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She turned around to stare at Gustav\'s back as a creepy smile appeared on her face, and she jumped forward.

She was going to land on Gustav\'s back this time, but he suddenly turned around and grabbed her by the neck while she was still in mid-air.

Do you want my partnership with your grandfather to end because of you Gustav asked as he tightened his grip around her neck while holding her up like a helpless chicken.

However, instead of Vera\'s face to show pain, she seemed to be enjoying Gustav\'s grip getting tighter on her neck.

\'What in the world is wrong with this girl,\' Gustav eventually had to let go of her seeing that his actions were proving to be useless.

Stay away from me, Gustav voiced out before dashing forward with speed and entering the men\'s bathroom.

Vera was unable to go after him any further, so she just stood in place with a smile on her face.

I have marked you...

You will be mine, Gustav Crimson, Vera said with a smile as she started walking away from the corridor.

Back in her seating position, Angy\'s face mirrored a myriad of complex expressions.

\'It\'s just to kill one person.

You can do it,\'

\'How can I fathom killing a living person,\'

\'I entered the MBO with the intention of saving people,\'

\'I can\'t save anyone if I continue to remain naive and keep holding back,\'

Different thoughts circulated in her mind that were plagued with opposing thoughts.

After a few more minutes went by, Gustav arrived back at their table, and they decided to head home.

Gustav didn\'t say a word to her as they journeyed back home because he could tell that she was still gathering her thoughts.

Gustav sighed internally as he thought, \'I had to turn down two love requests today,\'

He hadn\'t forgotten the crazy Vera and touched his left-right area.


What Gustav didn\'t notice was the bluish circular runic-like glow that appeared on his neck.

It appeared for an instant and disappeared a moment later.

(What was that) The system suddenly asked.

\'What was what\' Gustav responded internally with a slightly confused expression.

(I just felt something...

Like something integrated with you a moment ago,) The system muttered with an uncertain tone.

\'What are you talking about\' Gustav asked.

(I\'m not sure, but I did feel something a while ago,)

\'Uhm...\' Gustav knew the system would be more sensitive to unknown and external forces, so he felt it wasn\'t messing around.

\'Why don\'t you do a scan or something,\' Gustav suggested.

(I\'m doing that right now, but I can\'t find anything...

I\'ll have to keep investigating in the meantime,)

\'Alright,\' Gustav said internally as he and Angy arrived in front of their apartment.

It was around seven in the evening at this time.

They had spent a shorter time outside than Gustav had expected.

He felt this was due to his decision, \'Hmm, this is necessary...\' Gustav said to himself.

He couldn\'t help but remember Angy\'s tears which caused ripples in his heart, but he consoled himself by deciding that this was necessary.

When they both arrived in front of their apartments, Gustav turned around to stare at Angy, From tomorrow, I will avoid you until you meet my requirement, Gustav voiced out and turned back around.


Are you going to be with another girl if I\'m unable to do that Someone like Matilda Angy asked with a sad tone.

Yes, Gustav replied without hesitation.

Angy felt her heartbreaking even more as she heard this and leaned on her apartment door for support.


Just so you know, I\'m not really captivated by any of them, Gustav added as his apartment door slid open.

Except you, Gustav said as he walked in.

Angy eyes widened as she heard that and turned around, but Gustav was already gone.

What does he mean by that Angy wondered.

In the next second, her apartment door also opened up, and she went in.

Welcome back darling, how did... Angy\'s mother paused as she noticed her daughter\'s sad face.

I\'m going to bed now, goodnight, Angy voiced out as she went straight in.

Wait, Angy, what\'s wrong Her mother voiced out, but the only response she got was the sound of the room door being closed.

Something\'s up with big sis...

I bet big brother Gustav rejected her, Phil voiced out bluntly from the sofa area.

Shut up, boy, don\'t be insensitive, His mother shouted out with a slightly annoyed tone.

Well, why else will she be looking like those girls in soap operas after they got cheated on by their boyfriend, Phil added.

Angy\'s mother; ...


After walking into his apartment, Gustav breathed out lengthily.

\'How exactly do I feel about Angy,\' Gustav asked himself.

(Idiot, stop being lovestruck, you have less than five hours to complete your daily tasks,) The system reminded Gustav.

Gustav quickly went to his bedroom and changed out of his clothing before leaving the house.

About an hour and a half later, he arrived back in his home.

One more to go, Gustav said as he stood in the middle of his living room and checked the time.

He still had about three hours and some minutes left till midnight.

\'Looks like there\'ll be enough time,\' Gustav said as he squatted.

He placed his right index finger on the floor and used it to support his body weight before throwing the lower half of his body up.


In the next instant, Gustav was upside down with his index finger supporting his entire body.

\'I just have to maintain this for three hours now,\' Gustav said Internally as he reached out and grabbed onto the book he placed on the ground earlier.

He raised the book with his left hand and opened the page he was reading earlier to pick off from where he stopped.

Gustav remained in that position as he read from his book.


About thirty minutes to twelve am, Gustav suddenly felt a weird feeling within himself.

What\'s tha... His eyes widened slightly as he sent his senses into his body.

I\'m breaking through into the Serial rank


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