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Chapter 16 – I send Allison off


The griffin said that it would need a month to recover completely.

In the meantime, Allison and I took on requests as usual.

Both of us managed to raise our ranks by one during this time, and had saved enough money to last us a year if we lived frugally.

Finally, the day of departure arrived, and we headed to the griffin’s nest by carriage.

Allison was quiet through the short trip, but would periodically steal glances at me.

When we’d climbed the hill and were almost at the griffin’s nest, Allison stopped in her tracks.


What happened”, I asked.

“Um, Nicola…”, she started but couldn’t find the words for a long breath.

“Could you give me a lock of your hair”


What” That threw me for a loop.

“I want something to remember you by.” I drew my sword, cut a lock of my hair and handed it to her1.

She wrapped it carefully in a handkerchief, and secreted it into her pack.

“Thank you.”, she said softly.


I’d like to keep some of yours as well.” For some reason, I felt that it was best to reciprocate2.

When she gave hers to me, I packaged it similarly and kept it in my magic bag.

“It’ll get lonely….

I already am.” Saying that Allison approached me quickly like a squirrel, and rested her head on my chest, but our armour got in the way.

Nevertheless, she put her arms around me and so did I.

We hugged each other tightly like last time.

All too soon, Allison released me and stepped away.

“Any longer and I might end up changing my mind.”, she said smiling with tears rolling down her cheeks.

The griffin rose spreading its wings at our arrival.

[Did you bring a saddle] I nodded and took the saddle out of my magic bag, and laid it on the griffin’s back.

It was much larger than the one used with horses, and had additional belts to secure the rider in place.

After the saddle was secured on the griffin’s back, Allison climbed on and fastened the belts tightly around her thighs and waist.

“Everything okay”, I asked and she nodded in response.

[Well then, let’s get going.] The griffin spread its wings in preparation.

“Bye Nicola!”, shouted Cornelia despite being a shield.

“Nicola!!”, shouted Allison, “I’ll definitely, definitely, return once I grow strong enough to stand by your side!!” The griffin rose with Allison on its back.

I sent them off with cheers, “Do your best!! I’ll be waiting for you!” Allison smiled in response, and held on tightly to the griffin.

Their figures grew smaller and smaller with distance until they disappeared from sight.

T/N Notes:

Am I alone in feeling that he handed it over way too easilyNo, you could have refrained there.

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