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Royal SecretIm A Princess Chapter 10 - AM I A THERAPIST?

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"PRINCESS," the strange boy told her while pointer a finger at her. "Not prince."

Neoma's forehead knotted in confusion. The boy looked older than her current body. But what was with the strange speech pattern and action. "Who are you"

"Lewis," the boy said, then he pointed a finger at himself. "Prince's butler. Me."


"Your Royal Highness," said the manly voice from outside her room. If she was right, it was Glenn– Emperor Nikolai's personal knight. It was natural for the knight to be there because right now, she was at the Yule Palace. "My deepest apologies but I believe a stray child entered your room without permission. May I come in"

"Yes," she said. "Come and pick up this strange boy, Sir Glenn."

The huge door opened and Glenn, in his chic black and gold military uniform, entered her chamber with a flustered look on his face. As soon as he saw Lewis, his face turned red as if he was embarrassed that he failed to look after the child.

"I apologize, Your Royal Highness," Glenn said while holding Lewis by the collar. Then, he put his hand on top of the child's head. When the knight bowed to her, he also forced Lewis to bow. "We will accept any punishment that you deem appropriate for this incident."

"Help me decide what punishment is appropriate, Sir Glenn," she said while standing on the bed with her arms crossed over her chest. "I woke up with that boy straddling me."

Just for the record, she wasn't power tripping.

Yes, she was a brat. But her anger right now was justifiable. Even though the boy was still young, it was still wrong for him to enter a girl's room and straddle her while she was asleep!

Glenn gasped as if he was shocked by what he heard. Then, he momentarily turned to Lewis with a glare before he raised his head. Then, much to her surprise, he kneeled down with his head hanged low. "Your Royal Highness, I know that Lewis deserves a death punishment for what he had done. But I'm begging for your mercy. The child might act strange but I assure you, he didn't mean any harm. Please forgive him, Your Royal Highness. If it will appease you, you can punish me heavily since it's also my fault for taking my eyes off him."

"I will not give the boy a death punishment," she said. "But tell me why you're willing to sacrifice yourself for him. Who is he, Sir Glenn"

"Lewis is the last surviving member of the Silver Fox Clan," the knight said. "His Majesty chose Lewis to be your personal butler once the plan commences."

The "plan" he was talking about was the one where she would pose as Nero.

But that wasn't what caught her attention.

[Lewis of the Silver Fox Clan Sounds familiar. Have I met him in my past life]

"Lewis was chosen because he's the strongest child closest to your age, Your Royal Highness," Glenn continued explaining. "He is supposed to be His Royal Highness Prince Nero's butler but due to our plan, Lewis will now be serving you, Your Royal Highness."

That was when she finally realized who Lewis was.

[Lewis… Lu!]

'Lu' was Nero's pet name for his butler in their past life. Eventually, 'Lu' would become a knight. Naturally, he would serve Nero as his personal knight.

[Lewis was definitely that 'Lu!']

She gulped when she remembered what kind of person was 'Lu' in her first life.

[He was just as crazy and as violent as Nero in the past!]

And now that she was taking Nero's place, it also meant that all the people that were supposed to serve him would serve her instead.

[Nero is leaving soon but I guess I'll be stuck with another psycho, huh]

"Lewis grew up in isolation so please excuse his lack of manners," Glenn continued with his pleas. "I swear this is the last time that this would happen."

"I'll let it slide this time," she said. "I'll trust you on your promise, Sir Glenn."

Now that she knew that Lewis was "Butler Lu" in her past life, she already understood why he acted the way he did.

[As far as I remember, Lewis was stolen from the Silver Fox Clan and was sold as a slave. His "owners" didn't treat him like a human. Those bastards literally treated Lewis like a pet! They made him live in a cage with their dogs.]

That was the reason why Lewis didn't have a basic human setting.

When Emperor Nikolai invaded the land where Lewis's owners lived, the child was rescued from his horrible living conditions. The emperor took interest in Lewis because of his powerful Mana and so, he brought the kid to the Royal Capital.

[Lewis might be a psycho in the past, but right now, he's just a poor little boy.]

