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Chapter 104: Sister Tea relies on herself to kill the whole alliance (End Part 2)

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A year later, the Shanghai stock market was full of traffic.


At the high-speed rail station, Mu Yu pulled her suitcase and waited for the train to return home.


On the phone, she glanced at the new text message sent by the bank, and the remaining balance was less than 10,000.


She wanted to laugh a little, but couldn't move her lips.


From a female anchor with an annual income of one million to this net worth, it turned out that it only took a few Internet storms.


She thought that she had saved a lot of money and that even if she left Chen Zeyang, she would still be able to continue her anchor career.


However, with the successive championships of the PG team and the repeatedly hyped topic of Chen Zeyang's derailment, she was nailed to the label of "Little Mistress".

Every time a live broadcast, countless unfamiliar accounts flooded in, asking her why she didn't know shame, interfering in other people's relationships.


And she knew very well that the reason why the topic of long overdue quelled was because Chen Zeyang would make trouble every now and then.


Recently, the BU team also fired that guy, on the grounds that the man who didn't get the chance to play hurt his teammates after drinking alcohol.


Because he was dissatisfied with his placement, he hurt the starting jungler, and due to this bad behavior, he was also officially suspended by the league.


Chen Zeyang, who maliciously wounded people, was detained by the police station for several days and had to compensate his teammates for hospitalization and mental damage.


She didn't expect that the cheeky man would even call her to borrow money.


Mu Yu fell into unprecedented regret.

She didn't understand why she knew him so obsessively in the first place, and why she had to defend his derailment.

Even if the Weibo post was deleted by herself, it still became an indelible stain.

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.=

After her reputation was lost, the traffic and income of her live broadcast became lower and lower, and the original brokerage company stopped paying her salary and agreed to terminate the contract with her.


She was not convinced at the time, so she secretly jumped to a new live broadcast company, and wanted to use her savings to invest in shares, but who knew she had jumped into a huge trap, encountered a shell company that ran away with all the money she had accumulated.

She lost it all.


Now that she doesn't have enough diplomas to get work she has lost the courage to stay in the Shanghai market.

She thought of her relatives in her hometown and embarked on a journey back home with her luggage.


In the waiting room, the news of the Asian Games was being displayed on a huge screen.


Suddenly, there was a particularly loud noise around.


"China won - 3-0 Korea!"


"The Chinese team is awesome!!"


Mu Yu looked at the many young people who suddenly called out, and was a little confused.


What game...

If you win, why is there such a big movement


In traditional sports, only football can reach the level of people cheering outdoors, right


At this moment, a face that was very familiar to her appeared on the big screen—


"How could it be her" Mu Yu was a little surprised.


The beauty with short black hair pulled behind her ears was wearing a red and white team uniform, and wearing a golden championship medal with her handsome teammates, she smiled proudly towards the camera.


Accompanied by the singing of the national flag, many young people in the high-speed rail station stood up and gathered in front of the big screen to watch, and some even whispered and cheered.


They are all proud of this team representing Chinese esports.


Mu Yu clenched her suitcase tightly and took a deep breath: "Can also participate in the Asian Games if you play LOL..."


Someone next to her heard her murmur, turned around, and said to her with a smile: "Beauty, this is not just playing games, it's called e-sports."


"That's right," the man's companion looked up and down at Mu Yu, "Well, why do I think you look familiar"


The younger brother who was chatting up thought that his companion wanted to flirt with this sister, so he bumped into him with a smile: "Don't make trouble with other people, hurry up and watch your goddess accept the award."


"No..." The more his companion looked, the more strange his expression became, "She really looks like that Mu—"


Mu Yu lowered her head and dragged her suitcase away.


That's why she wanted to go back to the small town of her hometown.

When she stayed in the Shanghai market, she would be recognized even when she went downstairs to buy something.


Because Lin Nan is too famous.


And as the "Insider" who stole Lin Nan's ex-boyfriend, he has long been smashed by those unscrupulous self-media.


She simply hated the trouble Chen Zeyang brought her.


