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For the time being, we reached the conclusion that it would be early for new members to challenge the Intermediate dungeon even after they raised their level to 40.

Shizu and Pamela both nodded, so I guess girls should be more or less self-aware of their shortcomings.

Well, leaving aside Karua and Rika who got their job quite earlier, other new members need to train and adapt with lots of things.

Then, I talked about looking for someone who's well versed in strategy for new members since I may or may not be able to guide the new members like I did with vanguard team members.

I explained the reason to the members currently gathered in the guild.

"That's why, If any of you guys have any acquaintance who knows about tactics or strategy, I would like you to introduce to me, is there anyone"

I began a meeting seeing everyone gathered in guild and asked for any recommendation.

It reminds me of the last time we recruited new members.

Thereupon, the first to speak was Rika.

"Well, I do have someone in mind but, will someone from the senior group work for you"


I want to look for a first year if possible.

Even more better if they have combat or  related job"

"What is , Zephyr"

It seems this is an unfamiliar word for her as Karua tilts her neck in puzzlement when I stated the condition I prefer.

" category is a group of jobs with the name of army rank.

Something like  or "

By the way,  instructor Davidef has the rank of Major in the army, but job and rank are different...

Nevertheless, a major at such a young age.

As expected of .

"Hmm, No.

I don't think I have heard it anywhere"

"Well, they doesn't appear anywhere except in dukes after all"

That's right,  category jobs only appear in  category.

Of course it would be hard for Karua to know about it.

The  category is a group of many jobs that stand above people.

It's an excellent job category which also includes  and  In addition to military rank based jobs.

I want a  in Eden if possible.

When I was immersed in these thoughts, Sierra made a jab at me.

"Why in the world do you know only the jobs that appear in Duke but not the others"

"Sierra-san, he's Zephyr.

Just treat it as usual thing"

Hannah backed me up against that remark.

Stop it, It's kind of embarrassing.

I tried asking others but unfortunately, none of them have any acquaintance that excels in strategy.

No, well Rika does know one upperclassman who seems to be her cousin that excels in strategy but as I have said earlier, I would like to look for a first year if possible so I have asked her to introduce her cousin in case I don't find any prospective candidate.

That's when someone slightly raised their hand, it was Celestine, my attendant.

"Can I have some words"

"Of course"

"I'm not acquainted with them but apparently there should be two people enrolled this year if you want someone from the Duke category.

How about you try out there"

"Oh! Nice Intel, Celestine.

Do you know where I can find them I want to meet as soon as possible"

As expected of Celestine.

It's better to do this quickly, just as I stood up to act immediately, Lana also stood up.

I could see black aura of unhappiness oozing out of her.

"Hold on, Zephyr! What are you going to do with the dungeon attack! I will not forgive you if you decide to give in!"

"Oops, that's right.

We were going to attack dungeon today"

I almost put off the dungeon attack since I wanted to challenge the intermediate dungeon.

No good, that's putting the cart before the horse.

"Then I will make an appointment for you with them"

"Yeah, I'm leaving that to you, Celestine.

But we're going to attack the dungeon today, so just leave it for when you have time"


We wrapped this discussion and shifted to talk about party division.

Today's goal is to clear all the beginner-mid grade dungeon with all the members of Eden.

New members will be able to graduate from beginner-mid grade dungeon and speed up to challenge higher dungeons.

Then there will be no limit to whom I want to invite and which beginner dungeon difficulty to challenge.

I want to be like that for the intermediate dungeons as soon as possible too.

So, we divided into two parties with one of them being the same party composition as three days ago, new members team plus me and Ester.

Incidentally, I will be in the command so it's a good chance to train them too.

I feel bad for Ester but I will have her play the carry role again.

"I really feel bad to make you work like driver recently"

"Please no.

This is fun in itself, so you don't have to apologize.

Besides, I can also explore while waiting"

That too must be a boring role.

I'm being taken care of a lot by Ester.

Let's do something for her next time, I decided inwardly.

On the other hand, there are some people who are pouting to not be in the same party.

"Grr Why am I not in the same party as Zephyr"

"My bad, Lana.

I promise we will challenge the dungeon in same party tomorrow"

"It's a Promise then! Look, Even Hannah is so sad"

"Y-You don't have to say that, Lana-sama"

"You can't do that, Hannah.

You should tell you're sad when you're sad, else it could be a problem in future!"

I promised Lana and Hannah that we will be in the same party tomorrow.

It was obvious Hannah was sad too, and it didn't take a second for a blush to crept till the base of her ear when Lana exposed her.

Also, the later talk of Lana I assume should be about the time when she wanted her brother's attention

Oh, that's a nice reference.

I secretly resolved to take care of Lana as much as possible whenever she appeals her sadness.

Anyway, the original vanguard team is finally going to attack the dungeon tomorrow after a long week.

Who knows if we try out the intermediate dungeon.

"So which dungeon are we going to attack today"

"A dungeon that Rika has yet to conquer! Let's go for mushroom hunting!"

Rika and Sierra are talking about the dungeon they are going to challenge today gathering the other members of their party.

It seems they are going to help Rika and Karua in their dungeon exploration and also grind boss for level.

I wonder if they will reach Lv40 by the end of day.

I'm looking forward to that time


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