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With the lightning Blitz, Gustav could travel over six hundred thousand feet in an instant but Angy could do the same and even better when she had activated the third horn mode.

Despite it being an instant which meant less than a second, Angy had already caught up to him within milliseconds and was about to make contact with him in the lightning state.

Gustav had to cancel the skill midway and reappeared back more than a hundred thousand feet away.

Angy couldnt easily cancel her speed and ended up moving past another hundred thousand feet before stopping.

Everyone else in the previous position all had looks of disbelief as they saw both of them disappeared.

They quickly began charging after Gustav despite not being as fast.

E .E opened up a vortex closing in the distance quickly while Angy began to speed back and Gustav also turned backwards and sped off leaving her to chase him.

At this point only around thirty seconds had gone by but even with these few thirty seconds, they had come to realise it wouldnt be so easy catching Gustav.

“Lets surround him and attack at the same time, someone is definitely bound to touch him,” Aildris voiced out to the rest.

“Tell that to Angy too,” E.E stated.

Aildris opened his eyes at this point causing the entire vicinity to turn into black and white.

He turned into a circular wave and disappeared.

Reappearing right in front of Angy and latching onto her due to one of his abilities.

“We have to attack at the same time,” Aildris voiced out the instant she stopped running.


Gustav had reappeared in another position at this point and they were all charging in his direction once more.

Ria stomped on the ground causing himself to sink into it as it began to take him forward in Gustavs direction as well.

Vera threw seeds to the ground and caused a forestry type of vegetative environment to sprout in a couple of seconds.

Vines and multiple spiky branches sprouted out at her command ready to attack Gustav.

Meanwhile Elevora third eye had been revealed and was ready to fire destructive beams at Gustav.

They all surrounded Gustav from every direction and slowly closed in on his position.

They waited for Aildris signal to attack.

“So you all plan to attack me at the same instant… pretty good plan,” Gustav said with a smile.

At this point over one minute had passed and there were still over three minutes left so they still had time.

“Good plan right”

“At least one person will touch you even if the rest of us fail,”

Aildris and E.E voiced out as they prepared to attack.

“Not a bad plan but you all will still fail,” Gustav said with a smile.

The group wondered where this confidence was coming from because logically speaking no matter how strong Gustav was, there were up to ten in number so at least one person would be able to touch him even if it was just a little.

Aildris was a bit suspicious that Gustav still had something up his sleeves but this didnt stop him.

He gave them the signal and Angy grabbed hold of Teemee.

She flung him forward with her inhumane speed while everyone else dashed forward at the same speed.

They arrived before Gustav in no time and hands could be seen stretching towards Gustavs body from every direction.

One was heading towards his belly, another towards his chest, nape, face, back, chin, back of his head, butt, thighs, sides and arms.

Every side was covered and there was not a single open spot that Gustav could exploit.

Even if he cranked up his speed by a whole lot, he would definitely make contact with someone while trying to get out of this encirclement.

Angy appeared above him in the next instant as well with her leg swinging down from above with the intention of kicking his head as well.

It looked they would make contact with Gustav and their was no hope of getting out of the current predicament.

A smirk suddenly appeared on Gustavs face once more as his eyes displayed a scarlet with a mixture of gold glow.

His lips parted ways elegantly as he voiced out a single word.



Golden outburst of energy blasted forth frrom his being, spreading across the vicinity and in the next instant as everyones body paused in mid air.

They all had looks of astonishment and disbelief in their eyes as their bodies just paused in place.

They had lost all control over their bodies except for their eyeballs which could only look around.

Besides that they were unable to break out of this unusual hold spread by the unfathomable energy that had just burst forth from Gustavs figure.

‘What the hell

‘How is this even possible

‘How is he doing this

‘What in the world

They all had these thoughts circulating in their minds as they couldnt wrap their heads around how this was happening.

Gustav slowly moved forward and sideways, shifting out of their encirclement after a few seconds.

He moved towards their back and brought out a device to take a picture of everyone paused in place.

He was standing behind while they all paused behind with a space in the middle of their encirclement.

“This is a nice picture,” Gustav voiced out after checking it and proceeded to keep his device.

“I warned you guys you wouldnt be able to touch me,” Gustav voiced out after a bit of silence.

They all still couldnt speak so they remained in place silently.

“Theres still three minutes left… just hold on Ill release yall after the time is up,”

After saying this, Gustav could sense that they were struggling to free themselves even more.

However, Gustav knew just how powerful his Yarki was now so the possibility of anyone of them getting out of it was zero percent.

Especially when they were all Echo ranked Mixedbloods.

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