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Chapter 30: Rbot

There were about seven women who stepped into the room, and when they entered they stared at the room before then moving their gazes towards Raphael with a no-so-friendly smile on their faces.

“Where are they!” One of the women asked in a spiteful tone.

The woman didnt seem to hold Raphael in high regard and when she spoke, she had an expression that was simply full of disdain on her face.

Raphael, however, shrugged his shoulder when he heard her.

A few seconds before the women entered the room, Aiden had already created a portal as Raphael hurried him to make it when he heard footsteps at the main door. And when the door was slammed open, he had already destroyed the guard on Banes hand, and the two of them rushed into the portal quickly.

“The guards have been destroyed, I can no longer track their location.” A voice rang out.

The person who spoke was a dark-haired woman of average height with a petite woman. She was staring at the watch which was in her hand when she spoke, and after saying those words, the frown which was on her face deepened.


“You must have helped them destroy the guard when they came in, and this makes you in cahoot with them.”

“Dont you have any dignity!! If a lady doesnt want you, why cant you just take a chill pill or even move on with your **ty life, why go to the length of peeping on her in the bathroom. That is really shameful and very unpleasant!!!!”

“Raphael right It turns out that all the words which are being said about you in the academy are all false, and you are nothing but a horny piece of ** who helps others get away with popping in the female bathroom.”

“Why are you ruling him out of it, Sandra, he could have been the one who sent them to the bathroom in the first place. They are all the same, and all they do is think with their dicks and nothing else.”


“So pathetic.”

“Ptueeeh!!!!” One of the women in the room suddenly spat on the floor.

The girl who was called Sandra was about to speak when Raphael waved his hand, “The seven of you barged into this place like some harlots spewing out the garbage. Who the hell do you think you are! Even garbages are much more sensible that you asswipe!!!!”

“Also, you all overestimate yourself. You must consider yourselves to be some sort of goddess, well, lets me bring it to you, I find nothing pleasing in any of you. Nothing! It all just boobs and ass, while the head is empty or even full of maggot..”

“Y-You...” One of the girls stuttered, and before she could even get the rest of the word out of her mouth, she received a deathly glare from Raphael that made her keep quiet.

“Talkless of peeping even if you were to present yourself to me, I wouldnt spare a glance at any of you because youre beneath me,” Raphael said.

Every word that left Raphaels mouth left the women stunned, they wanted to speak, but regardless of how much they tried, they couldnt get the word out of their mouths.

Raphael pointed his hand at the door, “Now, get the ** out of my room!” Raphael exclaimed.

The women were still overwhelmed by the shock of what Raphael said to them, and when he pointed his hand at the door, it was like they were compelled to listen to him. And within seconds, one after the other, they began walking out of the room.

As they got to the main door, they stared at Raphael, who still had that disgusted look on his face, and gulped.

Several students were at the door, as seeing seven women from the female dormitory come into the male dormitory all at once was a little unprecedented.

The women lowered their heads from the stares they were receiving and hurried out of the male dormitory.

“What happened, Raphael!” After a few seconds, when the women left, Devon suddenly walked out of his room. He rubbed his hand across his eyes and said dazedly.

Raphael glanced at Devon who must have been disturbed from his sleep, he then shook his head, “Nothing!” He responded, and was about to go into his room when he heard a knock at the door.

“Come on in!”

“Come on in!!!” Devons raised his voice when the person didnt respond to his first call.

After Devon spoke, the door was pushed open, and a figure walked into the room. The figure who had just walked was a female of average height, slender build, black hair which was tied in a ponytail style, and blue glistening eyes.

“Aurora” Raphael muttered as he stared at the girl who was at the door.

Aurora nodded her head when she heard Raphael, and she took two steps closer. “There is something I need to discuss with you.” Said Aurora.

Listening to what Aurora had just said, Raphaels eyebrows furrowed, he stared at her for a while, before he then said, “Okay, what is it” Raphael asked.

“I cant say it here... You should have soundproofed your room, so lets do it in there!” Aurora didnt even bother if Raphael wanted to have her in his room or not, and she began walking into this room.

Meanwhile, Devons mouth was left slightly open, from what he had just seen. He gave Raphael a salute, before then sitting on the couch, and turning the game on.

Raphael, however, shook his head, before then walking into the room.

As Raphael entered the room, he slammed the room door shut, folded his hands across his chest, and glared at Aurora. “What is it!!!” Raphael asked, and this time around it was in a not-so-friendly tone.

