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Chapter 10 – Let’s practice magic 2

The next day, I began my magic training at the same spot outside of town.

According to Allison and Cornelia, Body Strengthening helps one understand the flow of mana inside the body.

While Sense Strengthening, at a certain proficiency, provides a similar understanding of the mana flow outside the body.

Come to think of it, when practising with Katrina to cast water balls, rather saying that ‘it appeared in midair’ it would be more closer to say ‘it formed out of my hand’.

I guess Katrina also wasn’t good at controlling mana outside.

I tried sensing the flow of the air surrounding my body1.

As I focused for a while, it sort of felt like mana was indeed building up on the surface of my body.

I could slightly feel its flow, but I was overwhelmed by a sudden sensation that made me feel like all of my skin was inflamed and tender. Arghh! I screamed more in shock than pain, and my focus fell apart.

With that, in a few moments, my body felt normal again.

Eh, does Sense Strengthening amplify pain too2 Was it invented for masochists or what Not pain, just touch.

Not pain, just touch.

Not pain…., while chanting that, I once again began focusing on the air surrounding me. It’s slightly better than the last try, but still, what hurts, hurts.

Incidentally, when I tried enhancing my hearing before, a carriage passed close by, and the shock of its passing rang like someone hit me on the head and put me on my back.

I couldn’t hear anything for a while, I was worried that I’d lost my hearing for good.

I wasn’t able to enhance my sight well either.

I felt like my field of vision grew slightly wider but nothing else.

Ahhh! Nothing is working well!! I crouched down frustrated and dispirited.

It’s simply not possible to endure that pain. Should I give up Thinking that, I remembered the moment where I’d been forced to face my own mortality by a mere goblin. I am finally healthy enough to work hard.

If I throw in the towel now, I’ll remain powerless, and will simply go with the flow, pushed around by my surroundings.

I decided to live for my happiness.

The happiness that was always beyond my reach, is now finally within it. I got up once again and focused.

Since then, I practised my Sense Enhancement everyday without fail.

I asked Allison for some tips on learning Sense Enhancement, but it made me want to cry when all she said was, Well, I’ve never managed to enhance it to the point of pain. Once again, I am not able control the degree of enhancement.

Since I can easily carry heavy stuff with my Body Strengthening, I took on requests for Moving Help and Luggage Transport.

At first, I raised eyebrows and was judged as too puny for the job.

But when I showed them what I could do, they relied on and accepted me.

Being relied on like that was a first for me, and it made me pretty happy.

Ultimately, the adventurer profession is a meritocracy.

Whether you have a Servant, or are afflicted by an illness like Mana Poisoning, doesn’t matter.

As long as you can prove your mettle, you’ll be accepted.

One day, I was even invited to a join a party. Hey you.

Why don’t you join our party as a luggage carrier I guarantee that you’ll be able to earn significantly more. There were a few people who were already working as luggage carriers in the party.

Their leader was a Rank-C adventurer, which meant that they could work on higher ranked commissions.

At some point, Allison had entered the guild, and was looking over at us with an uneasy expression.

No, I am already in a party now, so I’ll refrain. When I stated that, the leader of the party said exasperated, You mean that girl who barely has any mana right It would be best if you quit now.

You seem to be a pure-hearted kid, and probably joined with her out of pity.

But it’ll come back to bite you in the ass.

Not to mention, you’ll be stuck in the bottom rank forever.

His argument was understandable, but it wasn’t like Allison was incompetent.

In fact, she’d raised her rank from E to D on her own.

The only thing she lacks is mana.

That problem is now solved with our ‘symbiosis’, but they don’t know that. You needn’t worry, we’ve been doing well so far after all., I replied shortly. Is that so., said the leader with a resigned sigh. ‘You don’t get it all’ That’s probably what he’s actually thinking.

He doesn’t know that I share the same thought about him.

Allison approached me a while after that party had cleared out.

She took the seat opposite me with her head hanging down.

Cornelia sat beside her, and rested her chin on her hands. Well, it wouldn’t be surprising if you get more invites like that., opened Cornelia. Hey, there’s no need to glare. You saw me refuse it right You needn’t worry, I have no plans of disbanding our party. Allison looked up at this reply and asked with upturned eyes, Really Stop with the puppy eyes! It makes my heart hammer. Yes, really., I said doing my best to keep a straight face.

Clearly relieved, Allison nodded back and said, “Thanks.”

After training for week, I was finally able to sense my surrounding air without feeling any pain.

With this I’d finally cleared the preparatory stage for releasing my mana outside.

Until now it’s been right on top of the surface of my skin.

So I could only sense my surrounding air on exposed skin, and not even above clothes. Now I’ll try to detect the surroundings a little farther away from my body. I imagined extending my detection range a little farther, about the width of my smallest toenail.

