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Shes My Sleeping Pill Chapter 30 - WHO SHOULD YOU PITY?

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"Where are we going" Cayenne asked since they have traveled quite far already but they haven't arrived in their destination yet. Since she started getting enough sleep this past week, her body started to crave for proper sleep now. It was almost eight in the evening and they should be sleeping by nine in the evening. 'Well, I guess we'll sleep late tonight.'

"We're going to Ganzani Bay. It's a nice place to dine. I have reserved a private booth for us already."

"Is it far"

"Not really, we are just traveling slowly because of the traffic."

"Tonight, it's not my fault that we'll be sleeping late."

"Careful with your words. Other people might think differently."

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"What's wrong with my words" Cayenne asked. She looked obviously confused with his retort. She didn't mean any other thing with her words so, she was a little confused with what he was trying to say.

"Never mind that. Anyway, I would-" His statement was cut off because his phone started ringing in his coat pocket. He pulled it out and found his father calling him again. His eyebrow raised to the highest point from being displeased. He wasn't particularly angry at them but he didn't like them either. Before, they would always call Chris to ask for his schedule and other things.

This time, he wasn't sure what was happening for him to personally call him.

"Aren't you answering that call" Cayenne asked when she saw the name on his phone screen. As far as she knew, Magnus Dumrique was his father and that was the name of the caller as well. She felt a little weird when reading the name. For most people, the would label their contact with 'Father' in their contact if it was their father's number but in Stefan's case, he just placed the real name which seemed a little indifferent.

Nonetheless, she kept her opinion to herself since it wasn't her position to pry on his private life.

Stefan just looked at his phone and turned it off. "There's no need to answer his call."

Cayenne just nodded her head and when she looked outside the window again, she found out that they were already at the restaurant that Stefan wanted to go. Stefan came out on the other side of the car and she also opened the other side to come out.

They walked silently beside each other towards the restaurant. It has a lively atmosphere and most diners were having fun with their family and friends. They were the complete opposite of the other guests.

"Good evening! A reservation for Mr. Dumrique please." Stefan greeted the waitress who came out to greet them.

"This way, please." The lady guided them towards the second floor of the restaurant where all of the private booths are located. After getting inside, Cayenne was finally able to take off her cap and face mask. She breathed a sigh of relief as she put down her things on the chair beside her. "I felt so stuffy with these things on."

"Are you regretting being with me, now You will have to go out with the cap and face mask all the time when you're with me." Stefan commented while reading the menu that was handed to him.

"It's fine. It's better than being targeted by the media. You are just too hot in their eyes."

"I know right." Stefan retorted which made Cayenne roll her eyes at him. "Won't you ask me why I didn't answer the call earlier"

Cayenne raised her head and looked at him. "No. It's not part of my job description. Whether you'll answer it or not, I don't really mind."

Stefan chuckled while shaking his head. "Alright. Let's just order our food." Stefan handed her the other menu and the two of them started to order.

In the family villa where Stefan's parents live, his mother and father were sitting in the living room. His father released a deep sigh after getting his calls rejected.

"Why do you keep calling him If he doesn't want to come back then, stop looking for him." Clara, Stefan's mother stated. The displeasure was clear in the tone of her voice. "It doesn't really matter to me if he comes back or not."

"Clara, Stefan was never at fault for any of the sad events that happened. He wasn't the one who hurt you, it's me. Can you stop taking it on him"

"Stop! You're asking me to stop! How dare you! Every time I see his face, I'm reminded of your mistress! I'm reminded of how unfaithful you were to me! I'm reminded of who took my son away! My own son died because of him! Everything happened because he exists!"

'PAK!' a loud and strong slap landed on her face which both shocked her and angered her. Her tears fell on her beautiful face and a red handprint was left on her right cheek.

"Cla-Clara, I'm sorry." Magnus wanted to hug his wife but she scooted away from him.

"Don't touch me." Clara left in a hurry while holding her face. Her tears continued to fall but she couldn't care less about her appearance anymore. The helpers who saw her just turned a blind eye and kept themselves away from their messed-up lives.

They knew who exactly to blame for all the bad things that happen but they didn't know who they should pity. Clara was betrayed by her husband and his mistress even gave birth to a son. Though the woman died, the child was still taken home since there was no one who will take care of him and Magnus didn't want his own child to be sent to an orphanage. Alexander died young while protecting his half-brother. Stefan, since he was young, he never received an ounce of love from his parents. His father took him in but among the two siblings, he was still in favor or Alexander, the kind and smart son he got.

Among the three, you wouldn't know who you should pity. Or perhaps, they all deserved the sympathy after going through so much because of one mistake committed by the 'padre de familia'.



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