Aurora heard Raphael, but she instead turned towards the side of the room with a rather amused look on her face. “Isnt it too stuffy in here!”

“Hmmm, what are you up to”

“Don-Dont...” Aurora was about to head towards the construction table when Raphael dashed forward. Raphael stood in front of her, with a frown on his face. “Isnt it inappropriate to come into a mans room and be going through his stuff” Raphael said.

“What. The!”

A second after he appeared in front of Aurora, she disappeared, and when he turned she was already standing in front of the construction table with her hand placed on her chin.

Raphael shook his head, then walked towards her, “So let me guess your powers must be teleportation or what!”

“Why are you creating an ice gun, what do you need it for,” Aurora muttered as she stared at the project which was on the table.

“Because I can!” Raphael replied. He took hold of the guns outer layer and was about to do the same for the micro engine on the table when Auroras voice rang out. “It just seems like you are remaking someones work,” Aurora stated.

There was complete silence in the room, with Raphael glaring at Aurora after she spoke. “Its not like what you guys created,” Raphael exclaimed.

“Who are you kidding, the least you could have done is increase the gun molecular ability, which in return would damage the gun life battery. Did you really think we didnt consider that”

Raphaels eyes twitched when he heard Aurora, “Not if you create an additional cell in the gun, that wouldnt happen, and the engine wouldnt be micro... It would be nano.

“You know what, forget about it. I dont have to explain myself to you. What do you want!!! ” Raphael kept the two pieces away and glared furiously at Aurora.


Auroras eyes twitched, and a different kind of glow appeared on her face.

“An additional cell would indeed solve the guns life problem, and if the micro engine is converted into a nano engine, not only would it become more efficient, it would maximize the output of the ice gun. This is really

incredible!!!” Aurora exclaimed.

“Can I have a look at the engine” Aurora asked. However, she was greeted by a sneer from Raphael. While Raphael didnt say the word out loud, the expression which was on his face implied that he was never going to show it to her again.

“What do you want to tell me!”

Aurora frowned deeply, she wanted to see that engine once again, but she could tell that Raphael wasnt going to show it to her anymore.

Aurora continued to stare at Raphael, and only spoke after a few seconds, “Should I refer to you as Raphael Queen, or better still should I refer you Rbot!” Aurora asked.

Perhaps those words were supposed to bring an unusual reaction from Raphael, but he instead had a neutral expression on his face. It was as though the name which Aurora had just called him did not have any effect whatsoever on him.

“There is only one person who won the YBE award at that age, and his publicly known as the number one in this generation.”

“When you said that you won the YBE award, I decided to look into you, and imagine my surprise when I learned that youre that legendary Rbot.”

About seven years ago, a genius emerged in the world. He didnt make an appearance to the world publicly and instead, he operated online, however, even then, he still crushed and broke numerous records.

In front of him, even those old professors came forward and seek answers from the genius. He answered each one of the questions and even corrected laws that had been proven several years ago.

The governments tried to recruit him to their organizations, but each time they brought it up, he turned it down. They tried several methods, even trying to figure out his location, but their attempts still werent unsuccessful.

The genius was using a lava wall encryption code, that would take the government about two months if they were to hack.

Apart from the fact they knew he was a male, no information was known about the genius. He always had a black mask on, and even when the government tried to access his face structure, they were unable to get anything.

The source of this content is n/0v//elbin[.//]net'

It was about a month after the government began working hacking his system when he suddenly vanished from the surface of the world.

The governments and other individuals tried everything in their capability to find where he was, but their efforts were all in vain.

And gradually, the story about the genius who referred to himself as Rbot turned into a myth.

Aurora sneered, “You arent even denying it, you are really Rbot. Since you didnt want anyone to know about your identity, then I will keep it that way.”

“But you might have been the youngest to win the YBE award and even make a significant increase in the ice gun, after this, there wouldnt be any event that you would come ahead of me anymore. Im going to be the number one and not you.” Aurora stated.

Raphael chuckled, “Alright then, I wish you the best of luck.” Raphael said.

Aurora nodded her head, then with a look of determination on her, she walked out of the room.

“Hmmm” Devon who was playing a video game stared at Aurora as she left, he couldnt help but be perplexed. “Serena, Aurora... How does he do it.” Devon murmured.

About five minutes after Auroras left the room, Devons loud voice rang out. “Raphael! Raphael! The hellfire domain training is going to be opening in twenty minutes.”



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