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QTAgainst My Will Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: 1.02 – Mr. Jelly – Crimson Academy

—- Authors note —–

° This empty bullet symbol means that its a flashback that happened in the past.

Edited by Psycho S

Proofreaded by P.D Webb.


° Start of Flashback...

° “Do you think I have Stockholm Syndrome” Inside a luxurious office, Bing Shi tilted her head to peek beside the monitor. Her eyes were sparkling in anticipation as she asked Mr Jelly.


° There was a moment of silence...

° “Why do you ask that” Mr Jelly questioned with a grave tone in his voice.

° She peeked her head more to the side of the monitor to see his face previously hidden by the computer. She caught the slight smile at the corner of his mouth that betrayed the otherwise-serious atmosphere he portrayed.

° “Well, just look at me! Im all locked up in this place with no access to the outside world,” she grinned good-naturedly while recalling the ruckus he made when she tried to contact her parents, “How did I stop minding your controlling possessiveness”

° “Its because I have power, money, and not to mention my... expertise in bed,” he stood up leisurely from his office chair as the dim light in the room cast large shadows, hiding the upper part of his face.

° “Seriously Youre such a narcissist! No, those arent the reasons!” She shook her head. In the middle of her head-shake fest, she suddenly stopped to reconsider what he said and then nodded. While the list of his qualities was true, they were not why she did not mind his possessiveness.

° “Narcissist Me” Walking around his desk deliberately, he would seize the handles of her chair, caging her in with his body. He pulled her in his direction with force, not minding the creaking swivel of the wheels attached to the chair legs. Casually, he would lean down; his towering build blocked her view of anything that wasnt him. His hushed voice caressed the shell of her ear, “Did I say I was handsome”

° He did not.

° She covered the ear he whispered into in an attempt to protect herself from his alluring voice. Taking advantage of the wheels on the chair, she pushed her foot against the floor to create some distance between him. She waved her hand at him, expressing that he should carry on answering from that distance.

° Helplessly, he could only sigh, “Because there is no one who will pamper you as much as me,” with that, he gave a meaningful smile as he opened his arms in an invitation extended to her, “Now, will you give me a hug”

° “Ahhhh, my heart... that isnt fair!” She cried out as she abandoned her swivel chair to run to him. With a leap, she wrapped herself around him like a baby koala; her arms locked around his neck and her legs around his waist. She placed a hand behind his neck and leaned closer to his face, shortening the distance between their lips.

° She noticed the anticipation in his eyes before she stopped. She didnt close the space between them completely. She smiled as she stroked the dark circles beneath his disappointed eyes, “Handsome, what more do you want from me”

° He snorted at her blatantly fake act of innocence, but he patiently waited for her to stop her joking, teasing and continue on.

° Carrying on, her lips greeted him. When mouths pressed against one another, they initiated a passionate dance; the tips of their tongues entangled sensually. This engagement lasted for a good short while before she pulled away and teasingly captured his lower lip with a nip of her teeth.

° He muffled her ensuing giggles with his mouth. When she tried to respond, he softly nipped at her lips.

° “Oh sweetheart, youre going too far,” he murmured as he carried her towards the chair she previously occupied with a sly arch in his mouth. After seating her -who was frozen in surprise-, he walked behind his desk and settled down in his own chair with an almost smug exhale, “I only asked for a hug.”

° “...” Blown away by his words, Bing Shi directly fainted on the chair while covering her unstable heartbeat.

° “Maybe theres something wrong with the both of us,” he mused aloud as he went back to his work, not acknowledging the way her eyes cracked open just a little to watch him from her sprawled position.

° End of flashback...

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

Bing Shi looked at the big mirror while touching her big lips and smiled at her reflection. A young lady stared back at her with chestnut brown eyes. She had dark, shoulder-length hair that prettily framed an oval face. Despite the two year age gap, Olivias facial features were similar to Graces.

Olivia is so cuuuuuuute!

There was almost no information about Olivia in the story. She was a quiet girl, admired by her peers due to her elite background. Olivia was pressured by her parents to inherit the familys fortune because she was the oldest child of the family. Meanwhile, Graces life revolved around Xavier.

She, Olivia, was 17 and had one month of summer holidays before school started again. Her family was about to go on a luxurious vacation with Xavier and Marks family. Bing Shi thought about pretending to be sick like the previous Olivia but she decided not to. She would be forced to go partake in the vacation either way.

[Side mission: Break the engagement between Grace Bacchus and Xavier Dalton. 1000p]

Ah, there is so much to do.

[“System, what is Grace doing”]

[She just woke up. She is on her way to your fathers office.]

Woah, shes acting pretty fast. But if she ends her engagement now, it will be the start of the male lead beinginterested in her.

What should I do Persuade Grace to wait

Should I persuade Grace to act like her previous life

Im not sure if she really wants to avoid Xavier. Grace might be acting like the previous heroine to gain his affection... At least, thats what it looks like from my perspective.

[“I need more time. We have to stop the father from ending the engagement. Dont allow him to call anyone from Xaviers family.”]


Grabbing some bathroom supplies, she would brush her teeth as she pondered to herself. She found it strange. If the HQ had such powerful systems, why was she a host

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

[What is your next step, Host]

Bing Shi closed the doors to the bathroom and walked into her walk-in closet, thinking about her next step. The plans she came up with were flawed yet the system nagged at her to reveal whatever strategy she came up with. She thought about the badass female leads in her favourite stories. They were so cool! She wanted to be like them too!

Ah, what do I do What. Do. I do!!

I dont want to look stupid in front of my system.

I have to stop Xavier from being interested in Grace.

[“System, should I bring Alisa along on the vacation Actually, why dont we financially ruin Xaviers family If Xaviers family becomes bankrupt, hed be at the lowest point of his life! Then we could let him meet Alisa!”]

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But would they become attracted to each other I shouldnt stray from the original story too much. The male and female lead fell in love only when certain conditions were met. Look at Graces case as an example. When she tried to get them to fall in love her plans backflashes.

[I dont know.]

Then lets not bankrupt Xaviers family... The consequences would be unimaginable since they basically own half the world.

Bing Shi picked up the outfit of her choice. Instead of Olivias usual flowery skirt and blouse, she decided to wear a black A-line dress. Taking a black crossbody handbag that had just about everything she needed, keys and wallet included, she was just about to go out before she stopped abruptly. Something was missing.

[“System, could you give me a pepper spray”]

[Yes, host.]

In her palm, a handy pepper spray appeared.

[“Thank you,”] Smiling, Bing Shi looked at the snake on her shoulders, [“At times like this, you should respond with aYoure welcome.”]

[You are welcome.]

[“Aw, youre such a fast learner.”]

[Thank You.]

I am getting used to these magical things too fast...

· · ———- · · ———- · ·


*Slam* Grace bursted through the door, storming into her fathers office.

“Grace! Where are your manners! You have to knock first!!” Mr. Bacchus reprimanded his daughter.

“Father, Im sorry, but this is urgent!” Grace said with a layer of misty tears gathering at the corner of her eyes. “I dont want to get married to Xavier! I know it will be hard for your company but still... dont we have enough money already”

Graces request surprised him. He exclaimed loudly, anger evident in his eyes. “How I thought you loved Xavier. Did he do something to you!”

“No! He didnt do anything! Its just... I realized that he doesnt love me. We shouldnt force him to marry someone he doesnt love,” Grace sat in front of her father delicately, feigning frailty and quickly, she successfully gained his pity.

After a lot of talking and a lengthy amount of persuasion, Father Bacchus finally dialed his friends, Xaviers parents. Unfortunately, the phone call didnt go through.



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