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Sweet Waters Throne Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Chapter 1

The sound of sea waves hitting the beautiful sand could be heard from a distance. With the rain pouring heavy as if the flood gates of heaven were opened also increased the magnitude of the waves. It was so silent one could hear their own heartbeat. The ship was waiting to take Jordy and Aprophil to a place where they will never be found again.

Jordy bowed before Lord Balrus when she arrived with her son, she wore a long black dress with a black piece of cloth which covered her hairs, the dress was already wet at the bottom because of the waves splashing into the shore.

“My Lord” said Jordy. “I want to be by his side, please”

Lord Balrus held Jordys hands tight “Dont be a fool! This is the best way for your survival and your sons” he said and then turned to Aprophil. Even though it was dark and pouring Lord Balrus couldnt contain his shock upon seeing how Aprophil was a spit image of his father. “Good heavens, may the gods be on our favor. You have to leave, right now” he said to Jordy.

“No, I cant leave him...” Jordy wept hysterically although the tears were swallowed by the storm.

“Its what he wants Jordy”

“I can protect myself, my son can protect himself, I have to say goodbye to him”


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Suddenly Aprophil intervened. “I know who I am Lord Balrus” he said. His voice thick and deep, his muscles showing out how strong he was – just like King Arteides. “Im a slave and a bastard” he continued.

“Your father loves you Aprophil. If you stay in Maldonia after he dies, and the secret gets out you will be killed and your mother will be raped. They will slaughter you like a lamb and I cannot protect you. If Artemis -” Lord Balrus paused and he took a breath.

Jordy motioned for him to stop talking. There are things she didnt want her son to know, like the fact that he was born as a legitimate son of Arteides inside a marriage, but the marriage between slaves and their masters werent legalized. They may be true to God who was fair to every human being without exception of their skin color or status – but not to people of Maldonia. Hence Aprophil would remain to be a bastard as he was destined to.

“If Artemis what Lord Balrus” asked Aprophil especially after he saw how uncomfortable Lord Balrus was and he saw his mother and what she did.

“If he knows that I am helping you I may get into trouble. I have to go back to the capital...” He inserted his hand inside his robe and took out two small bags full of gold and ancient coins.

Lord Balrus took Jordys hands and place the bags inside her palms. “Find a land of your own people. I heard Gorgron is a good place for freed slaves and people of your color live luxurious lives. With these treasures you can have anything you want in the world” Lord Balrus turned to Aprophil and held his cheek “Take care of your mother. Its what your father wants” he finished.

The two captains who were hired to take Jordy and Aprophil away were ready, hence they called them out. Lord Balrus and Jordy hugged tight, these two had shared some moments which defined their friendship for years.

Lord Balrus pulled up his cover and walked away from the sea, he tiptoed to make sure the rain doesnt soak him more. Aprophil helped him mother inside the ship and they sailed away to the unknown. It had been three months ever since.

Aeryn wanted to confirm the rumors of her fathers bastard with the slave hence she leaned on Lord Balrus “Is it true I never actually believed it”

“They say it could be true” replied Lord Balrus.

“Where is this – bastard”

Lord Balrus shook his head “I never saw him my lady. But the slaves in the mines say he looks just like King Arteides”

Aeryn sighed and she seemed so exhausted with the secrets and complications which were going on. Then just when she thought she had enough Aurora showed up, however she didnt seem like she was excited to be there. She wore a brown dress with a touch of maroon color at the stripes and edges, she tied up her brown hairs and let it fall down effortlessly behind her back, her lips fuller and filled with the red lipstick, eyes glowing and covered with Kohl, her neck was longer perhaps because of the dress which was open on most upper part of it and she made sure to fill peoples noses with her aroma from the fragrance she used.

“Is that Lady Kholin” Lord Degan asked. “Oh my... she cleaned up pretty nice or perhaps Ive had too much rum”

“Lady Kholin I thought she was just a servant or has the king declared her a lady already” asked Lord Balrus but he was pointing the question to Princess Aeryn.

However the princess was so taken by Aurora and her beauty. Artemis was so taken with the dance and drinking he didnt even notice Aurora arriving at the ball. Hence Princess Aeryn got up and walked to Aurora.

Aurora curtised the moment Aeryn stood before her. “My lady” she said softly.

“Aurora, I am sure you are here to see my brother”

Aurora hesitated to reply. She glanced at Artemis and how happy he looked dancing and singing alongside the guests, he had one particular princess in his possession and they were the talk of the hall at how much good they looked and also how they danced.

Aurora returned to princess Aeryn “I was told by sir Lancet to show up at the ball my lady. Kings orders” she replied.

“Speaking of Lancet... Wheres he”

Suddenly Auroras heartbeat raced at the mention of Lancet, she was still not used to killing a man and burying him six foot deep under the ground all in the span of less than three hour. Perhaps if one would look closely into her soul then she wouldnt be able to hide it anymore.

“I dont know. I... havent seen him anywhere” Aurora stuttered and she failed to face princess Aeryn, hence she looked at Artemis wishing he would just turn and look at her.

Aeryn continued to converse with Aurora “Did you know my father had a bastard” she asked Aurora.

“No my lady”

“He did, with a slave. Then he left the bastard and married my mother who was a princess second in line to the throne. You should let him go... You know its the right thing. If he marries you, a servant! What will that define him As a king” she asked.

Aurora knew very well that Aeryn hated her, these two had their share of cold stares from afar and sometimes even more but never did they stand so close together like that – and their first time was indeed awkward. Thanks to Artemis who turned to the entrance of the hall and his eyes fell upon Aurora, thats the only way Aurora was saved from the humiliation Aeryn was about to put her into.

Artemis abandoned the princess he was dancing with in a heartbeat and raced to Aurora. Like a child after seeing his mother amongst the crowd.

Aurora curtised before Artemis with a shown of respect towards him “Lady Kholin... Welcome to my ball”

“Thank you Your Grace”

Then Artemis turned to Aeryn “Sister” he said.

“Brother” replied Aeryn. Even though she knew she had to leave and give Artemis space to speak to his girlfriend, Aeryn chose to stand there as if she wasnt aware of what to do.

“Have you seen sir Lancet” asked Aeryn.

“Lancet No, I havent seen him”

“I wonder where he could be at”

Pissed off and practically not in the mood to talk about Lancet especially with Aurora being there, Artemis ignored his sisters questions which practically aim at making him mad. He took Auroras hand and slowly led her to the dance floor – they disappeared into the crowd of dancers who showed no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The drums were hit with force and the drummer as if he knew exactly what the people wanted, he would slow it down for a minute followed by a whole five minutes of steps which went directly proportional to the guitar and violin. Hence making a good music and what everyone loved was the steps that they danced to.

“Where have you been I waited for you” said Artemis holding Auroras waist. Then he span her two times going with the flow of other dancers uniformly.

“I... Im sorry”

Artemis noticed how uncomfortable Aurora was even though he was so drunk. “What is it” he asked . Then he added “Aurora... what is it”

“Its sir Lancet” she replied.

“Lancet What about him”

Aurora stuttered for a moment, then she said “He tried to force himself inside me when he came to invite me to the ball. He wanted to ruin any chance that we have at being together... I dont know what came over me Artemis. I swear to gods of Maldonia I dont know...” suddenly Artemis stopped her. Then he took her away from the ball using the back exit where no one saw them.



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