At the same time, in the Internet cafe where the cheers were louder, a man with greasy hair that it seemed that it had not been washed for a few days sat down, and the black network manager was burping.


The owner of the Internet cafe next to him frowned in disgust: "The money you drink will be deducted from your salary."


"Oh." The network manager replied listlessly.


The boss was too lazy to pay attention to him.

If it weren't for this person's low monthly salary requirements, he would not have hired him at all.


"Everyone, in order to celebrate our Chinese team winning the championship today, the Internet cafe will give you a free drink!" Seeing the young people who were getting more and more excited and ready to rush out, the boss quickly turned on the radio and announced the good news.


The shouts of "The Chinese team is awesome" and "The boss is amazing" resounded throughout the space.


The taciturn network manager looked at the rising red flag in the projection, and the familiar woman under the red flag, many images flashed in his mind.


The woman who would hold him, the woman who would cook soup for him to soothe his emotions, the woman who would tell him "Will always stand behind you"...


However, he didn't know when he lost her.


He took another two sips of beer, looked at the screen, and laughed.


"I am here to pay the bill… why are you laughing" The young man who came to the front desk to check out felt a chill.


"The one above is my girlfriend." The sloppy network manager pointed at the projection wall and said slowly.


The young man rolled his eyes, turned to look for the boss, and left only one sentence for the network manager:






In the third year, PG got their wish and achieved a historic achievement of three consecutive championships.


And the whole world was completely convinced by this terrifying Grand Slam club, and the "Team Universe" deserves its name.


But then, PG officially announced the news of the retirement of five players.


At the height of the day, five star players of the first year retire at the same time, this has caused turmoil in e-sports circles all over the world.


The Weibo hot search list has been "Boiled" for a long time, and Chaohua fans were once paralyzed.


No one could believe they "Voluntarily retired".


Countless conspiracy theories emerged, and some even speculated on Bi Ming, believing that the PG members finally couldn't hold back their confession to Bi Ming.


This speculation was very marketable.


At least CP fans believed it.


"Is it possible that our relationship between Brother Shi and Sister Nan has been exposed, and the top singles who secretly loved my sister were dissatisfied"

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

"No, no, Brother Bei is so honest, I think Shi Zhong's jealousy broke out and he threatened them not to be together."


"Why do I think it's the two skinniest brothers making trouble"


In the end, because the brain hole of CP fans was too terrifying, the club had to come out to clarify: "Don't believe the rumors, and respect the wishes of the players."


Then the club was sprayed with blood by angry fans.


But no matter how unwilling the fans were, at the beginning of the new season of the Demacia Cup, the little substitutes replaced familiar faces and began to play the game tremblingly.


In the previous year, Bi Ming and the rest of the team consciously used the substitutes in the main game, so they played fairly well.


It's just that the so-called "Undefeated team" PG also obviously lacks the spirit of a beast to block and kill the god, and the operation in the game was a little green.


Especially in the finals of the German Cup, the new PG was in a desperate situation for a time.

As soon as they came up, they lost two games in a row because of excessive tension and seemed powerless to recover.


At that time, the whole court was shouting the names of the original PG team and letting them play as substitutes.


But Bi Ming told the new generation of players on stage:


"Don't expect to have a way out, now it is your battlefield."


Li Dingbei and Shi Zhong smiled dotingly behind her, and then followed suit to appease the emotions of the little substitutes.


The twins put away all their frivolity, squatted down, and patiently gave their substitutes, and the two 18-year-old children a pat and imparted their experience.


"No one is always 18 years old, but there are always people who are 18 years old." After everyone was on the field, Bi Ming teased them with a smile.


The twins, who had already passed their 21st birthday, were two centimeters taller, surrounded her on the left and the right, and approached her cheeks:


"Sister, I will be sad if you say that."


"Sister Lin thought we were small at the time, now what"


The way they both smiled at the same time was more oppressive than when they were eighteen.


Bi Ming took two steps back.

She felt that the twins seemed to have broken down a bit after discovering her "relationship" with Shi Zhong.


