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The sound of bones cracking reverberated across the place as Endric\'s body slammed into several trees ahead, toppling them in the process.

The tree also snapped in half after the collision.

However, this didn\'t hinder Gustav in any way.

Gustav threw the remaining part of the tree to the side and dashed forward again.

He leaped upwards and threw his leg forward as his body descended towards the falling body of Endric in mid-air.

Endric opened his eyes and pushed both palms forward before Gustav could collide with him, sending a telekinetic wall towards him.

Gustav used his descending force to spin around and slammed his leg into the telekinetic wall, forcefully ripping Endric\'s will apart.

\'How is this possible\' Endric gritted his teeth as he did a flip and landed on the ground with his legs.

Due to his earlier attack, Gustav was delayed a bit, so Endric was able to distance himself further from Gustav.

Gustav landed on both legs afterwards and dashed forward again after Endric.

Endric stretched both his hands sideways and twirled his right finger, causing his body to ascend into the air with speed.

Gustav missed him due to that action as Endric flew over a hundred feet into the air in an instant.

He turned his body around in mid-air and faced the ground from his position above.

Walls of will...

Crush! Endric voiced out as he stretched out his palm with intensity.

Gustav, who was about to jump upwards, suddenly felt a massive force coming from above.


The surroundings were immediately turned into a region of dust as the ground around Gustav caved in.

Gustav\'s hands were currently above his head like he was carrying something heavy.

His legs had sunk several centimeters into the ground due to the weight of the invisible force he was currently lifting.

Endric, who was still in the sky, stretched out his left palm also.

Before Gustav could try and free himself from the heavy force trying to squash him, he felt another get added to it.


The force he was lifting was suddenly multiplied by two, causing his legs to sink even more into the ground.

Gustav\'s muscles bulged as his arms trembled from the intense weight.

He raised his head and stared at Endric, who was still floating in mid-air several hundred feet above him.

Gustav\'s head transformed into that of a serpentine snake as he opened his mouth, causing a purplish beam to gather in front of it before shooting it out.


The beam started tearing a hole through the middle of telekinetic walls.

Endric, who noticed this, waved his hands again, causing another telekinetic wall to fall upon the ones Gustav was already lifting.

Gustav\'s legs buckled as he descended a little bit lower due to the enormous increase in pressure.

However, in the next second, he raised these invisible walls back up again, causing Endric\'s face to lit up with shock.

\'How is he doing that He should be crushed by now...

That\'s over fifteen thousand pounds,\' Endric thought.

He was about to conjure another one when he noticed his trembling fingers, \'I\'ve used up too much energy.

I have to end it now,\' Endric said to himself as he descended from the air and landed on the layers of telekinetic walls Gustav was currently lifting.

Gustav\'s eyes squinted as he stared at Endric intently while still making use of the purplish beam to create openings through the telekinetic walls.

Structural Analysis, He voiced out as he placed two fingers of his left hand on his forehead and stared at Gustav.

Gustav could tell that Endric was about to use a crazy technique, so he increased the force at which he was firing the purplish beam from his mouth.

Endric suddenly stretched his right palm towards Gustav below.

Gustav felt a strange force creeping around his insides like something was touring his internal structure.

The force moved from place to place within his body till it finally settled around his chest area and moved towards his heart.

It is over, Endric voiced out as he opened his eyes.

Yes, it is...

For you, Gustav responded with a tone of dominance.

As Endric paused for an instant to process Gustav\'s words, he felt something behind him and turned around.

Several blue, glowing orbs could be seen behind him, and the moment he laid his eyes on them, he heard Gustav utter a word from underneath.



A cloud of blue waves of energy instantly covered the entire vicinity causing intense destruction.

Several trees were blown apart.

A small crater was created at the point of impact due to the power of the explosion.


The battered body of a young teenage

-looking boy flew out of the blue waves.

Half of his face had been completely charred, with blood oozing out of different parts of his body.

Gustav suddenly flew out of the explosion, too, towards the direction of the boy with his left arm extended backwards.

The instant he arrived in front of him, he threw out his fist.

Fwwiiiihhh! Bang!

A loud sound of collision rang out as his fist slammed into the face of Endric, causing him to be catapulted towards the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Endric\'s body slammed into the ground repeatedly as it rolled across it, creating another trail of dust and destruction.

After a few seconds of rolling across the ground, Endric\'s body came to a stop after smashing into a tree.

His right eye was the only one opened, and it was only opened halfway.

All he could see was blurry red as he felt his head spinning.

He could see a silhouette walking casually towards him with a red aura surrounding his figure.

\'I thought I had grown powerful enough to handle anybody...

How How\' These were Endric\'s final thoughts before...


He coughed out pieces of teeth along with blood and passed out.

Gustav slowly transformed back into his normal look as he arrived in front of Endric and squatted.

I warned you and gave you several chances, kid...

I\'m not God, so my mercies are not infinite.

I can only tolerate stupidity for so long. Gustav shook his head with a look of pity as he spoke.


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