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Chapter 20 – I enter a Rank-C forest


The next day, after giving my greetings at the guild, I warmed up and set off running towards Alcorada.

I was able to run without getting tired by using Body Strengthening.

This way was faster than taking a carriage, besides, I felt like running.

I don’t think I would ever get tired of doing such physical activity.

Without Allison around, I was no longer wearing my Animium bracelets and my mana had built up.

I could have continued running for the entire day without worrying about my reserves.

The wind felt refreshing.

I could feel the pleasure of working out from the fatigue that built up when my Body Strengthening would slacken from time to time.

While receiving odd looks from travellers and other adventurers, I reached the forest from which swarms of monsters are said to appear.

While wiping the sweat off my forehead I noticed a carriage entering the forest.

The carriage looked well-built and expensive, it probably belonged to a noble or a wealthy merchant.

It even had a squad of knights as an escort.

While thinking that it was a pain that I had little choice but to cross this dangerous forest, I poured over the map as I took my lunch.

Only adventurers of Rank-C and above attempt to work in this forest, those knights must have been pretty skilled.

Suddenly, I heard something like an explosion from afar. Looks like someone is fighting in the forest. Thinking that such explosions were par for the course in a Rank-C forest, I bit into my bread. Since I made it this far by noon, I might be able to reach Alcorada by the end of the day if I don’t run into any trouble. I wasn’t exactly sure how long it would take me to get through this forest, but I felt that I would be able to manage somehow if I kept true and ignored all the monsters.

It’s not like I came here to take on monsters after all.

I stepped into the forest and began using Detection, the superior version of Sense Strengthening.

Thanks to my continued practice, I was able to use it simultaneously with my Aura.

I didn’t sense any large monsters nearby.

I limbered up and began running once again.

I was following a trail that was too wide to be called an animal trail.

While wide, it was just an uneven dirt trail with the odd tree root invading it. Must be a horrible path to take by carriage.

As I was jogging easily along the path using Body Strengthening, suddenly a Green-Wolf jumped at me from the side.

I stopped and crouched by reflex to dodge the beast.

It simply jumped over me and disappeared through the foliage on the other side of the trail.

I kept my guard up, but no other Green-Wolf came. Just one Green-Wolves are supposed to attack in a pack.

Moreover, I’d read that it was in their nature to attack soon after the prey was sighted. But that one just jumped over me and ran away.

It ignored me, its prey. That part was setting off alarm bells in my head.

I turned around to scan my surroundings.

There was a giant on the trail behind me. No. Its body was made of wood, it was like a mobile tree, a Treant! “Detection! Do your **ing job!!”, I screamed, and following the Green-Wolf’s example, took off running.

Possessing only the water attribute, the Treant was one of the worst opponents I could face.

I do have a flaming sword in my magic bag, but for all practical purposes that’s just a torch.

I couldn’t think of any use for it other than drying my clothes.

While the sword itself could catch fire easily enough, it couldn’t be used for any long distance attacks.

Looking behind, I saw that the Treant wasn’t after me, but had gone after the Green-Wolf through the trees.

Sighing in relief, I rounded a curve only to find the carriage halted with the knights on its other side shouting something.

“Lady Ruby! Please get off the carriage and run away!”, shouted one of the knights.

In front of them was a Treant different from the one that had been behind me.

It had a large amount of branches on its back which were lush with leaves.

No flowers adorned it, but its trunk had a pair of bright red eyes and a large mouth that seemed to have been scrawled on by bored brat.

I hid behind a tree to avoid getting involved. This isn’t an opponent I could do something about with just the water attribute.

There’s probably someone among the knights with the fire attribute, they should be able to manage on their own.

While I was trying to convince myself, a young girl alighted from the carriage looking terrified.

I froze the moment I saw her. Rosa No. The young girl looked a lot like Rosa, my ex-fiancée.

I then recalled that Ruby was the name of Rosa’s younger sister. I should have noticed sooner! Rosa’s family are the only nobles around this region.

I didn’t want to meet Rosa or her family. I should just remain a memory to them.

I don’t know how to face them after all this time. Besides, I didn’t want them to trouble themselves over my current situation.

It was just that, I still felt guilty about the whole thing.

I suddenly vanished from Rosa’s life.

The engagement was agreed upon because there were benefits to both our families.

All that disappeared along with me.

None of it was Rosa’s or her family’s fault.

The ones at fault were my family.

Ruby seemed to have lost her footing and had fallen down. Did her knees buckle in fear “I can’t get up….

I can’t get up….”, she cried hoarsely.

“Ruby! Here, get on my back!” The woman’s voice was very familiar to me.

“Why…” The one who was trying to lift Ruby onto her back was Nadia, and the one helping her was Eida, the maid who’d always taken care of me.

Why are they here Are Riley and Katrina here too While my mind was reeling from the shock, the Treant was still pressing its attack.

The knights brandished their Servants and were casting their Abilities.

And just like I’d thought, there was indeed a knight with the fire attribute.

“Fire Blade!!” I could clearly hear the knight’s shout.

The Fire Blade shot towards the Treant and slammed into it, but it was completely unfazed.

A small part of a branch did catch fire, but it went out soon after the Treant waved it.

Sure, Treants were weak against fire, but the magic still needed to pack a real punch.

After all, it still had a lot of moisture in it and wasn’t dried up like firewood. Looks like that knight doesn’t have a lot of mana.

That’s right! I realized that I wasn’t wearing my bracelets, so the knight didn’t have access to my mana. If I put it on now…. I put my hand on my magic bag, but I was too late.

The Treant had already retaliated.

The knight got hit by a large branch and didn’t show any sign of moving after that.

The other knights didn’t seem to have any attribute.

They were firing magic blades at the Treant, but it remained unfazed.

Ruby was screaming in terror.

Nadia had managed to lift her and had just begun to run away.

I took the sword that could produce flames out of my magic bag.

I had a crazy idea. Seriously, what did I even do all that long range magic training for

Alright, let’s do this.

I need to repay Eida for all that she’s done for me. I stepped out from behind the tree and shot forward.

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