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QTAgainst My Will Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: 2.10 – First Day of University – Mr. and Mrs. Jelly

— Authors note —-

Proofreaded by P.D Webb.


After they had lunch together, her parents went back to work, while Xuan Mu helped Bing Shi to put the dirty dishes into a dishwasher.

“Why structural engineering Isnt it an occupation dominated by men” he asked while putting a plate into a dishwasher.

“I want to build a skyscraper. Wouldnt that be cool” She gave him another plate from the sink.

“Mm,” he took the plate and put it neatly inside the dishwasher, “Are you going to be fine being alone in a foreign country”


“Ill be fine, arent you always accompanying me I have never felt alone since I met you. Lets play some games before I depart,” she gave him a cup from the sink.

“Sure,” he took the cup and put it inside the washing machine.

Their synergy in real life was as scary as in games. They just met and they were already behaving like an old married couple.

Bing Shi brought him to her bedroom; a room without colors, there was only white and gray, bare, with no books nor plushies, a clear sign that she was about to move out. Even her large table which occupied her whole wall was white. She seated him in front of her desktop computer while she sat in front of her laptop.

When she wasnt looking, Xuan Mu looked around. It was full of Bing Shis scent, clean and mildly soft, like a creamy soap bar. So this was the place she always stayed in So this was the bed where she slept The chair he was sitting on, was usually occupied by her Xuan Mu looked down between his legs in bewilderment, then up at the ceiling, he took a deep breath and started to pray for everyone and everything to give him strength.

They started to play games, but Xuan Mu couldnt erase his dirty thoughts of her, the thing between his legs was getting more and more painful. “Bing Shi, where is the bathroom” he asked with furrowed brows.

“Oh, use my bathroom. The door near my bed...” She didnt even finish, and Xuan Mu rushed into the bathroom, “...” Bing Shi looked at his running back in shock; then, her face turned red. That was so awkward, she thought.

Bing Shis bathroom was white too; nothing was missing – a toilet, a bathtub, and a sink with a big mirror. There were some cosmetics and makeup neatly placed on the shelves.

Xuan Mu rested his back on the wall and slid down until he reached the floor. He put his arm on his knees and tried to calm himself by banging his head against the wall – a very pitiful sight.

It didnt help at all. If he didnt take care of this annoying thing, it would never calm down.


*Warning* Mature content. 18 (START)


Helplessly, he pulled his zipper down and put his hand into his boxers. He started to rub the top of his length. When it was fully erect, he slid down his pants and began to jerk himself. His mind was full of Bing Shi and only her. He wanted to touch her oh so desperately. Closing his eyes, imagining her lips on his, he bit his lower lip and quickened his pace with his hand, “...Nngh...”

“Xuan Mu” Bing Shi called quietly from behind the door.

When he heard her soft voice calling out his name, he gripped his thickness, and came all over his hand, “...Y-yes...” he started to bang his head against the wall once again.


*Warning* Mature content. 18 (END)


“Xuan Mu, Im going to get some drinks and snacks, take your time. Ill wait,” she informed him.

“Ok,” he sighed helplessly. Shed be the cause of his death one day. Now, his life was really in her hands.

When Bing Shi came back, Xuan Mu was already seated behind the computer.

She put a cup of water before him with a plate of fruits and a bowl of popcorn. Both of them started to play games.

“Bing Shi, do you wear makeup” Xuan Mu asked as they played. He had definitely noticed the many cosmetics in her bathroom.

“Haha, depends on what you see as makeup. I started to use foundation to hide my acne, but it got worse. The problem was my skincare. So now, I always use sunscreen to prevent wrinkles and wear everything except foundation. I wear eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush. But skincare is the most important; you should start too. Like...” Bing Shi started to talk about her half an hour skincare routine for an hour... Maybe longer...

Losing interest, Xuan Mu began to listen to her half-heartedly.

“Hey, are you listening to me!” she asked.

“No,” he answered truthfully.

“Never mind. Ill take care of your skin later.”

“Ok,” Xuan Mus lips showed a sly smile.

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

Before starting University, Bing Shi imagined herself living with other girls in a dormitory; it didnt go well.

So she asked her parents if she could rent an apartment. They agreed without questioning. What parents would let their daughter live alone in a foreign country! Bing Shis because she had gained their full trust. Her parents were here just to be her piggy bank. As for anything else, she took care of it by herself.

When she checked out of the airport, the first thing she did was to inform Xuan Mu and her parents of her arrival. Spotting a landlords person holding a sign with her name, she let him push the trolley with her luggage towards a van. Together, they drove before a large building complex.

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Bing Shi rented a small apartment, just enough for one person; consisting of a spacious bedroom, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. She preordered the furniture with all the necessities beforehand and asked the landlord to move it inside her apartment.

Dragging her last suitcase inside her apartment, Bing Shi changed the locks to her front door and sat at one of the boxes piled up in the hallway. Rolling her sleeves, she braced herself for a big clean up.

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

The first day of university...

Bing Shis first class started with the chemistry of construction materials. It was so dull that she almost fell asleep inside the lecture hall. The next course was math; and thats when the shock came; every student looked at the blackboard flabbergasted, understanding nothing. The shock grew bigger and bigger after descriptive geometry and physics. After the first day, 10% of students gave up and dropped out.

Assignments started to pile up, and Bing Shi didnt have that much time to play with Xuan Mu.

“Im creating a social media account,” Bing Shi informed Xuan Mu. Sitting before the laptop inside her room, she registered herself into a popular social platform.

“Why” asked Xuan Mu with irritation. The information caused him to miss a target during a game.

“To make connections,” said Bing Shi as a matter of fact.

“Give me your ID and password, please” he asked immediately, trying to calm himself, he stared at the lost match on his monitor.

“Sure, Its not like I have anything to hide,” she said helplessly.

“Yeah, also no photos of yourself. Only I can have them,” Xuan Mu demanded.

“Sure. Xuan Mu, do you know chemistry I was in a technical secondary school of building, and there was no chemistry. I lack the basics,” Bing Shi asked him.

“I know a bit.” Thats how a high schooler started to teach a university student chemistry...

Sometimes, I feel so stupid compared to him!

Both of them tried their best to make their relationship work. Surprisingly, Xuan Mu found a new hobby, kickboxing and working out.

What is this guy planning again

Xuan Mu frowned while looking at his legs,There is no way Ill be able to kick her suitors asses with these chicken legs.

Well, its hard to understand nutcases, haha.

—- Editors note —-

P.D.Webb: Never use phallus, like that sounds like something for anything other than a males lower region, which apparently was the scientific word, is what Liv told me, i just laughed so hard from it, so luckily im the editor otherwise boom phallus is in the smutty parts XD. Plus phallus sounds like an object in the museum.

Author: I agree T-T.


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