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What do you mean by stay here Angy is being brutalized! We have to do something! Arianna voiced out like an animal brandishing her fangs and ready to bite Gustav if he responded with an unsatisfactory answer.

Gustav turned to look at her and placed his hand on her head.

It\'s gonna be fine, remain here, Gustav sounded calm when saying this but a sudden chill permeated the environment as he turned around.

Everyone in that vicinity could feel the chill infiltrate deep into them but they couldn\'t understand where it was coming from.

It felt like something crazy was about to go down.

Before the girls could react to Gustav\'s last statement he had already disappeared into the distance.

Only the crowd of students, most seating while some standing, could be seen.


In Blackrock participants seating area, the substitutes and the others that have been disqualified had their mouths open wide as they stared at the battleground.

Their seating area was very close to the battle ring so they could see on a much closer and clearer scale than the rest of the participants.

Falco, it\'s time for you to go in...

you\'ll be the last substitute entering! The coach of the team said towards a boy with white hair sitting on the second line.

Falco looked a bit timid upon hearing that.

He stared at the battlefield where only about three participants from Blackrock school were left in the ring.

Others had been disqualified and right now the participants of Atrihea city high were messing around with the ones that were left.

Coach I think the battle is pretty much over, I going in there will not change anything, Falco replied.

No Falco, you must get revenge for us...

The other side will wake if they treat you the same way so you\'re the only one that I can think of, The coach said with a decisive look.

Em, coach you know I can\'t control it... Falco said with a pale face.

Falco, stop arguing and go up there! The Coach commanded.

Erm, coach I have to use the restroom, I\'ve been holding my pee for a long time.

If I head to the battle ring this way I might piss myself when taking a beating, Falco said and stood up.

The coach stared at him with a suspicious look but decided not to forcefully put him in the battle with a full bladder.

Falco walked out of their seating area and towards the nearest restroom.

After a minute had gone by the coach was about to pick another person to go in thinking Falco wasn\'t going to show up.

He was fed up with watching Angy receive torture over and over again. 

It was truly a triggering sight and he wished he could interfere but he wasn\'t allowed to.

I\'m back coach! Can I go in now Falco said with vigor from the side as he approached.

Um The coach was a bit surprised by the look of confidence but there was no time to think of arguing about that, Go in! I can\'t stand this anymore! The coach voiced out.

Falco nodded and walked towards the stage catching the attention of the crowd.

-Hey Blackrock is putting in another substitute!

-What is the point of adding a substitute now He\'s just going to end up like her!

-He looks pretty weak also!

The students watched as the barrier around the stage opened up for Falco to go in.

They were worried about what was going to be the outcome again.

Zim was torturing Angy on the southwest part of the battlefield.

The participants of Atrihea city high noticed the newcomer and started moving towards him with nefarious intent written all over their faces.

Falco stared at the southwest corner and noticed that Zim had raised Angy again.

This time his right fist transformed into a pointed stone-like diamond.

He arched his arm back to the limit while holding Angy up.

Angy at this point was almost at the brink of losing consciousness but she could still see that Zim was about to stab right through her with his diamond-like fist.

D-o-n-t I- ha-ve-n\'t to-ld h-im y-et, she muttered weakly as more blood trickled out the side of her mouth.

No cares about what a softhearted weakling says! Zim stabbed towards her stomach with his diamond-like fist as he spoke.

Three Participants of Atrihea city high had also surrounded Falco at this point but he suddenly dashed out of the encirclement.


His speed was faster than they could react to.

They turned around and noticed that he had arrived before Zim and Angy.

Zim\'s hand was close to stabbing through Angy\'s Belly when Falco suddenly appeared in between them.


Zim\'s diamond hand collided with Falco\'s chest but instead of penetrating, a metallic sound rang out.

Um Zim pushed his diamond hand forward with a look of confusion yet it couldn\'t pierce through Falco\'s chest.

Who are... Before he could complete his sentence he noticed a palm headed for his chest with an intense speed that it sounded like the air was being torn apart.


Although Zim couldn\'t counter due to his speed, he wasn\'t worried in any way since his chest was defended by a rocky surface.


To his surprise when the palm made contact with his chest, the rocky surface cracked from the impact and he was pushed back by about seventy feet

He subconsciously let go of Angy when he was sent flying by the palm strike.

Angy\'s body dropped from the air listlessly.


Falco turned around with speed and quickly grabbed onto her body before she could fall to the ground.

He lifted her princess style and stared at her face.

He didn\'t know why but he could feel a rage building up inside him upon seeing her blood-soaked face.

Her body was also covered in blood, and holes could be seen on multiple parts which were pierced by sharp stones.

His face turned extremely dark as he walked towards the edge of the battle ring.

I\'ll be back! Just wait right there like a good little boy for me! He said to Zim without turning around.

Zim stared at Falco\'s back with a look of astonishment.

The palm strike he received earlier rocked his internals to the core causing him to feel pain within his chest.

His defense was top notch and no one had been able to do that to him with just a casual attack.

Who is this person He voiced out with a confused look.

Falco arrived at the edge of the ring where two medics were already waiting.

He passed Angy over to the man, Please take care of her, He said and turned around to head towards Zim again.

The medic nodded at him and turned around to go give medical attention to Angy.

Now shall we begin Falco voiced out while staring at Zim.


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