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Chapter 10: 1.10 – Green Forest – Crimson Academy

—-Authors note—–

Edited by Psycho S

Proofreaded by P.D Webb.


Two more days until the masquerade ball...

When Bing Shi was about to leave school after her last lesson, Victor appeared before her desk, asking her if she was alright. Giving him a simple nod as an answer, she then rushed towards one of her classmates to once again get away from him.

Victors mouth twitched from her obvious avoidance. Helplessly, he moved back to his desk.


For Bing Shi, it was strange to be back in high school- a sophisticated and rich high school at that. It was an interesting contrast when she compared this high school to her previous one. To taste a meal worth a fortune in a school cafeteria... Ah, it was far better than the slop offered in her previous school cafeteria (not like she ate there much anyways). As for classes: math and physics were easy but humanity classes were a different story. She always needed Systems help to cheat her way into passing.

She couldnt deny the fact that she felt out of place because she was surrounded by teenagers on a daily basis... this was the type of thing she wouldnt want to go through again. Their mental state and emotional maturity was on another level. They made her feel like a jellyfish among seahorses.

The oddest thing was the people residing in this world. Everyone was exceptionally beautiful; even the ugliest person here would be considered beautiful in her old world.

[“System, did you send the message to Mark I hope Xavier and Alisa can become a thing before the masquerade ball. They need to win a couple of the year contest. I want that 1000p.”]

[Yes, Host.]

[Host, Xavier and Alisa are on the way to Green Forest.]

[“Oh, the restaurant is finally going to be of use Should I make an appearance To stir some trouble”]

[Host, you should hurry.]

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

When Xavier stepped inside Alisas restaurant, GreenForest, he was greeted by a scenery, different from what he was used to.

The furniture was made out of brown oak wood while the walls were covered with wooden planks. There was green ivy crawling all around the walls, and a few green plants were planted in the stone pots. It made him feel like he was in the middle of nature with its color choices of green, brown, and gray for concrete pots and floors. The color schemes and object placements made him feel nice and cozy. Only the hanging, dark-steel lightings, which were also covered in green ivy, created an industrial touch.

“Do you like it It was my saviors idea to make a place for people with busy lives. This place is here for people to purify not only their lungs but also their thoughts,” said Alisa with enthusiasm.

“I can give you a nicer and bigger place, I can give you more than that benefactor.”

“...” Alisa took his hands in hers. “Come with me,” she said, and together, they went into her small office. “Now, what did you want to te...” Not yet finishing her question, she was already hugged from behind. At first, she was shocked, but quickly she turned around.

Remembering the kiss between Mark and Grace, Xavier lowered his face.

Alisas defense was lowered. She closed her eyes and waited for the kiss to come.

“Alisaaaaaaaaa,” a clear voice called out from behind the door, “Aaaa aaa aaa .”




“!!!” Alisa was so startled by Olivias voice that she accidentally pushed Xavier away, making him take a step back. She hurriedly opened the door and invited Olivia in, “Miss Olivia! You came, what are you doing here”

“Hello, did I interrupt your fun” Bing Shi took a glance at the man standing in the office then back at Alisa. If a look could freeze, she would be an ice statue by now.

[Why did you stop them]

[“I didnt want Alisa to lost to his pheromones.”]

“No, not at all!” Alisa lied shyly.

Xaviers brows furrowed. Alisa introduced Olivia to him as her savior. His brows furrowed even more. He was suspicious. Nobody would help without ulterior motives. Seeing Alisas protective manner of Olivia, he held himself back.

It seemed like Bing Shi had gotten herself yet another shield: Alisa.

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Wanting to calm the suddenly tense atmosphere, Alisa took Xavier and Olivia back to the restaurant. The food she ordered beforehand was ready and awaited to be consumed.

“These mashed potatoes are so yummy; is there a secret recipe” asked Bing Shi, holding her fork down, she sliced a piece of meat with a knife in an elegant manner.

“Oh, its thanks to the new butter,” answered Alisa.

“You are doing good,” Bing Shi cheered on Alisa, raising her hand into a fist, “Fighting!”

“Yes! Thank you!” Alisa smiled brightly, raising her fist in response.Miss Olivia is so supportive.

Both of them started chatting while ignoring the third wheel: Xavier. He was silent the whole time; listening to their conversation. He was trying to find some kind of ammunition against Olivia.

Olivia was a great companion. One would never get anything out of her that was useful information. She liked to make fun of herself and others in a non-hurtful way and so, it felt like she was always giving out positive energy in an attempt to make others smile. Everyone envied her perfect life – a life full of happiness, and void of problems.

Little did they know, that usually, the happiest person could actually be the saddest person in a group.

Bing Shi didnt stay for long. After she ate her fill, she told her system to monitor them and returned home.

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

Alisa took Xavier to her office to get some rest.

“You cant kiss a girl if youre not planning on being her boyfriend,” said Alisa quietly, her cheeks turned red. Her defense was crumbling like a sandcastle around him. Why was she reacting so strongly! Where was her confidence! Offering him a cup of tea, she sat next to him and took a sip from her own.

“Then, be my girlfriend,” Xavier said abruptly, accepting the hot cup.

Alisa almost choked herself with the tea, “It doesnt work like that! You have to confess first.” She blushed. Before, she would play hard to get. But right now, she tossed that idea away.When an opportunity comes, grab it!

“I like how you try hard to understand me. Everyone usually gives up,” he said with a small smile.

“You noticed” Alisa started to get emotional. Her patience with him didnt go to waste.

“En, I like you,” he said while holding his teacup nervously.

Alisa couldnt hold it in anymore. Her eyes got teary. She got near him and kissed his lips, “I like you too. With this kiss, our status as girlfriend and boyfriend is official.”

Seeing his stunned expression, her heartbeat accelerated. He was her boyfriend now. She didnt have to hold back anymore. She kissed the corner of his mouth again; her heart thumped loudly with excitement. Finally, he was hers. Nobody could take him away from her. Her kissing became licking and biting. She was savoring every inch of his lips, marking his mouth with hers.

Xavier shook, then froze, and finally, he melted...

“You are mine,” she said possessively.

The teacup in his hand fell on the floor, the liquid splashing out as the cup shattered on the floor.

[Hidden quest success: Make Xavier confess to Alisa 1000p.]

[Hidden quest success: Make a kiss between Alisa and Xavier happen 1000p.]

[World Patching mission success: Host can leave this world.]



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