I tore a patch of grass and threw it above.

I extended my arm out, and tried to sense the blades as they fell around me. Almost.

I’m almost there! As I strained to sense them, I was attacked again by that familiar pain and curled up.

I took me another long week of training to be able to extend my Sense Enhancement by a small distance.

I could now sense the blades of grass fluttering down around me, despite them never coming into contact.

Of course, there’s no pain either.

I gradually improved my hearing and vision enhancement too.

When my hearing was enhanced, I could hear the gatekeeper yawning all the way over here.

With my vision enhanced, not only could I see very far, my kinetic vision was also enhanced greatly.

I could easily read the text on a paper even when waving it about at speed.

(T/N: I think the author is tired of training already.)

Anyway, now I a have good grasp on how mana feels when it is released outside. Let’s do this!! I psyched myself up, and extended my hands forward. Water Water Water Water Water , I chanted it to myself like a prayer.

And then, I focused and released my mana outside.

Um, I’ll give my excuse in advance.

I tried a bit too hard. A mass of water, even larger than a Red Grizzly, suddenly appeared in front of me. I did it!! Now I’ve done it. My realization was a beat behind.

I didn’t just get drenched, the mass of water washed me away, forcing me roll in the newly made mud. At least the name, Matt the Mud Monkey, fits perfectly.

When I finished recounting all this to Allison, she laughed till she had tears in her eyes. Aren’t you laughing a bit too much, I said peevishly. That’s because….

Hahaha!! ….Hahaha!! Allison could only manage two words before breaking out into laughter again. But hey, you finally succeeded, said Cornelia smiling. That’s right.

I finally cast a spell outside my body.

I’ve been training and training everyday for the past two weeks.

Come to think of it, I’ve never had the chance like this to seriously grapple with something for so long and finally master it.

I’d either languished on my bed or was reading books.

When I managed to get outside, all I had was a family that didn’t care about me, and fruitless training with an uninterested Servant.

This is the first time in my life that I’d actually accomplished something.

Goosebumps rose all over my body along with the warmth that spread through it, and I felt myself tremble. So this is what it feels like to actually accomplish something.

I threw myself into magic training with renewed vigour from the next day on.

I could now create water balls, but that’s only the first grade of the water attribute. I want to move on to the second grade already!

As I was practising casting a water ball, and making it float and move in front of me.

I suddenly heard someone call out, “You there! Who are you”, from behind me.

The moment I turned around, something pushed me, making me fly backwards into my own water ball, and then both me and the water fell on the ground. And I’m drenched.


What did you do that for When I sat up complaining angrily, I noticed that there several transparent knives floating in the air.

They looked like icicles, clear and bending the light that passed through them.

One of those knives was floating right in front of my throat.

These knives were clearly made by some type of magic.

The one controlling it was a woman, who stood in front of me with her face covered, and glaring at me with bright emerald eyes.

She didn’t seem to have any tool or weapon that could be a Servant.

What the hell is this immense mana Answer me! How many did you devour I wonder if she’s talking about the number of women I’ve been with.

Or does she mean it literally I have no clue what you’re talking about! I haven’t devoured anyone!! Figuratively or literally!, I shouted back angrily. Don’t lie! Then how come you were using magic just then! That too without a Servant!!, asked the woman.

The knife crept forward, demanding an answer. I just have a large amount of Animium in my body! That allows me to circulate the mana inside me! That’s all!!, I shouted again, but this time, in fear.

The knife stopped, and I raised my eyes from it. Explain.

In detail., ordered the woman.

The knives disappeared one by one, but the one in front of my throat remained.

I explained everything that had happened, from my Mana Poisoning to being administered with a large dose of Animium.

When I finished, the woman had a frown creasing her brow. I understand.

So you’re saying that’s why your mana can circulate inside your body., said the woman as she erased the remaining knife. Phew…., I sighed in profound relief. Sorry about that.

Thanks to my race I need to be wary of a lot of things., said the woman as she began to undo the scarf covering her face.

Pointed ears and a beautiful face emerged from behind it.

What is your name, asked the woman. It’s Nicola., I answered shortly, still wary. I’m called Manuela.

An elf.

I’d like to apologize for attacking you without cause.

Where can I find you, she asked. The adventurers guild would do., I said not wanting to explain any more. Then, let’s meet up some time in the next 7 days. Saying that, the woman redid her scarf and took off.

I was left sitting on the ground, still drenched. You should first do something about this!, I complained to the air.

T/N Notes:

I imagined this to be like a human shaped control volume at a very short distance around him where he can sense the air entering and leaving by touch.This threw me off a bit.

I didn’t know he was still in pain.

So, I’m guessing he is amplifying his sense of touch so much that it feels like pain


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