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Sweet Waters Throne Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Chapter 0

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom where it was always sunny, air filled with love and aroma of beautiful scented yellow flowers, the trees were green throughout the year and flowers always blossomed during the night. The soil was over fertile and never even a day did the people of this kingdom complained of hunger or they cant feed their children, it rained almost half of the year and people took advantage of that blessing. They grew varieties of grains, vegetables, fruits and made scented candles.

This place was magical for newcomers who walked into it looking for new beginnings and they came from far east. Some came from the north and they conquered the blizzard and heavy snow just to reach the south and see for themselves the magic of Maldonia.

It wasnt an easy journey for many of them, some died along the way by being eaten by wild animals. Some were robbed and killed just before they could get into Maldonia, even the robbers themselves dreamed of getting inside the gates of Maldonia but not everyone was lucky enough to pass through. This kingdom had the tightest security compared to any place, and the sweet waters was the name of the place where the palace of the Prince of Maldonia was built at. The Sweet Waters was sacred, not even the locals who were born and raised at Maldonia kingdom entered inside. It was so huge stretching about five kilometers squares of land east, two kilometers north and three kilometers on both east and west side.

The prince of Maldonia, Prince Artemis of House Arteides, the bear killer, the slayer of the elves and newly crowned King. Just a week ago Artemis was a prince but the death of his father from a disease which has been declining his health day after day resulted to him being the King. Artemis was ready to be the King of Maldonia and hes been ready all his life, although he never wanted his father to die for him to be an emperor.

Even when King Arteides was on his death bed, Artemis refused to accept the fact that his father had to die in order for him to ascend the throne.

“Artemis, my son... your journey is about to begin...” said King Arteides, on his right side was his son Prince Artemis, and on his left was his daughter Princess Aeryn of House Arteides. They were both devastated seeing their father like that.

Artemis pushed off his fathers hand and hoped up to his feet. He was crying and biting his jaws, it showed clearly that he wasnt ready to lose him just yet.

“Artemis...” Aeryn called out to her brother. “Sit, please”


“I cant just sit and watch our father die. I am going to call out every maester in the kingdom, and they will bring all the medicines from far kingdoms to treat you father” he said in his thick husky voice. Then he reached out to his father and grabbed his right hand “Fight father, please...”

“My son... I have no energy left to fight anymore. My time in this world is done, and your time is just beginning. Your mother is calling and I must respond”

The reminder that their mother also died, when they were young brought Artemis a whole new level of pain. “No! Father please...” he wept hysterically. Aeryn reached out to him and soothed his back, she knew exactly what her brother was going through. The bond he had with his father was envied by everyone, King Arteides and his son were inseparable, from hunting together to fight in wars. They fought the elves when they invaded Maldonia and defeated them in a historical battle. His father was the pillar of strength to Prince Artemis, and when that pillar went crumbling down he felt as if the whole world was against him.

Now its been a week after the burial ceremony of his father, and he was just crowned King of Maldonia last night hence he had series of emotions going through his mind. The coronation of the new King brought several guests mostly noble men, royal princesses and princes all over the world to witness history. Although the whole world was excited to see what sort of king will Artemis turn out to be, and if he will live to his fathers standards, yet King Artemis of Maldonia was down and somber on his big day.

That long face and sad feeling continued to the next day when he awoke and he wasnt feeling like celebrating, even though the celebrations were to continue for a week. However being a King isnt a task he was going to just sleep on it, it required daily meetings, addressing the army, giving out speeches and all that needed someone who could train him. Hence the council chose Sir Lancet of House Emreis to be the close confidant and adviser to the new King. Sir Lancet was a knight, he fought in battles and was experienced. Also, he was the same age as King Artemis which was twenty-four of age – these two werent strangers to one another. They have hunted together, played with toys when they were whippers, even the first time they laid with women it was Sir Lancets idea to try it out.

Even though they were close friends who were used to one another and they have been friends for long time, Sir Lancet knew that Artemis wasnt the same anymore. Loss changes peoples perspectives and the way they see things – a whole different mindset is built once a person encounters loss. Hence even when Sir Lancet went to wake up Artemis for his big day on the throne, he was wise to let Artemis suck all the new experience and acknowledge the loss he just encountered. Lancet wore red armor uniform with black trousers and black boots, the red armor uniform was for knights and normal soldiers in Maldonia army.

“Lancet...” King Artemis said in his sleepy voice when he saw his friend Sir Lancet enter inside his chambers. He was naked underneath the sheets.

“My apologies, Your Grace. Did I wake you up”

Artemis groaned “Your Grace It does feel weird to be addressed like that. Just yesterday I was addressed as my lord and now...” he pulled the sheets up his body and exhaled.

“I am here to assist you to a council meeting, Your Grace”

Artemis pulled out the sheets “A meeting What sort of meeting” he asked.

“King Taelin from the kingdom of Prophis, Your Grace. He is accompanied by his daughter, princess Thelma and he is seeking your council. I think he wants you to wed his daughter...” said Sir Lancet and from there even though Artemis wasnt paying attention to Lancets words, he was suddenly interested.

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“What Is that so”

“I believe so Your Grace”

Artemis climbed down from the bed fully naked, Sir Lancet wasnt shocked because he has seen his friend naked before. Artemis was still drunk and he had the effect of alcohol inside his body, he wanted to stand before his friend but he couldnt and stumbled upon a chair, just when he was about to fall Sir Lancet held him.

“Im alright... Im fine”

“You are far from being fine Your Grace, sit down” Lancet placed Artemis on the bed “I wonder what sort of a King you will be, will we have a drunkard for a King”

“Watch your mouth Lancet”

“Get it together Artemis” Lancet shouted at Artemis, and then he took a piece of cloth and threw it to Artemis. “Cover yourself you look ridiculous” he said.

Instead of being angry for being disrespected, Artemis laughed at his friends temper and he was also happy that Lancet was like who he was before and not a knight who would worship him.

“You are back to being my friend, what happened to Sir Lancet” Artemis made a joke and they both laughed. Then Lancet sat on the bed close to Artemis.

“This is serious Artemis, King Taelin is powerful and Prophis is the most powerful kingdom more than Maldonia. If he were to propose for you to marry his daughter, what will you do”

Without thinking, Artemis replied quickly “Ill say no. I am only marrying Aurora and thats final”

“But Aurora isnt of royal blood. The council will want you to marry a princess in order to solidify the kingdom. And I dont think refusing King Taelin will be wise, he could start a war”

Artemis chuckled and got up from the bed with only a yellow piece of cloth around his waist. He went after a bottle of rum and poured some for himself inside a golden glass, then he turned and looked at Lancet. “Starting a war, just because I refuse to ** his daughter Well, isnt that magnificent” he asked with a grin on his face.

“This is more than **ing Artemis. He wants to join the kingdoms, and he knows his rival is Maldonia. If you ask me, I will tell you to solidify the kingdoms too instead of being rivals”

Artemis reached out to a small piece of jewelry, it was an anklet belonging to Aurora. He smelled it with his eyes closed and it was as if he was in the presence of his one true love.



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