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He wasted no time before tapping the surface.


A projection of four things was displayed.

The first was a rectangular-shaped board.

The second was a wad of cash arranged in a neat row.

The third was a small briefcase while the fourth was a piece of oven-like equipment.

Gustav tapped on the image of the oven-like equipment and it appeared right in front of him.

It was two meters in height.

He could feel his consciousness fading away but he still struggled to open up the large oven-like equipment.

Upon opening it up, the space within it had foods of different kinds.

Snacks, juicy meats, e.t.c

Gustav quickly grabbed onto a juicy-looking large piece of meat.

He opened his mouth wide and stuffed it inside.

Chew! Chew! Chew! Chew!

Chewing sounds were heard as Gustav.

ripped the meat to shreds in seconds inside his mouth.

[ 1 energy point has been recovered]

Gustav didn\'t stop after seeing that notification.

There were tons of food inside the oven like equipment.

Gustav brought them out one after the other and a huge feast began.

[ 1 energy point has been recovered]

[ 1 energy point has been recovered]

[ 1 energy point has been recovered]

The way Gustav\'s cheeks bulged due to the amount of food stuffed in made it look like it would burst open.

Nevertheless, he kept stuffing one food after the other into his mouth.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

A mixture of bakes, fries, meat, fish, almost everything could be seen here.

Gustav had been keeping a lot of food that he never had the opportunity to taste for almost ten years.

He enjoyed eating a lot and had these foods kept down for easy access who knew that they\'d come in handy today.

In a few more seconds Gustav had neatly finished the stash of food he kept within the large oven-like equipment.


The doors behind slid up and a female sporting long grey hair could be seen walking into the room through it.

She was clad in a yellow long coat, blue top, and mini skirt with black pop socks.

She had a look of indifference written all over her face as walked in gracefully and lightly.

Gustav stood up from the floor upon noticing her presence, Miss Aimee He muttered while gulping down the food in his mouth.

Hey, we\'re leav... Miss Aimee was in the process of speaking when she noticed something.

Why are you naked She questioned while glaring at Gustav.

Huh Naked Gustav asked with a confused look before turning his head to look down.

Uhh His eyes widened and he quickly covered his little brother which was exposed.

When he used size manipulation earlier, his uniform was ripped to shreds.

He didn\'t notice at that time that he was naked due to low energy.

Miss Aimee, why didn\'t you knock

Gustav\'s face was currently beet red as he stood behind the large oven placed in the middle of the room.

Why would I I paid for this room after all, Miss Aimee stated.

Gustav; ...

Why is this place in such a mess Miss Aimee questioned as she walked further.

She noticed the large oven-like equipment in the room and also the slightly cracked ceiling.

Miss Aimee, erm, would you leave so I can you know...

put on some clothes Gustav asked with a look of embarrassment.

Why Just go ahead and put on something if you want to, I\'m not stopping you, Miss Aimee replied with an indifferent look and sat on the bench placed beside the wall.

Gustav; ...

You have forgotten so soon about when you barged into my office...

didn\'t you also see my nakedness, Miss Aimee added.

Miss Aimee you have forgotten that you nearly killed me, Gustav pointed at himself as he spoke.

\'And I didn\'t see everything,\' he wanted to add this but he decided to keep quiet.

Hmm, true...

if you have the strength you should come and try to kill me also, Miss Aimee folded her arms while staring at Gustav as she proposed.

Gustav nearly puked out blood, \'She\'s such a bully,\'

Miss Aimee had a straight look on her face, she didn\'t even look bothered in the slightest.


I will just close my eyes for a few seconds, use that time to cover your disaster, Miss Aimee stated and proceeded to close her eyes.

\'Disaster what does she mean by disaster\' Gustav\'s face was still red as he quickly picked a cloth from the storage device.

In the blink of an eye, he had already worn the cloth.

He was now putting on a clean-looking sky blue jeans trouser and a red hoodie jacket.

Phew, He sighed in relief after covering up and raised his head to stare at miss Aimee.

