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Chapter 28: Chapter 2

The conversation between Artemis and his sister princess Aeryn got heated up and Aurora could sense the heat from where she stood. In an attempt to cool things down she decided to leave and walked to Mrs. Gibillis kitchen, although Mrs. Gibillis was already aware of the upcoming engagement.

“Good heavens Aurora... what are you doing here” asked Mrs. Gibillis. The girls who were busy making dinner turned to look at Aurora, some whispered slowly.

“I just need a place to be alone, can I stay here”

Mrs. Gibillis wasnt aware of what Aurora meant by that “But... the king is leaving at first light. Wouldnt he need you by his side”

“Im not sure his sister does”

Aurora excused herself to the store room, when she came back she had an apron and she was ready to bake – her favorite, lemon cake.

The one who felt like he was being suffocated was Artemis, and the princess made sure to tell him exactly what she called “The Order of Things” exactly as how their father practiced it. Artemis left her at the garden and walked away. Aeryn knew she would rather be hated by Artemis but protect the realm.


The next day at first light Artemis woke up with Aurora by his side, it seemed the things his sister said yesterday didnt really make a meaning to him. They kissed, made love again and said goodbye to each other with a promise of a marriage when Artemis returns.

“Five months, just five months. Theyll pass like a shadow when the sun rises” Artemis gave Aurora hopes before his departure. He was fully dressed, a golden robe with black trouser and a red cloak with a sigil of Maldonia attached to it, his crown on top of his head and a token of love in form of a bracelet made of sapphires – a gift from Aurora.

“They will drag horribly”

“Why dont you spend more time with the master of spies, Lord Balrus. He seems to like you and he is never short of stories”

“Lord Balrus You trust him” asked Aurora and thats because early on Artemis talked about how he didnt trust Lord Balrus.

Artemis smiled and kissed Auroras lips “Well, he doesnt have scrotums and I heard the girls say he doesnt have a cock either...” and they all laughed.

The kings guards outside of Artemiss chamber heard everything and so did Lord Balon. It seemed like every time he wants to have a conversation with the king, somehow he is occupied.

The door was opened suddenly “Oh, Lord Balon” Artemis was amazed, it was too early for his hand to be up, but then he remembered he has to go with him to the tour of the ten houses.

Trembling and unstable Lord Balon greeted Artemis with a soft bow “Your Grace!”

“Um... what are you doing here my lord Shouldnt you be waiting for me outside with the wagons and carriages”

Aurora saw to it that she wasnt supposed to linger more on that particular conversation, hence she excused herself “Safe travels my king” and kissed Artemis on his lips, the kind of kiss which had Lord Balon not believing what he was seeing – he expected the two to lovers but he wasnt aware it was that serious.

“Thank you Lady Kholin”

Aurora bowed before Lord Balon “Lord Balon” she said and walked away. Both Artemis and Lord Balon took pleasure in looking at Aurora walking away, the aroma she left right at the kings doorstep could never be forgotten.

The gates of the palace were opened, ten carriages fully packed with supplies of weapons, food, explosions and mostly important Lord Akirbus and Lord Angun who traveled on the same carriage as Artemis and his hand Lord Balon. The golden carriage was huge enough to fit all four of them comfortably while being pushed with two white stallions adorned by two pieces of red scarf with Maldonia sigil on them.

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Princess Aeryn was still asleep when her brother took off to his tour, she was just waiting for him to leave so she can have control over the kingdom for five to six months he was away and she planned to exile Aurora or do anything to keep her away from her brother.

While Princess Aeryn had her own agenda, Princess Thelma had fallen into a trap. The moment she saw her fathers dead body with a cut on his throat, she knew he didnt fall off a balcony and someone murdered the king. Instead of keeping it to herself she went on and told her brother.

Prince Castellan was sleeping in his chambers when Thelma came knocking “Brother, brother...” and that shocked Castellan.

His wife Katarina asked “Is that Thelma”

“Im not sure” Prince Castellan got dressed up quickly and opened the door. He saw a very scared, panicking and confused Thelma. “Sister, what is going on”

Thelma pulled her brother outside and then she led the way to the temple. She could have told her brother right there, but she had to show him. The corridor of the palace was filled with servants each attending their own tasks, however they were all shocked seeing the princess dragging her brother.

“Thelma, what is wrong with you”

“Just follow me brother I have something to show you”

“What is it”

The walk to the temple was brief, the moment they arrived Princess Thelma went after King Taelins tomb and opened it.

“Thelma... have you -” Castellans eyes widened with amazement. It was forbidden for the kings body to be looked at after it has been buried inside the tomb.

“I have something to show you brother, come and see”

“Good gods Thelma. Do you want us to be cursed by the gods for breaking the traditions”

Thelma pulled Castellan and showed him their fathers throat and right there, Castellans heartbeat raced. “What is this...” he asked.

“Someone slit our fathers throat and threw him off the balcony. He didnt slip brother; this was treason” she cried.

The prince pretended to look at his fathers throat carefully, while all that time he was contemplating on whether to kill his sister or let it pass.

“I think Sir Goliath did it” Princess Thelma said and she was so sure of herself. “Why would he want to resign and leave the kingdom so fast if he was innocent. He was fathers hand and the last man to be seen with him, he did it”

“I knew Goliath wasnt a wise man, I should have place his head on a spike!” Castellan shouted and he was angry, or at least he performed better because his sister believed him to be hurt. “How could he After all that father did for him This is how he repaid him Hes a coward” he kept screaming.

Princess Thelma stopped crying and turned to her brother “We can still catch up to him brother, and bring him to justice”

“I am on it sister, Ill send my best men after him right now. He will pay for this” he assured Thelma and then he asked “Who else did you tell about this”

“Just... Father Henry was here last night when I came. I couldnt sleep and I wanted him to give me a portion, he said he didnt have any...”

“So he knows about this”

Princess Thelma nodded with tears flowing down between her cheeks. Castellan took her in his arms and made sure she was calm, he used his charms and soft words to speak to her and assured her it will all be taken care of and the culprit will be brought to justice.

The next day Father Henry was brought to trial under Castellans order to answer for the murder of the king. By then, all Prophisians were aware that King Taelin was murdered by a coward who then threw him off the balcony. Thelma had no idea why the priest was brought to justice by her brother and the team of lords, but she was ready to hear what he was accused of.

Prince Castellan sat high above everyone else in the throne with a crown on his head, he wore it every time as he awaited his coronation which was delayed by the High Septon. To Castellan, Father Henry was a type of a Septon who he couldnt control. He believed in justice, he followed rules and he was one of the good ones.

But as King Taelin always told his son “The good ones die” and indeed they do. Being a good person in a kingdom which is on the brink of war is like being a deer passing through the group of lions.

“Father Henry, lord of the gods and defender of the Faith. You are in the presence of His Lordship, crowned prince of Prophis, Prince Castellan of house Taelin and the lords of the high table. You are charged with treason against the crown for colluding with the murderer of the late King Taelin, his hand Sir Goliath of Andreie. We believe you were in charge of the kings final bath and dressing before he was buried. We also believe you saw the cut on his throat yet decided to keep it a secret. What do you plead”



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