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Chapter 19: Chapter 1

After such confession of war and brutality being on the way, Lord Balrus was lost of words. He let Aurora go back to the quarters but he was like a wounded man with questions in need of answers. A war is coming, the kingdoms will burn but he wasnt sure which kingdom. Kings will rise yet he wasnt sure what king will rise and who will fall. The kingdoms in question were Maldonia, Prophis and possibly other kingdoms from a far who will look to rise to the occasion.

Speaking of rising to the occasion, Prince Castellan of Prophis was looking to rise to the top too. He was tired of being in his fathers shadows. For years hes always had to answer to his father, do everything he asks of him to do and he felt like he wasnt a man enough. His wife Katarina always tell him “Without your father being dead you can never be fully alive. You are meant to be the king of Prophis right now, how long will you allow him to rule knowing well enough he is going to get this kingdom and all of us in trouble” and she has been doing that for a while clearly feeding him poison against his father.

A week after King Taelin returned to the Kings City which was the capital of Prophis, Prince Castellan felt like he didnt exist. Taelin attended all the meetings again, he was listening to his peoples problems, making court decisions and being “king” again while Castellan did that for just a month. The greedy feeling of sitting on the silver throne for a month turned Castellan into a whole new man. He craved to be king of Prophis and he was ready to do anything just to be one.

The palace of Prophis was built in deep snow which never seemed to go away. For generations the kingdom had been like that, some said Prophis was cursed by the gods and they decided to put them into a never ending winter as a punishment. Unlike the people of Maldonia who wore varieties of clothes with colors ranging from brighter ones such as purple, peach pink, yellow to more secondary. Prophisians were more into earth tones because of their surroundings.

They usually wore black all the time accompanied with heavy fur clothes on top. There was no exceptions of what they wore whether it was in the wedding, funerals, church or hunting – it was always black with heavy cloth on top. Both women and men and that was because of the heavy cold weather.

In distance of occupation Prophis was the same as Maldonia and they met at the centre. The distance which separate their borders at the centre was over five hundred kilometers apart and thats where other kingdoms of West and East shared the borders.

Prince Castellan has always envied his father – it must have been his behavior which disrespected their late mother. Taelin was a man who spent his time in the brothel, and sometimes he would call in all the whores to his palace and have sex with them at the same time without caring for his sons feelings – a proud man he was indeed. Thats why Prince Castellan always wondered did Prophisians deserve a man like that for a king


“I can be a better king than him. Im wise, Im smarter and I have military experience than him. Im young and at my age I can lead Prophis to be the powerful kingdom no one has ever seen” Prince Castellan said to himself. It was late in the evening and he was making his way to the council chamber with bad intentions in his heart. This was the day he intended to speak his heart out to his father.

As usual he wore a black trouser, black shirt and a huge fur coat on top of it. His long hairs fell effortlessly behind his back, and his eye lashes were so dark because of the Kohl as per the rules of Prophisians. The palace was gothic dark and freezing, the servants were rushing to warm all the rooms with haste carrying the logs of fire. Castellan passed through them while holding a sharp knife tucked in his torso, he was like a robber going into his mission.

When he passed through, the servants curtised before him. He didnt seem to care about them as he only had one thing in his mind, and that is to confront his father. The door of the council chamber was closed, Prince Castellan waited before he knocked. The sounds of laughter and moaning from the inside made him hesitate for a while.

He turned to the kings guard who was standing nearby. “Is that my father”

“Yes, my Lord” replied Taelins kings guard.

“Is he with a whore”

The kings guard remained silent, he had a frown look on his face looking forward. The sounds grew louder, and the woman was moaning more than before. That thing pissed off Prince Castellan and he bursted inside.

King Taelin was naked on top of the table with a whore who was riding him. He lied down and the whore was on top of him, he was almost about to cum before his son barged in.

“Father” Prince Castellan blurted out. “This is your council chamber for good heavens. Have you no shame” he continued.

The whore stopped and climbed down the table, she quickly reached out for her dress and sprinted out. Taelin without a care in the world pulled himself together slowly. His eyes darker because of the Kohl and the way he was looking at his son its almost as if he wanted to embarrass him for seeing father naked. However, Prince Castellan wasnt ashamed of himself.

After he put on his robe and a huge fur coat on top, Taelin turned his attention to his son. The windows were closed and the council chamber wasnt that decorated, it only had one long table and six chairs mainly for meetings. Taelin lit up the candles while not paying attention to his son, he was ignoring him.

“What is it You just ruined my moment, so you better have a good excuse for that” he said.

“I have to talk to you father”

“Say it son”

Prince Castellan sighed. He was so excited to do what he wanted to do but the moment he was standing face to face with his father. Suddenly he couldnt do it, he had cold feet.

Taelin noticed something was wrong with his son. Hence he walked up to him “What is it If this is about your sister then yes we are going on a war against Maldonia” he said.

This was unexpected “What” Prince Castellans eyes widened with amazement. “A war With Maldonia For what”

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“For what Son, he embarrassed your sister”

Prince Castellan scoffed “Oh Father! If she wants to be **ed so much why dont you just marry her off to some... Lord”

Taelin slapped his son and it was hard. Castellan fell down on the ground, it was sudden and with high impact he couldnt handle it.

Taelin tied up his long hair as if nothing happened “Stupid! Thats your sister and you will speak about her with some respect” King Taelin made sure his son understood.

Castellan pulled himself together and stood up. He faced his father with tears running down between his cheeks – he was crying because all his life thats what Taelin did. He beat him when he was young in the name of making him strong and ready to be a king. Castellan once feared even his fathers voice but now he was no longer that fearful boy, he was a grown up man with responsibilities and decisions.

“We are not going to war father” said Castellan. He took a deep breath, wiped his tears and repeated this time loudly. “We are not going to a **ing war because your daughter wants to get **ed. Mithandirs brother is recruiting an army and hes headed towards Prophis. I shall crush him before he even approaches our gates. Thats the king I will be” he finished and kept on panting heavily.

Taelin wasnt worried, he was standing before his son with crossed arms and he looked like he wasnt worried about a damn thing. He chuckled softly looking at his Castellan who was crying, like a little bitch.

Then he reached out for Castellans shoulder and patted him “Too bad you are not the king son. Too bad...” he said.

“Yet” replied Prince Castellan then he didnt wait for his father to utter another word before he took out his small knife and slit his fathers throat.

Taelin held on to his neck still not believing that will be his last time, and the one who gets to end his life was his son. He fell down still struggling while holding his throat, as if he was trying to stop the bleeding. Castellan stood before him and placed his leg on his fathers throat. He watched as Taelin struggled to die, and he enjoyed every moment. “Its my time now. I shall lead Prophisians to glory. Every kingdom will be under my rule. I will conquer Maldonia and stretch my rule from every part of the world while you watch from hell!” Castellan smashed his fathers throat and from there Taelin gave up and let it go. This was the end of him.



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