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The battlefield is not for soft-hearted weaklings like you! Zim arched his right arm back as he spoke.

He stared at a part of her body where some of the stones he shot out earlier penetrated.

One of the pointy stones was protruding from her left belly area.

He pushed his palm forward with intensity towards that location.


His palm slapped onto the rock pushing it further into her belly and causing blood to spurt out.


Angy vomited out blood as her face turned pale.

Her face shown extreme pain at the moment and it looked so heart-wrenching.

Zim still kept holding on to her neck and lifting her, he arched his arm back again and thrust out.


This time it was a stone on her left shoulder that was pushed seven inches into Angy\'s body, shattering her collar bone.

Ghrrhh! Angy exclaimed in pain.

She felt indescribable pain in her left shoulder area.

Her left arm fell weakly to the side, she was unable to raise it again due to the pain and her collar bone being shattered.

Le-t m-e g-o, Angy muttered weakly while spitting out more blood.

Weaklings don\'t get the chance to make demands...

Softheartedness is for the weak! Zim pushed his hand forward again.


His palm pushed another stone that pierced into her right side, deep into her body.

Blood oozed out of Angy\'s body from the three spots Zim attacked.

She had never felt such pain before and even though she tried to fight Zim using her right arm it was all fruitless.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Zim repeatedly attacked all the spots where Angy\'s body was pierced causing her to bleed out.

Blood oozed out of her body and fell to the ground in small droplets.


The entire audience was surprised about the sudden brutality their view was being subjected to.

-What is he doing 

-Why is he attacking her like that

-She doesn\'t need to be subjected to such pain, just throw her out!

-Booooo! You shameless prick!

The student uproars could be heard clearly, especially from Blackrock students.

Zim acted like he didn\'t hear their complaints.

He threw Angy\'s body to the ground causing her back to slam onto the hard ground with intensity and started walking towards her again.

This bastard! Why can\'t he just throw her out is all this necessary Lim was incensed seeing the way Zim was handling Angy.

Angy is being violated why isn\'t the principal of Atrihea city high saying anything about this Elle said with a squeezed-up face.

Arriana stared at the ring with a dark look also.

The usual look of playfulness on her face had disappeared.

Even principal Erhil hasn\'t said a word which means unless Angy passes out or gets thrown out he can\'t interfere, Elle stated.

Everyone knew just how tenacious mixed-bloods were so passing out wasn\'t something that would happen anytime soon. 

In the west corner where the principals were seated, Principal Erhil of Blackrock school currently had a look of anguish on his face as he spoke.

What is the meaning of this, Principal Durk He voiced out.

What is the meaning of what Principal Durk asked with a confounded look.

Can\'t you see what your student is doing to mine Principal Erhil said with an incensed tone.

What do you mean Principal Erhil When did we mention that this was against the rules From what I see, your student is still conscious, Principal Durk replied with a dismissive look.


You know that this goes against morals! If your student wanted to throw her out he could have done that already...

Why does he have to make her pass through such tortures She should be disqualified since she can no longer fight, Principal Erhil stood up with a look of anguish as he spoke.

Moral Hahaha, Principal Erhil must be a comedian, Principal Durk laughed for a while before his face suddenly turned serious, On the battlefield, the enemies will show no such morals when killing your beloved students! She should learn the consequences of her actions...

The battlefield is not a place for softheartedness, Principal Durk stated.

But you... Before principal Erhil could complete his statement, he was interrupted by another principal.

I agree with principal Durk...

That student could have dealt him a huge blow but chose not to...

she\'s suffering the consequences of her actions, 

The battlefield is not a place for mercy! Principal Erwin also spoke.

Some other principals also agreed that no rule was being broken here.

Principal Erhil had no choice but to take his seat with a look of defeat.


Back in the spectators\' area, the three girls were still thinking of what to do.

We can\'t just leave that bastard to keep handling her like that! Lim shouted out with a look of anguish.

At this moment Zim raised his foot and stomped down on Angy\'s leg.

The sounds of bone-cracking could be heard clearly as he did that repeatedly.

You bastard!!! What are you doing!!!! Let her go!!!! Arriana had tears spilling out of her eyes as she attempted to jump out of the spectators\' area but Elle and Lim grabbed her.

The barrier will prevent you from going in, Elle said.

There was a kind of protection set around the rings that prevented entry when battles were going on.

It was possible to throw someone out but impossible to enter until the battle was over or the officials willed it.

Some of the audience had disturbed looks on their faces as they saw the captain of Atrihea city high stomping on Angy\'s leg repeatedly.

The stones that had pierced into her legs earlier were now embedded deep within.

Angy\'s other teammates within the battlefield were being handled by Atrihea city\'s high participants.

W-hy ar-e y-ou do-ing th-is Angy still hadn\'t passed out even after being subjected to such an amount of torture.

Her voice trembled in pain as she spoke.

Her entire outfit was soaked in blood and her body shivered occasionally due to the Intense pain.

She still couldn\'t understand what she had done wrong.

\'When did showing mercy become a bad thing\' She wondered internally.

You\'re a speedster right


Those legs!


I will make them incapable of running!


After stomping in all the stones Zim picked Angy up again.

At this point, she had lost feeling in her left leg while her right leg hurt like it was crushed by a moving truck.

Not that she knew how that felt but she had never felt such intense pain.

In the spectators\' seat, Gustav had been staring at the battlefield while leaning forward with his jaw resting on both of his arms.

Softheartedness doesn\'t belong on the battlefield! Zim\'s words drifted into his ears.

Even though it wasn\'t loud, his perception allowed him to perceive the small echoes carried by the winds.

Gustav, what do you think we can do Lim asked with a look of helplessness.

Gustav slowly removed both hands from underneath his jaws and stood up.

Stay here! Gustav said while turning around to leave.


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