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QTAgainst My Will Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: 1.08 – Rumors – Crimson Academy

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[“System, Im a bit worried about our heroine and not to mention...This Xavier is a bit strange...ha...ha..”]

[Why Wasnt it you who bullied him into isolation]

[“Yeah, thats the point. I hate bullying... Even if, technically, this isnt bullying...”]


· · ———- · · ———- · ·

When the bickering duo returned, everyone looked in their direction curiously, a few odd looks given by some.

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Mark and the blushing Grace walked towards the stunned Alisa. Grace was still hesitating on what to say, but Mark nudged her shoulder, telling her not to run away.

“Im Sorry, but its not my fault that he was checking you out,” Grace apologized and not forgetting to blame Mark at all.

“Grace!” Mark couldnt help but laugh and scold her at the same time since Grace apologizing was such a rare scene.

“Im sorry I didnt mean to kick your chair. I shouldve kicked his chair instead!” Grace continued to apologize.And Xaviers too! she thought as she kicked Marks chair.

“...” The whole class went silent.

“Well, its okay! That was nothing,” chuckled Alisa as she offered Grace a slight smile.Miss Olivias sister is so cute, she thought.

“Are you two finished!” a yell could be heard from their homeroom teacher, “Mr. Mark Foster and Ms. Grace Bacchus, prepare for detention! After class, stay back to write an apology letter!” warned their teacher with a raised voice. She was going insane because of those two! Rich kids were so infuriating! She wouldve quit if the pay wasnt so good... She was only upset that she couldnt properly punish these troublemakers because of their family history!

The homeroom teacher sighed then continued to speak to the rest of the class with a sweeter, more calm tone, “I have a task and thats to assign a new vice president for the student council. Miss Alisa Charles was chosen since she is ranked second overall in class, with the first being Mr. Xavier Dalton. After class, both of you follow me to the council for more information.”

Mark glanced at Xavier. After thatkiss incident with Grace, he became more estranged with Xavier. Xavier never considered him as a friend... He was the only one trying to keep their friendship from falling apart but alas, all of his efforts were for nothing. Its been a long time since he last talked to Xavier. Maybe they should have a long chat later to clear up the misunderstandings But talking with Xavier was a bit... How would he describe it


Students started to whisper among themselves: “Second rank”, “That student who was kicked by Grace”, “Shell be working with Xavier!”, “She is so lucky!”, “She better not seduce our Xavier!”, “I heard she is a commoner and her family went bankrupt!”, “But someone paid for her debts... Haha, maybe she has a sugar daddy!”, “Is she a kept mistress!”, “I heard her sugar daddy is some underworld boss!”

The more someone listened to the rumours, the more absurd theyd become.

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

“What about a sugar mommy” Bing Shi chatted with her female classmates, who surrounded her table, “Did you see her limited school backpack I cant imagine a man picking up such a beautiful baby.”

“Maybe she chose it herself, or the sugar daddy ordered his female assistant to buy it for her,” a classmate went through the most logical route, “Or maybe the sugar Daddy is a big fashionista.”

“Have you ever had sugar parents” Bing Shi thought about other possibilities, “They buy the most basic and popular things that are currently in a trend. Its definite. I call it a secret admirer. I expect a huge marriage by the end of...”

The sound of the school bell interrupted their discussion, ending it abruptly as everyone scattered back to their seats quietly, only the noises of the chair legs scraping against the floor, making a slightly irritating sound when being moved.

Bing Shi had felt a strong gaze from behind her. When she turned around, Victor was staring at her for just a moment before resting his head on the table, closing his eyes and dozing off. Why did he bother to go to school when he would end up sleeping through it Well, actually, did that matter to her No, not really. What Victor did was none of her business.

Victor became so frustrated because of this fiance of his. She could obviously have fun with all the people around her, though when it came to him, she looked like she would die of boredom. When he said hello or any greeting, she took a step back and ignored him. When he gave her a gift, she took ten steps back and if it were possible, it felt like he was blacklisted from her life. It was impossible to court someone like her!

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

Alisa and Xavier had been working together for multiple months. The air between them was like a silent war. Secretaries and helpers in the council started to hate working with Xavier. He was cool and all but the pressure was too much on them. After they finished their work, theyd disperse like many bees going back to the hive to their queen.

How did Xavier fall in love in the previous life Alisa was a silent hardworking girl. She avoided him to prevent trouble, and it piqued his interest.

When somebody like Xavier got interested in a commoner, which girl wouldnt feel special The same went for Grace, who unconsciously copied the old Alisas personality.

Now that Grace and Mark abandoned him, would it still be the old him

Today, Xavier and Alisa were alone in the council. They needed to stay over because of a mistake. Somebody had meddled with the number of funds required for each club.

Acting all innocent, that certain snake system and host duo were currently baking a batch of sweet potatoes within the Bacchus familys kitchen.

Know yourself, know your enemy, and you shall win a hundred battles without loss! Alisa thought to herself after finishing off her paperwork. “Do you need any help Im done with my things,” she offered her help.

Xavier answered with a cold, “No.”

“Does that mean youre done too”


Alisa rolled her eyes, “You should have just said that. Why didnt you go home earlier”

“...” He didnt respond.

“How do you even talk to people” she boldly raised a question.

“Why do I need to talk to you” He responded coldly.

Alisa packed up her things, “Do you always want to be alone”

“...” He didnt give any reaction.

“Well, keep it up. With how youre acting now, youll forever be alone,” Alisa continued, “Who am I to judge Im going home now. See you tomorrow!” After packing up, she was ready to go home. Finally, freedom!

“Wait,” he said, stopping her in her steps.

“Hm What is it” Alisa hid her smile and turned around to face him.

“Stay with me,” he requested. Being alone was exhausting. But being with people was also exhausting... he didnt understand himself anymore. Why would he push people away Why would he also yearn for those same people to stay with him

“How about we go for a walk Its a bit stuffy here,” she offered.

“En.” He put on his jacket and without another word, they both went for a nice walk around the school.

“What are you holding” he asked, noticing how every once in a while, she looked at her hands with a strange expression on her face.

“This” She showed him her hand warmer proudly, “Its my lucky charm.” She smiled to herself. The hand warmer made for a good distraction; now, she wouldnt be tempted by Xavier! Shed need to thank Miss Olivia later.

“...” He looked at the hand warmer that was shoved into his hand.

“Do you like it This one was a present for me, but I can buy you a new one.”

“En,” he gave it back to her. He chose to bury himself with the workload, so he didnt have to socialize. Everyone had an ulterior motive and this girl was no exception... But, for now, hed let it be.

“Oh, to tell you the truth, I am a little attracted to your face and money, but I cant help myself with that... Its just a natural instinct for me to like a good looking face and money,” Alisa finally took a breath. That strange feeling diminished a bit. Miss Olivia was right. Communication was a way to success!

“Oh,” he smiled lightly.

“Hm, did you just smile!” Alisa widened her eyes.Why is he so handsome! Just pretend he is a sack of potatoes, she thought to herself.

“En,” he responded. Now, he couldnt even expose her. She just confessed herself.

It was hard to understand such cold-hearted people. Did Xavier in the past chase after Alisa and Grace to satisfy his ego, or did he only chase them because he was so alone If that was so, what about Mark who was the closest people to him

[Hidden quest success: Make Alisa confess to Xavier 1000p.]

[Hidden quest: Make Xavier confess to Alisa 1000p.]

[Hidden quest: Make Alisa and Xavier become a couple of the year 1000p.]

[Hidden quest: A kiss between Alisa and Xavier 1000p.]



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