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Gustav had a surprised look on his face as he heard that.

Five hundred years! Gustav exclaimed.

(From the memories I have recovered, that is precisely my estimation,)

Gustav had a solemn look on his face as he heard that, That means you can't remember where you came from, He voiced out with a look of understanding.

'Maybe this was why it didn't speak to me all this time,' Gustav said internally with a look of realization.

(Do not flatter yourself.

I do not like to bother myself with unintelligent species such as yourself,) The system replied to Gustav's thought with a scoff.

'Can't a guy have a little privacy Do not intrude into my inner thoughts,' Gustav reprimanded the system with a slightly annoyed tone.

(Hmph! If not for my will to survive, I will not be here,) The system replied.

Hmm Survive Gustav thought about what the system was hinting at.

Show me the footage, Gustav demanded.

(…Alright,) The system agreed.

Gustav's eyes suddenly glowed red as a system notification popped up in his line of sight.

[Displaying Galaxies Travel footages]


'Huh I'm floating…through space,' Gustav's line of sight had changed completely.

The scenery before him was endless darkness filled with light dots in many places.

Small, round and spherical objects with different colors could be seen in the distance.

'Those are planets,' Gustav recognized these structures.

He could also see stars of different sizes and asteroids as his line of sight travelled through space.

He already understood that this was the footage being displayed.

(This was when I was traveling through the Empbitha galaxy,) The system spoke in Gustav's mind.

Gustav pulled himself out of whatever was making them soar through space and what appeared in his line of sight was a silver ball, moving at super speed.

The silver ball was glowing so bright that it was like a beacon of light in the darkness of space.

Gustav couldn't retract his mind from the system for too long, so he was pulled back into the ball in a few seconds.

He could only see from the system point of view while his mind was inside the ball.

The galaxy the system mentioned was one that Gustav had never heard of.

He wasn't well-versed in intergalactic travels since good information on that wasn't generalized.

The system journeyed through space at a very fast speed, passing by the sides of different planets.

Journeying in the midst of asteroids and surviving through different levels of solar flares in different corners of space.

That galaxy you mentioned earlier, Empbitha, is that the farthest your memory can recall Gustav asked as they kept moving.

(Yes, that is the farthest my memory can take me.

However, I feel it isn't too far from where my journey began,) The system replied.

Hmm, and how far is that from the milky way, Gustav asked.

Should be over forty-seven galaxies away, The system replied with an assured tone.

What Over forty-seven galaxies away Gustav voiced out with a tone of disbelief, That should be tens of billions of light-years away...

Even five hundred years will not be enough to travel that far, Gustav calculated and voiced out.

(Because we're in space, you're unable to see how fast we're travelling...

I travelled at over a million light-years in a single month,)

The system stated.

Gustav was once again shocked.

The system was traveling that fast without a fuel source and went on for up to five hundred years.

That's really fast.

Hmm, what were you looking for that made you travel this far...

I mean, there must be a reason, right Gustav asked.

(I don't remember what exactly it's supposed to be, but yes, I was looking for something or rather somewhere,) The girly voice of the system sounded conflicted at this point.

While they travelled through the galaxy, it wasn't always smooth sailing for the system.

There were times it was almost taken away by space pirates.

However, due to its speed, it managed to outmanoeuvre its pursuers.

There were places in the universe where it was met with strange spatial interferences that teleported it off course, which also caused its journey to delay a bit.

The system was fast-forwarding the footage and could only show Gustav places that seemed important.

Gustav wanted to ask where exactly the system was headed when the system spoke.

(This was where I started losing energy...

I had almost infinite energy, but after the ordeals, I went through, it had nearly diminished completely when I was three galaxies away from the milky way,) The system voiced out.

Gustav looked ahead and noticed the weird wavy fluctuations in front.

It covered their entire line of sight, and when the system tried to turn around so it could make a turn around it, the system was suddenly pulled in against its will.

Within was the turbulence of energy that the system explained came from a dying star.

The system kept going and eventually managed to surpass that area, but it was already on its last energy supply.

[Parasite Program Has Been Activated]

[Scanning For Suitable Lifeforms]

Gustav noticed these notifications in its line of sight just like it used to be when using the system.

The problem was that the system energy storage had been damaged in the process, so it wouldn't store any energy.

Which meant it would eventually run out of energy and shut down, which was why it activated this program.

Gustav didn't know that it would have been unable to absorb any energy for an upgrade without the system being within a person.

This was also when he realized that what he considers upgrades weren't actually upgrades. There were only returning the system back to its original power.


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