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Chapter 14 – We save the Griffin

One week later, Allison finally showed up with bags under her eyes.

She seemed to have finished reading the book, but apparently it wasn’t enough. Don’t you have any other books on taming, was the first thing out of her mouth when we met.

I put my mana into the bag and tried searching, but couldn’t find such a book.

I showed Allison one book after another, turned out she couldn’t read about half of them either.

Our quest today was to check up on the griffin’s condition and leave it some food.

The griffin was wary when it first saw us, but in no time it began tearing into the food we’d brought for it.

It was still sapped of its strength, but thanks to being away from the dragon egg, it seemed to have regained some of it.

Allison had been in her own world the whole time we were at the griffin’s nest and on our way there. What have you been thinking about all this while, I asked unable to put up with it any more.

She faced me and said, In that book, I found an interesting account that claimed that when one tames a monster, their mana is shared like a common aquifer.

That means, if I contract with a monster that has a large amount of mana, I might be able to solve my low mana problem for good. I frowned hearing that and asked, I’m there right Hasn’t your mana problem been solved Allison looked down and spoke carefully, That’s right, but….

I can’t go on like this.

Nicola, you’re growing rapidly and will soon surpass me.

You’re already being relied on by an elf.

I on the other hand have been standing still.

The gap between us will only continue to widen.

I was utterly perplexed by her view. What are you talking about I can’t even cast any magic of the second grade yet, nor do I have any real way of attack against monsters.

I’ve been entirely dependent on you all this time., I said. That may be the case now, but I’m sure you’ll be able to cast it soon.

You can already don an Aura right Once you have a real way to attack monsters, our ‘symbiosis’ will lose its meaning., said Allison in consternation. But we would still have the composite Ability of two attributes right When I pressed, Allison gave me a lonely smile. It doesn’t have to be me right You can do that with anyone, someone more skilled.

She must have been worrying about this for a long time.

Even when I was invited to another party, she only watched from afar, too afraid to interfere.

She must be terrified of reverting to her previous status quo.

I understand that fear intimately.

I, too, am terrified of reverting to my enfeebled self as the Count’s useless son.

You said that we were in a symbiosis.

Did you know Parasitism is also a type of symbiosis. Allison looked down and continued, If it goes on like this, that’s what I’ll become.

A parasite.

I don’t want that.

I don’t want to go to bed every night wondering whether I’ll be abandoned the next day.

There’s no way I’ll abandon you like that., I interjected.

I knew how it felt to be abandoned, I could never do that to someone else. Then you can think of it like this.

I don’t want to be a burden on you., said Allison biting her lower lip, not knowing how to proceed. But, I don’t want to leave you either, after all….

I…. With the words lodged in her throat, she looked deep into my eyes.

When tears threatened to spill from hers, she averted them.

We were interrupted at that moment. Allison What are you doing here When we turned to look, we found Jason and his party standing there.

Seeing me, Jason smiled derisively and asked, You’re still partied with a guy like him


What did you come here for The requests around here should have been Rank-D or lower.

In reply, Jason smiled menacingly and looked at the griffin’s nest.

The griffin had gotten up and was now observing the situation. I’m here for a revenge match.

I’ll defeat that griffin and gain such acclaim that someone useless like you can only dream of.

You’re still pulling ** like that., said Allison through gritted teeth. Get out of my way., said Jason as he shouldered past Allison and me, advancing towards the griffin.

Allison spun on her heel and shot forward. Allison!, I called, trying to keep up.

She went past Jason and stood between him and the griffin. You insist on getting in my way, threatened Jason. Of course., said Allison coolly.

Jason sneered and said, Are you sure I’ll cut down a good-for-nothing like you without hesitation or remorse.

I’m aware., she said glaring at him. I also know that I’m a good-for-nothing. Cornelia turned into a shield and affixed herself to Allison’s hand. It’s vexing that I still can’t defeat you, on my own that is. She then looked at me.

I removed my bracelets and touched Allison. The two of you together won’t fare any better., said Jason laughing, and turned Yuria into a shield as he drew his sword.

Lightning Sword. When Jason uttered that, his sword was clad in lightning.

Behind him, his party members were yawning ostentatiously.

Without drawing her sword, Allison uttered, Water Blade. A huge Water Blade floated in midair, there wasn’t any lightning mixed with it.

Allison and Cornelia could now completely isolate the two attributes and use them as they willed.

Jason froze in shock at the sight of the Water Blade. How Why can you use the water attribute Moreover, what’s with that size! You….

You aren’t supposed to have that much mana!! Jason’s party had dropped their jaws at the sight too.

Allison waved her free hand and the blade of water shot forward and stopped in front of their eyes.

Water overflowed from it like a wave engulfing all of them1.

Jason still had his sword clad in lightning, and they felt its shock when the water engulfed them. Gaaaahhhh!!! Their screams rose and died together in the space of a second.

His party members had all fainted, and were twitching on the ground.

Jason seemed to have some resistance to lightning, he alone remained conscious and was trying to stand up by using his sword like a cane. Shit! Shit! What the hell is happening! How can a little ** like you!! shouted Jason enraged.

He once again cried out Lightning Sword!, but nothing happened. Yuria!!, he shouted again, this time at his shield. Have you already forgotten what will happen if you use Lightning Sword while drenched like this!, she shot back.

Shit!!, Jason kicked the ground in anger. I will not accept this!! I’ll never acknowledge you!!, he bellowed. I know., replied Allison calmly. I have no need of your acknowledgement.

I didn’t do this for that either. Jason glared at her as she continued I’m different from you brother.

I no longer live for anyone’s approval.

Unlike you who’s always been imprisoned by father’s expectations. Jason gritted his teeth, unable to vent his anger he spat weakly, Shit!

His party began to awaken one by one.

Still twitching, they got up and left the griffin’s place.

I supported Allison as she seemed to be falling backwards. Sorry about that, I just feel a little weak., said Allison smiling.

Without being noticed, the griffin approached Allison and began rubbing its beak against her stomach.

Allison was taken aback at first, but soon recovered and stroked the griffin’s head.

[Thank you.] I jolted in shock when I suddenly heard a voice in my head.

Allison reacted in the same way and looked at me in wonder. Was that you, I shook my head in denial, confirming her suspicions. [It was me.

Me.] The griffin raised its head and stared at us meaningfully.

T/N Notes:

I thought she would use the water blade to cut, but it turned out to be a decoy to give them a shock.

I didn’t know that was possible.

I believed Abilities were more rigid than that.


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