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Chapter 18: Chapter 1

That was a very good talk Princess Sansa and Lord Balon had, also it was necessary for both of them. However, still Princess Sansa needed a son and she wished the portion she took will provide the magic she needed.

The busiest day in Maldonia got even busier the next day, Artemis had to shake hands and wish well over five hundred guests who bade their farewells to him. He received lots of gifts in terms of gold, goats, satin fabrics, brooches, swords and many more. They were overwhelming for him and he forgot about calling in Auroras father and ask him for his hand in marriage.

When the previous day passed with no communication from Artemis, Aurora knew he was busy with saying goodbye to his guests who came to Maldonia for him. Its his duty as king, and hence instead of dwelling on it she understood him and proceeded with her usual tasks as a kitchen wench.

The next day when she was making her way to the servants quarters, she found herself bumping into Lord Balrus. “Apologies my Lord” she said awkwardly looking down.

“Lady Kholin”

Aurora raised her eyes to meet Lord Balruss “My Lord” she said. Yet still she seemed frightened by everyones presence ever since she murdered Lancet.

“Are you alright... you are shaking”


“Im fine my Lord”

“Well if you say so, you know I have no desire for women dont you” Lord Balrus smiled. Then he whispered “You neednt be afraid of me” but instead of the whisper being comforting to Aurora, it was even more scarier especially since she was so scared of Lord Balrus already.

The weather wasnt so nice during that evening, perhaps thats why Aurora took off from the kitchen and rushed to the quarters because she wasnt feeling so well. It was freezing, she had a light dress and a whole black blanket on top to keep herself warm. She usually gets sick when the weather changes – Artemis can confirm that.

Lord Balrus noticed how uncomfortable Aurora was, maybe its true she buried a mans body in the bushes. Her eyes lied but again she was a seer, and Lord Balrus knew how powerful they can be at seeing the future and also at hiding the truth from people.

Where Lord Balrus comes from its a land of magic, the dark kind of magic which could turn a man into a dragon breathing fire although those were tales from the old world. From the time stones inhabited the world and spoke like humans, they called it the Stone age. One particular man was said to be a seer in Lord Balruss village. He could see the future just by closing his eyes and holding the palm of your hand. One day, Lord Balrus asked the seer if he could tell him what will happen tomorrow.

The seer refused, he said his visions were limited. He could only see the future two years from then, not the next day or two weeks after. All his life Lord Balrus feared the future, especially his future or the day hell die. Those were two things he could never allow himself to know and thats because he would be anxious and worried about it.

The very image of Aurora was like a beacon for him to stand by, or to suck on until he feels better.

“Did you want something my Lord” asked Aurora after she found Lord Balrus to be so silent and almost like he was lost.

“They say you are a witch” Lord Balrus finally said what he always wanted to say.

Then he locked eyes without fear with Aurora. He may have read it somewhere that if you dont lock eyes with a witch then its easier for them to harm you – however the eye lock reduces their power.

Aurora still shivering and nervous, she slowly sighed “Is that what brought you to the servant quarters Lord Balrus” she asked him. “I can sense your need to know more... or perhaps you already know”

Lord Balrus acted like he was shocked “What do I know”

“I dont know my Lord, what do you know”

“If I knew what I wanted to know then I wouldnt ask now would I”

“You asked me if I was a witch, while all I feel is you have another question you desperately want to ask”

Now Lord Balrus was caught off guard with Auroras powers, all his life he knew Aurora to just be a little girl scrubbing pots and pondering yams. She was always dirty and unpleasant to look at, she worked with Mrs Gibilis and thats where she knew it all about cakes and pies. Never has he been in Auroras presence and felt like his life was threatened, or scared like he was standing right there before Aurora.

Without even thinking Lord Balrus found himself asking “Is Sir Lancet buried in those bushes behind the servants quarters”

Instead of being more scared and panicking. Aurora felt a little bit of relief, not because she trusted Lord Balrus but because she felt a womans presence when she was talking with Artemis during the night of the ball. At first she thought perhaps she was seeing things – maybe ghosts roaming around the palace but it was actually the whore who Lord Balrus was using as a spy.

“He will have your head if he knows you sent that whore to eavesdrop our private conversation. You know Artemis, and he hates a lying friend” she said.

“A lying friend I am the only friend he can trust” Lord Balrus hissed while looking around. “I served his father... I know secrets of this kingdom that no one does. I and only I can protect him young lady, do not make a fool of yourself. If Sir Lancet is buried in the woods I suggest you show me where you buried him. Are you insane burying a Lancet within the walls of the palace”

Lord Balrus had to take a breather and stop himself from panicking. He pulled Aurora to the darkness, five guards doing their normal patrol passed right through them and walked away. Lord Balrus didnt want them to see him with Aurora having a secret meeting, like always “walls do talk”

“Where did you bury him” He asked Aurora.

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Aurora pointed “There... what are you going to do with him”

“I am going to save the kings life which you have just put it in danger. House Emreis is the most powerful house in Maldonia. Their son being killed inside the palace will cause suspicious and believe me they will look! You and your stupid witchy mind never thought about it”

“I have never seen Artemis in danger, at least not now”

“What do you mean by that”

Aurora looked at the windows in the quarters and how they were swaying from side to side, the wind was blowing and possible a storm would be upon them soon.

She held Lord Balruss hands “I cannot talk about that my Lord. The future is between the seer and the gods, a mortal shouldnt be allowed to know” and attempted to run away.

However Lord Balrus stopped her, and brought her back to the darkness side of the quarters again. “Tell me! Tell me everything” he said putting Aurora in a tight grip.

“I know about the slave who is the rightful heir to Sweet Waters throne, and I know you helped them escape from the kingdom. I have seen their wedding, king Arteides and Jordys in my dreams. I know Artemis isnt the rightful King” she said shaking and scared. “I shall sit beside him on Sweet Waters throne and we will rule side by side. Then there will be a war – the deadliest in human history. Houses will fall, new kings will rise, kingdoms will be set on fire...”

Lord Balrus couldnt wait for Aurora to finish her prophesy and he quickly intervened “What kingdom will be on fire”

“I dont know, my visions are blurry”

“Is it Maldonia”

“I told you I cant go that deep”

“Why Tell me more...”

“I cant, its dark magic. I cant do it” Aurora kept on panting hard as if she has just run a pace “The dark times are coming Lord Balrus. Darker than what you are scared of right now. I saw Lancets death but I never knew it would be me who would be the end of him. I dont know what kingdom is on fire because thats all I get from my visions. Its never clear, I am not a seer yet. The trees dont speak to me”

“You need trees to speak to you”

“It is the trees which yield much power from earth. I ask them for power and they grant it to me, but only if I was a seer”

Out of all tales Lord Balrus had one question and one question alone “What about Artemis Did you see his death” he asked.

“No, I didnt. But nor did I see his victory or failure. The war comes from every corner of the world, all sides of the map. I can feel it coming, its near”



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