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“Yes, its slowing down at the moment and its still at least a thousand light years away from Neptunes orbit.

Its sun which was also travelling is two thousand light years behind it and is also slowing down,” Gradier Xanatus reported.

“Turns out the young Miss was saying the truth when she mentioned she would soon arrive at her destination,” Gradier Xanatus pointed out as he noticed the awkward expression on the faces of the higher ups.

He didnt care and just wanted to point out more things so as to leave them embarrassed about the fact that would have made stupidly drastic decisions under the guise of protecting earth.

-“Keep watching the planet and report to us the moment it comes to a stop,”

One of them voiced out.

“Yes sir,” Gradier Xanatus responded respectfully.

After a few more minutes the whole meeting ended and they decided to watch out for when the planet would stop moving.

Gradier Xanatus stood in his spacecraft as he heaved a sigh of relief.

The spacecraft was moving at the same pace with Miss Aimees planet at the moment.

They were keeping a safe distance away but Gradier Xanatus still made sure to keep eyes on them.

“This means the kid is probably still alive…” Gradier Xanatus muttered with a look of relief.

With how Fred had narrated the whole scenario with Miss Aimee, Gradier Xanatus was sure she wouldnt let Gustav just die like that especially in a situation that she was related with.

“Youre truly unkillable kid,” At this point Gradier Xanatus just had to accept it.

Gustav had been in so many life or death situations and no matter how much the favor was against him, he always managed to come out alive.

Gradier Xanatus just hoped that whatever charm or luck was working for Gustav kept working because there was no doubt that he would be in more crazier and dangerous situations in the future.



“I can actually spot it from here,”

“Me too,”

“It looks like a daystar,”

“The MBO is definitely doing something about it so we dont have to worry,”

A group of five could be seen sitting atop a mountain discussing with one another.

In the southern skies, a shining dot in the sky was visible.

It seemed like this was the planet they had mentioned was approaching in the news.

“Im surprised its not just a moving planet but a moving sun as well… we should be seeing two dots then but its just one.

Who knows which one is visible rn,” Falco voiced out.

“Im guessing its the Sun… According to what Ive heard, its twice the size of ours and four times hotter so definitely it will be shinning brighter across space,” Matilda stated.

“I know this is interesting and all but I cant wait for the next raid… its fun to be out in the field once again,” Teemee voiced out with a look of anticipation.


“I know this is interesting and all but I cant wait for the next raid… its fun to be out in the field once again,” Teemee voiced out with a look of anticipation.

“I will smash those Genxodus **ers hahaha!” Ria yelled out with a fired up tone.

“Shut up and stick to the team next time, we were almost killed because of you last time,” Teemee said while landing his fist on Rias head.

“Ouch! I just wanted to get rid of them,” Ria said with a low tone.

“Stick to the formation and plan so they dont see our group as useless,” Falco voiced out as well.

“The next should be the last raid in this city… theres nowhere else to check for now,” Maltida said with a contemplative expression.

“Vera, you still have our backs during the raids right” Teemee questioned.

“Sure,” Vera responded with a slightly disinterested tone.

​ They had been on this mission for about a week already and since the time of the start, they had been going on raids with other MBO groups.

The MBO had received intelligent information about a location where some members of the Genxodus group seen as Slarkovs terrorists were conducting an operation.

Since they arrived in this city, they had been conducting raids and flushing them.

The MBO had stated that they preferred for the members to be captured alive but if killing was the only option available due to getting in precarious situations, they could take the action.

However it was stated that you got more points for getting them alive instead of killing them.

So far, Teemee, Falco and the others had managed to get a couple of Genxodus members alive.

This was very difficult as every member had sophisticated pieces of technological suit that wasnt in the market.

These pieces were unique and made their combat power and strength levels increase by a whole lot.

Slarkovs were similar in strength to humans but these suits made them capable of going toe to toe with Mixedbloods so the raid had been rather difficult and there had been multiple crazy scenarios.

It was confirmed that this was a Slarkov terrorist group as every single member they had come into contact with was a Slarkov.

The aim of this group remained to eradicate the Mixedbloods on earth so it was impossible for the MBO to reason with them without a scuffle breaking out.

It was like the members had been brainwashed because every single one of them had immense hate for Mixedbloods and would rather die than to leave them alive.

So far more than a hundred of their members had been captured and over two hundred killed.

Even with this numbers, the intelligence the MBO received stated that there were at least ten times more.

Some of the major problems was not knowing the main base of this group and how they recruited members.

Red Shadow, Gradier Xanatus and Gustav who were amongst the first to encounter this group were sure they didnt have high numbers at the time.

Now the MBO intelligence had revealed that they were now numbering in the thousands according to an interrogation.

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