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QTAgainst My Will Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: 1.07 – Lets The Cliche Begin! – Crimson Academy

—-Authors note—–

Edited by Psycho S

Proofreaded by P.D Webb.


° Start of flashback...

° Bing Shi was lying on the couch, reading a novel on her phone. Her legs were placed on Mr. Jellys laps. “Would you kill somebody for me” she suddenly asked with a curious tone in her voice.

° Mr. Jellys eyes switched from his tablet to the pair of slender legs. He scratched at them lightly as he replied to her question, “I wouldnt kill people even if it was allowed by law.”


° She didnt mind his answer as she felt a rising bulge under her calves. Laughing, she teased him with her legs, “What do we have here”

° He looked at her pitifully. It would have been a convincing look if he didnt put more pressure on her legs for additional sensation, “Bing Shi...Its your fault. This happened because your pretty legs are heavy.”

° “I think so too,” she agreed with a giggle, “Killing people is a big no-no.” She put her phone on the coffee table and moved herself to a sitting position, her feet poking at his bulge.

° “Would you kill yourself for me” she asked suggestively, waiting for his answer, she massaged him over the pants.

° “...I would,” he groaned, clasping the back of her neck with his large hand, he leaned over for a kiss, “What about you” He seated her on his lap, his lips traced behind her ear, his magnetic voice playing with her heartstrings, “Would you kill me... to save yourself”

° End of flashback...

Hm Did I just have a wet dream

Casually thinking this, Bing Shi opened one eye while yawning. She asked her system what the time was.

[School is starting soon, Host.]

[“Yay, School! Lets hurry. We should prepare some barfing bags along the way!”]

Getting off the bed, she went to the bathroom to wash up.

[Barfing bags]

[“Because the original story begins! Hm, but why do I feel like Xavier is colder than he should be Did I raise the difficulty No way!” ]

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

When everyone was preparing for their first day debut, Bing Shi was preparing for the first meeting between Xavier and Alisa. In the story, the heroine would meet Xavier during his speech.

But just to make sure Alisa was better suited for the current male lead, Bing Shi portrayed herself as a good person and gave Alisas family a helping hand. The thing she had the most was money so logicallyshe paid off their debt.

As the saying goes, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. With this thought, Bing Shi gave Alisa a restaurant! Who cared if it was expensive As the eldest daughter of a well-off family, she was rolling in money!

Better to start soon and big!

Now, she was their savior.

I feel bad for them, but not so much .

As soon as Bing Shi arrived at a humble restaurant, she let her chauffeur go inside to pick up Alisa.

Soon after, the heroine arrived. She was a cool beauty with long, light brown hair and hazel eyes. She gave off an aura of a warrior that was ready to fight, “Miss Olivia, I could just take the bu-...”

“Hurry please,” Bing Shi quickly rushed the girl inside, “I dont want to be late.”

To pay back Olivias favor, Alisa had to take part in managing the restaurant, as per Olivias wish. She continued to be a cheerful and hardworking girl, but she was just a bit more mature now. Her personality clashed with her appearance as a cool beauty; this gap moe was really too cute for anyone who was close to her.

On their way to school, Olivia glanced at Alisa, showing her a hand warmer, “Be careful around him. You should always bring a hand warmer with you. Here, I got one for you.”

“Handwarmer” asked Alisa doubtfully.

Bing Shi tried to scare Alisa by changing her voice, similar to a dreadful ghosts. “Because he would freeze you if you dont bring it with you.” A pity that it didnt sound convincing enough. This sounded more like a joke that was executed poorly, “I was joking. Dont take it seriously. He would freeze you even with the hand warmer. Better bring a coat with you, haha.”

“...” Alisa accepted the hand warmer, giggling, not knowing if she should believe Olivias words or not. In the end, she didnt want to disappoint her benefactor, so she didnt take the jokes lightly.

Bing Shi grinned as she pumped her fist on the inside. Success! As she was observing Alisas determined look, she warned the other, “Its okay... Even if he is scary, hes still shackled by the law. He wont do anything to you... but be careful of his fans. Theyre dangerous.”

“...” Alisa went silent. She looked out of the car window. Now, she had a huge task. Not only did Olivia pay off her familys debts, but she also helped her grow up as a person.

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

Both arrived at school on time. There were students everywhere. Due to the chaos, not many people noticed a cute girl and a cool beauty stepping out of the car.

“Now, youre on your own. Go to the hall and try not to get lost. Message me if you need help with anything. Dont forget, at school, were strangers,” said Bing Shi, leaving Alisa by herself.

Heeding to Olivias orders, Alisa followed the kids with a tie color similar to hers. When she arrived at the hall, she chose an empty seat.

After the principals speech, it was Xaviers turn to make an oath. He became the representative due to his remarkable grades, also the first one who was chosen as a powerful student council president. Never before was there a first-year student, who could occupy that spot. Walking up the stairs, he gave out a chilling aura of a cold winter night.

So hes Xavier Dalton Thought Alisa to herself, her heart started thumping. She was flustered that she, too, reacted. Even though she prepared herself by looking at his photos, she was still not strong enough. She carefully took in all his features and tried to ignore his dominating aura. On the inside, she was chanting to herself, in an attempt to brainwash herself that he was only a human and not a magical being of seduction.

While Xavier was giving out the oath, he felt a burning gaze on him, different from others. There she was, looking at him with her fiery eyes as if challenging him for a deadly fight. Without thinking much, he ignored Alisa and continued with his oath.

Listening to all the loud fangirls that thought that Xavier just looked at them, Alisa got goosebumps.Miss Olivia was right. The things his fans say...

She gulped when she heard some of the dark things his fans talked about. She prayed to the poor girl who gathered Xaviers interest.

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

After the ceremony, all the freshmen were led to the classes by their homeroom teachers.

“A two-faced fox,” mumbled Mark.

“Wet chicken,” remarked Grace.

“...” The classmates watched how the famous knight bickered with the infamous princess of the Bacchus family.

Alisa was in the same class as the three most famous people. As she was going to sit at her arranged seat, which was in the last row in the middle, someone kicked her chair. Stumbling down, she landed on her behind, a small wince leaving her lips, she looked up and saw a girl alike to miss Olivia.

“Crazy fox! What are you doing!” exclaimed Mark at Grace.

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“I dont know! My leg moved on its own!” Grace shrugged her shoulders. Since she was always arguing with Mark, she would do things without thinking, in the open, before everyones eyes. People accepted this side of her, so she saw no point in trying to hide it.

“Apologize to her!” Mark demanded.

“Im not apologizing,” Grace refused his demand. She was in a bad mood.

“Im sorry for her behavior. Shes a bit moody. Maybe shes jealous of your beauty. As an apology, why dont we invite you to lunch” smiled Mark at Alisa with his gentlemans behavior, a knight in shining armor to the rescue.

A flicker of jealousy flashed through Graces eyes. Her heart felt something familiar, so she quickly ran out of the classroom.

“Sorry again,” Mark said to Alisa and ran after Grace.

“Never mind,” Alisa tried to say, but she swallowed her words. She watched with her eyes wide, in bewilderment, as Mark followed after Grace with a loud yell.

So childish. Suddenly, the atmosphere in the room turned frosty. Looking up, a male student sat down to her left. Feeling his gaze on her, she quickly stood up and sat at her seat.

When she peeked at him, he was already looking out of the window with an empty expression. He fully ignored the commotion caused by Mark and Grace, as if he was not part of this world.

Xavier Dalton, her rival.

She clenched her fist in determination. She would make her benefactor proud!



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