodlines, his original bloodline was the only one glowing slightly.

He could feel faint energy oozing from it.

(Now you have bloodline energy,) The system announced.

Gustav instantly recalled when Miss Aimee first touched him after he gained this power.


[Bloodline Energy has entered host blood stream]

[Requirement for Bloodline Acquisition has been met]


\'I remember Miss Aimee used that to inspect our progress in bloodline channeling...

and one of the requirements for bloodline Acquisition is related to Bloodline energy,\' Gustav squinted his eyes as he thought, \'Does this bloodline energy have some kind of special features privy to every mixedblood that has achieved serial rank\'

Gustav decided to do more research on serial rank.

He didn\'t do any research earlier because mixedbloods at this stage had no issues with breaking through to the next level so long as they had a bloodline grade above F.

The only time mixedbloods will experience issues was when they had reached the Gilberk rank.

Increasing bloodline rank from that level reduced was slower compared to lesser ranks.

Based on bloodline grade, some might be slower and faster than others but compared to the ease of breaking through from Zulu to Serial and from serial to Gilbert, breaking through to Martial was two times slower.

It was common that as a mixedblood grew in strength, it became even harder to advance.

Gustav began to do research regarding bloodline energy instead of going to bed for the night.

However, he wasn\'t the only one awake by this time of the morning.

Angy was also writhing and changing positions on her bed as she found herself unable to sleep for the night.

\'Kill Can I truly do it All my life, I swore never to bring pain to another person, but how do I progress from this point if I can\'t do what is needed to be done,\'

Angy squeezed herself together as she imagined the nightmares and horrors that would haunt her if she took a person\'s life.

Several hours passed, and Angy was still unable to sleep.

\'I can\'t lose him...

But I also don\'t want to lose myself,\' Tears dribbled out of her eyes as she thought.

\'Isn\'t there another way besides becoming a killer Is there another way...\' Angy wondered to herself.

Her mind suddenly went back to gradier Xanatus\'s advice.

\'I will truly become a liability to him if I am not decisive enough in times of danger...\' Angy thought.

\'His point of view...

I need to see from his point of view too,\'

So many thoughts plagued Angy\'s mind as she stayed awake all night.

At dawn, she went for a jog to clear her head.

She still hadn\'t made a decision, but she had made plans of doing something later.


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