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The girl with green skin who had red aura-like energy covering her body also managed to forge a path for herself and dashed forward.

About fifteen more mixedbloods later managed to escape from the clutches of the invisible AIs.

Similar situations were also playing out on the different roads that led to the tower.

Other participants also had issues with fending off the AIs.

Those that succeeded in evading the AIs dashed forward at full speed.

Immediately they were within the range of fifty feet in getting to the tower\'s base, glowing blue circles appeared on the ground around the tower.

Trooinn! Trooinn! Trooinn! Trooinn!

More than fifty glowing circles suddenly appeared around the tower right in front of the participants close to reaching its base.

Two of these suspicious-looking circles appeared several feet ahead of Gustav and Angy.

Angy, go into the circle, Gustav shouted out.

Swoooshhh! Swoooshhh!

Both of them dashed towards the right and left circles simultaneously.


Immediately they got into the circles, it glowed up Intensely before disappearing along with the both of them.

The girl behind them with green skin dashed towards the circle at the right side and entered it.


She disappeared along with the circle, and only fourteen of the participants were left within the vicinity.

These participants had to struggle frantically with one another to enter a circle.


Zing! Zing!

Gustav and Angy found themselves inside a large white space.

The ground, walls, and ceiling were colored white.

The space was so large that the size could be compared to a large street.

Both of them appeared on the south right corner of the space, and ahead of them, they could see several people seated.

The seats were positioned in a circular format, and there happened to be a vast space in between.

These were participants that had also been teleported here.

They were about sixty of them, and they all had tensed-looking faces.

Even after seeing Gustav and Angy, they only stared for a few seconds before ignoring them.

Gustav and Angy walked forward and found somewhere to sit.

While they waited, other participants started appearing one after the other on the same spot they arrived.

The batch Gustav and Angy were in also arrived after a while.

As time passed, more and more participants appeared, and space was getting crowded little by little.

Gustav, Angy called out to him as they waited.

Hmm Gustav turned to face her.

What happened back there Why did we have to go through that Angy asked with a look of confusion.

That was probably the first phase of the test... Gustav said with a contemplative expression.

First phase Angy asked with a look of bewilderment, but the badge said registration was by eight am...

The test isn\'t supposed to start till then, She added.

Hmm, Angy, do you remember what I told you Gustav asked while placing his jaw on his fist.

Hmm, to be ready for surprises Angy said with a look of uncertainty.

That\'s right...

Prepare yourself for surprises.

Let your mind be in an active state at all times, Gustav stated.

\'in other words, we have to be alert at all times,\' on Angy\'s face, a determined look could be seen as she was in pensive thought.

Hahaha, Bunch of useless fools! I don\'t understand how these idiots couldn\'t even get into the tower! A tall and slim-looking young participant with spiky orange hair shouted out while laughing.

He had just been teleported into the space a while ago.

A wide grin was plastered on his face as he placed his hand behind his head and walked towards the rest of the participants.

While walking and voicing out his disgust for those who failed to get to the tower, the other participants stared at him with weird looks.

Huh Why does this place look dead He voiced out after noticing their stares.

Ptoi! He spat out, Bunch of losers, see how they all look scared,

He said as he proceeded to sit beside the green-skinned girl that came from Gustav\'s batch.

-You bastard, how dare you call us weak

-You\'re the one who\'s weak, loudmouth!

-I\'ll cut that tongue off!

Some of the participants said.

They were provoked by his words and voiced their anger, but he ignored them and put one of his fingers in his left ear.

You don\'t look like those weaklings, He said with a grin to the girl beside him.

Eh Don\'t talk to me so casually, The green-skinned girl voiced out with a repressed look and proceeded to ignore him.

Uh Don\'t be so prideful cos I acknowledged your strength! He shouted out.

Ekk, go talk to the gutter, loudmouth! She replied and stood up.

She moved to Gustav and Angy\'s position few feet towards the left and sat beside Gustav.

Ehhh Do you think you can get rid of me like that The participant with spiky orange hair stood up and moved towards them.

He sat down beside the girl again, and they started bantering.

The space that was silent earlier became noisy due to this two.

Idiots, A new participant with short stature and a cool look said while walking towards the sitting area.

He had aqua-colored shoulder-length hair and two red lines extending from his forehead to his left eyebrow.

He found somewhere to sit and closed his eyes.


The participant with spiky orange hair stared at the person who had just arrived with a wary look.

Teemee!, Don\'t think you\'ll overshadow me in this test! He pointed at the participant that had just arrived while speaking.

You\'re not even worth standing in my shadow, Ria, Teemee replied.

Hmph! We shall see! The participant with spiky orange hair voiced out.

More and more participants continued to arrive.

In about thirty minutes, their numbers exceeded one thousand, the total number of the people originally in the venue.

It would seem that the banter between Ria and the green-skinned girl along with the participant that later arrived, Teemee, made the tense atmosphere ease up a little.


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