Miss Aimee\'s eyes were wide opened.

Ekk, Miss Aimee, since when have those eyes been open Gustav flinched back in shock as his face became red again.

Who knows I already saw your pitiful-looking thumb so it doesn\'t matter, Miss Aimee replied with a casual look.

The way she said it with such aloofness made Gustav want to sink into the floor.

Let\'s go! Miss Aimee said and proceeded to stand up.

Hmm Go where Gustav questioned with a dumbfounded look.

The dojo, Miss Aimee answered without turning around.

But school activities aren\'t over yet, Gustav replied with a confounded look.

Have you forgotten what today is Miss Aimee said.

Gustav stood in place for a few seconds before his face shone with understanding.

Oh, I remember today is supposed to be parents and teachers meeting day,

Gustav recalled that days when this meeting was held, school activities would end earlier.

He had already been in here for one hour so he wasn\'t aware that school activities had ended for the day.

Students were currently heading to their homes.

The parent and teachers meeting never involved the students so they were free to leave if they wanted to, though some usually waited for their parents.

Miss Aimee\'s stared at Gustav trying to note his expression when he mentioned the parents and teachers meeting.

Alright let\'s go, Miss Aimee, Gustav said while walking forward.

Gustav didn\'t need to ask miss Aimee why she wasn\'t attending the meeting when she was a teacher because he knew she didn\'t like such gatherings.

According to her seeing all those parents act all rich and mighty gave her the urge to spit on their faces.

\'Hmm, he doesn\'t seem as concerned as he used to, or is he hiding it\' Miss Aimee watched as Gustav walked towards her with a look of contemplation.

Gustav didn\'t seem bothered that his parents wouldn\'t attend the meeting to represent him Which surprised miss Aimee because Gustav always shone a kind of sad reaction whenever anything related to his parents was mentioned.

They left the small training room and arrived at the corridor that led outside the hall.

Students could be seen walking out also.

They stared at Miss Aimee and Gustav moving together.

Some of them still had looks of bewilderment even though it had been happening for the past month.

Most of them still wondered why miss Aimee would bother associating herself with the so-called trash of the school.

Even when a lot of talented students tried to impress miss Aimee she was never interested in any student.

She had no favorites students or any of those things that other teachers did which was why they were surprised when she suddenly started showing interest in Gustav.

No one spoke a single word about this since miss Aimee was present at the moment.

They didn\'t want to get on her bad side.

Gustav and miss Aimee arrived outside the hall and proceeded to climb on her hoverbike that was parked outside.

Gustav held onto miss Aimee\'s waist from behind as she started the engine.


There was no noisy sound instead it sounded smooth.

The hoverbike lit up from behind and streaked into the distance carrying them both.

The winds blew Gustav\'s hair to the back as he held onto miss Aimee who was currently speeding with the hoverbike.

Swweeii! Sweeii! Swweeii!

They passed by the sides of several vehicles moving on the road as they sped off.

They were supposed to be wearing helmets but miss Aimee hated helmets.

According to her, it spoilt the thrill.

As Gustav found out more and more about her, he was starting to realize that Miss Aimee was a weirdo but who was he to judge.

His whole life had been nothing short of cringe.


In a few minutes, they arrived in front of a large seven hundred story building at the South West of the city.

This building was the tallest in this particular part of the city.

It looked like a business building because a lot of people could be seen going in and out of the building.

Four big muscular men stood at the entrance.

Miss Aimee parked by the side.

She and Gustav walked towards the entrance.

The men bowed towards miss Aimee when they spotted her walking up the stairs with Gustav.

Gustav was familiar with this environment because he had been coming here with miss Aimee for the past month.

Gami Dojo occupied the top three floors of this building.

Miss Aimee had been bringing him here for training.

Welcome young miss, The men spoke at the same time.

Miss Aimee nodded softly and handed a cube-like metal towards one of the bulky men.

The man received it and walked towards miss Aimee\'s hoverbike while Gustav and miss Aimee walked into the building.


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