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“Are you not bothered the MBO or the world government would see you as a threat when you start to reveal these abilities youve been hiding all this time” Aildris questioned.

“They can get wary but they cant lay a finger on me… at least not anymore,” Gustav said with a tone of relief.

‘Its finally time to stop hiding, He said Internally as the bloodline energies within his body began chiming in response like they were ready for the show Gustav was going to pull in the upcoming IYSOP.

“Anyways now yall understand why I said youd never be able to touch me,” Gustav chuckled at this point.

“No fair,”

“Thats too powerful,”

Angy and Glade voiced out together.

Angy really felt her speed was now useless.

The others didnt complain but it was obvious they were still having a hard time comprehending just what type of power this was.

“Which brings me to the other reason I used it against you all here,”

Their attention was once more focused on Gustav as they heard this.

“I want to teach you all how to fight against the power of Cosmic Superiority,” Gustav added.


“But didnt you just say it was…”

“I know what I said…” Gustav cut them.short.

“But its not impossible… someone has broken free from the power of my Cosmic Superiority before,” Gustav revealed.

They all had astonished expressions as they heard that.

The energy surge from Gustav earlier rendered then so useless that they had all discarded the thought from their heads that it could be fought against.

“And no this person was not overly powerful than I was at the time.

I was also weaker as well but the point is, its possible,” Gustav added.

“We dont know what we will meet in IYSOP and the chances of battling with a other Cosmic Superior being is not zero percent so I want to teach you all how to fight against Cosmic Superiority before the date for IYSOP arrives,” Gustav explained his point of reasoning.

“How though It feels impossible,” Teemee asked.

“I will start by using the lowest powered outburst of my Yarki… well have to start from there so you guys can familiarise yourselves with how it feels to submit to the power,” Gustav replied.

Everyone had fired up looks on their faces at this point as they looked forward to the teachings.

“Well still be training normally and conducting missions in the process too,”

The group went on to discuss the last mission Teemee, Falco and the others went on that involved the Genxodus.

Falco stated that wanted them to go on group missions that involved the Slarkov terrorist group.

However Guatav was not too interested in them at the moment.

He told them they would spend a lot of time if they focused on such a mission and they didnt really have that kind of time at the moment.

The whole situation of uprooting the terrorists from Earth will take a lot of time and Gustav was sure it wouldnt be an easy task so he didnt want to get involved.

Yung Jo related situations had given him too much trouble so he had decided he would leave this one in the hands of other MBO officers.

His focus was now on intergalactic travels which would be a constant thing for him in the future.

In a flash another week went by and during this time some members of the platoons had competed solo or duo missions.

As more missions were completed by members of the platoon, the merit of the platoon would increase.

Platoons always received what was called reputation points from these merits and it decided their ranking in the MBO.

Platoon ranking was a thing in the MBO and at the moment Gustavs platoon was below two thousand on the ranking.

He didnt really care about this because his platoon was still new.

They had other priorities in the meantime.

After a few more days of training Endric returned from his solo mission and joined them.

At this point the platoon now consisted of eleven members besides Gustav.

The platoon with the lowest number of members in the MBO and it was generally made up of new generation MBO officers.

It had garnered quite the ridicule and laughs from other MBO but Gustav didnt care about any of those at this point.

They were truly just starting out and their focus was on other things so they could be less bothered about their platoon being a laughing stock in the meantime.

IYSOP was approaching and IYSOP training was beginning in a few days.

Endric only joined Gustav and the others to train for a few more days before it was finally time to leave the second base for IYSOP training.

“Niagra Icelands,” Endric voiced out.

“Interesting choice of location… although Ive never been there,” E.E stated before chuckling a bit.

“Just dont get beaten by a non MBO officers, the selection for main team members come first,” Teemee voiced out.

“The main issue would be the others who have already been officers for more than a year despite being only twenty years old or lesser,” Falco said with a logical tone.

“Its best we check out Niagra Icelands well because knowing the location properly can be advantageous,” Matilda voiced out as well.

“I doubt well be having the participation battle in the open though,” Angy said with a contemplative expression.

The group was seated together in the living room the night before the IYSOP training would officially begin.

They were discussing how things would be in the training location which was called Niagra icelands.

“What do you think Gustav” Matilda questioned, causing everyone to turn and stare in Gustavs direction.

“I think you lots should stop arguing and just go to bed.

Your flight leaves by 7 in the morning and youll be dragged into the selection battle that will determine whether or not youll be on the main team… The only thing that should be on your minds is getting a spot on the main team,” Gustav voiced out.

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