The knight raised his head and gave her a grateful smile. "My utmost gratitude for your generosity, Your Royal Highness."

"No problem," she said. Then, she turned to Lewis who was just standing there, spaced out. "Hello, Lewis."

Glenn turned to Lewis. "Lewis, introduce yourself to Her Royal Highness properly."

Lewis looked at her with a blank look on his face. Then, he pointed a finger at himself. "Lewis. Me."

That was definitely not a proper greeting. But considering the life he lived before getting here, he already did a good job. If she remembered it right, Lewis was rescued only a year ago. Learning to talk in that span of time was already an accomplishment.

She should be kind to the poor boy…

… and make sure Lewis wouldn't also end up as a psycho in this lifetime.

[Gosh, is being a therapist for these boys the reason why I came back here]

"Hello, Lewis. I'm Neoma de Moonasterio," Neoma greeted the boy with her "signature sweet smile" that captivated Nero. "Let's be friends, okay"


NEOMA wasn't happy after the maids of Yule Palace dressed her up like a boy.

The matching dress shirt and dress shorts she wore were obviously expensive, and so were the pair of shoes she had right now. But she wasn't really happy now that she looked like Nero's carbon copy.

[I'm not cute!]

Well, not really.

Nero was very cute, of course.

What she meant was her outfit. As a girl, she enjoyed the dresses she used to wear. They weren't as expensive or luxurious as what a princess should be wearing. But still, as a girly girl, she loved her dresses.

She may act like a tomboy now but deep inside, she loved dressing up in girlish clothes.

[Well, actually, I was a very meek lady in my past life. No wonder I was fooled several times. Being reborn in a loving family in my second life helped me gain confidence. So now, I ended up with this attitude.]

And she didn't regret that.

"Your Royal Highness, it's time," Stephanie told her. "His Majesty wishes to see you."

Ah, right.

While she was at the Yule Palace, aside from Glenn, only Stephanie and Alphen came to serve her.


After all, her acting as Nero's proxy was a royal secret.

"Let's go," Neoma said. "I can't wait to see Papa."

[And tell him my three precious wishes.]


NEOMA was surprised when she was brought to a parlor instead of Emperor Nikolai's office or throne room. She was asked to wait inside alone. But Glenn, Alphen, and Stephanie were all waiting outside.

[What am I supposed to expect here]

Her brain hurt from thinking too much so she forgot about that for a while.

She just sat on the sofa and enjoyed the snacks prepared for her. Also, the tea served for her had honey in it to probably suit the taste of a "child." But even without sugar or honey, she could still drink tea.

[I'm an elegant adult inside, you know]


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Neoma was surprised when the door opened when she was just about to take a bite of her macaroon. But since she heard Nero's voice, she knew that her twin brother was coming. She turned to him with a smile. "Brother…"

Her smiled faded and she dropped the macaroon at what greeted her.

"N-Neoma" Nero asked nervously. "Do I look weird"

She was too shocked to react.

Nero had a wig on– a platinum white wig that was as long as her previous hair. And most of all, he was wearing a very pretty pink dress.

She felt like she was looking at herself in the mirror.

[Wow, we really switched places, huh]

"Brother," Neoma said with a smile when she regained her composure. Then, she got down from the sofa and walked towards him. "You look very pretty!"

Nero smiled as if he was relieved of what she said. When she stood in front of him, he cupped her face in his hands. "You still look pretty even if you're dressed as a boy, Neoma."

"Thank you, Brother," she said between giggles. "I look pretty because I look like you!"

He smiled and gently pinched her cheeks. "Neoma, don't forget me while I'm away. Eat all the food you want and stay healthy. If someone or something bothers you, just send me a letter."

Her forehead knotted in confusion. "Brother, why are you talking like you're saying goodbye to me"

"I am saying goodbye to you, my precious sister," Nero said with a sad smile. "Today is the day I'm going to the saint's temple."

Neoma gasped, her chest unexpectedly tightening in pain. Unconsciously, she grabbed Nero's hands and held them tight. The next thing she knew, she was already speaking in a desperate voice. "Please don't leave me, Brother."

Wait, did she just beg her psycho twin brother to not leave her!


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