Fortunately, Shi Zhong was by his side, directly holding her wrist and giving the twins a cold look.


Li Dingbei's face was also very bad.

Looking at the twin brother, he warned: "You know that you have grown up, so don't act like a child."


The atmosphere backstage was a little subtle, and in the end, the twins took the initiative to apologize, barely maintaining the fragile balance.


On the other hand, the little substitutes finally stepped onto the stage tremblingly, and the determination to fight to the death was born out of fear.


Amid the boos that made them go down, the new generation of PG staged a miraculous comeback.


Seeing those young and bright smiling faces bathed in the golden rain, Bi Ming and Shi Zhong, who were pushed to the stage to celebrate together, looked side by side, with a sense of accomplishment like raising a child.


The official photographer who shot the scene took the time to take a picture of this scene and named it "The Old and New Inheritance".


They looked at each other as if they were separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, but they were stuck together without any distance.


Netizens have only one feeling after reading it: "Inheritance is a ghost, isn't this obviously dog food"


"The atmosphere… isn't it only a matter of official announcement, right"


"I suspect they will get married after they retire."


After retiring, Shi Zhong went to the United States to study for postgraduate studies.

After graduation, he returned to China and entered the municipal party committee unit.

Since then, he has started a legendary official career.


During the same period, Li Dingbei also passed the direct recruitment of the military and entered the army.

Three years later, he was recommended by the army to enter the military academy for further study.


Bi Ming stayed in the house by the Huangpu River that Shi Zhong bought for her to prepare for the national exam.

After a few months, she was successfully admitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which had a terrible admission rate.


The twins chose to return to the United States to start their own businesses.

They used the S-crown bonus and skin share over the years as early investment, built a game company, and developed an open-ended game with a high degree of freedom, a real sense of substitution, rich elements, adventure, strategy, infrastructure, and leisure games.


Soon, the game called "Plan Zero" exploded because of its fresh and interesting gameplay, and it topped the game list in various countries.


The Twins themselves were not bad money owners.

They used all the profits they made to continue their research and development.

With the occasional prompts from Bi Ming, they broke through the holographic technical barriers and contributed to the advent of the world's first holographic game. 


Since then, the world has entered the holographic era.


It is worth mentioning that in the holographic version of "Project Zero", as the female boss of the new character on the star map, Zero, the king of interstellar pirates who drives the Millennium Falcon, has also become the dream lover of players around the world.


[Want to see the sea of stars with me]


The starry sky queen with short black hair who looks lonely and arrogant, but when she looks back, it is like the frost melting, and the smile involving the flaming red lips, as if a whole spring day is coming.


Later, in an interview with the twins, they also admitted that the game character was inspired by their former teammate "Lin".


The most sophisticated holographic modeling and careful plot design also made the new version of "Project Zero" break through the sky again.

And the powerful queen who drives a spaceship and drives a Gundam has also become one of the most classic game characters in the next few decades.


In this world, Bi Ming and Shi Zhong didn't get a certificate, they just lived in the same house tacitly.


Because both of them need to travel all year round for their work, they got together less and left more, which greatly eases Bi Ming's mood of liking the new and hating the old.


Shi Zhong never gave her any restraints, but Bi Ming lost time to fish because of her faster and faster promotion.


Every time she was on vacation, especially during the annual leave, she would be eaten from head to toe by the energetic Shi Zhong, not to mention digging fish ponds, she just wanted to sleep most of the time.


And other vacancies would also be filled by three other "Former teammates" skillfully with friend gatherings.


The funniest thing is that after learning about Shi Zhong and Bi Ming's house by the Huangpu River, the wealthy and wealthy twins directly bought two sets next door, and also gave one set to Li Dingbei.


And this community was very distinctive.

There were only three households on the first floor.

The elevator was still only accessible by swiping the owner's card on each floor, and the privacy was extremely strong.

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

This also led to the eager twins trying to get through the suites several times.


"So we can be in the base like we used to, and we can open it like back then at any time, how cool."


"Shi Zhong smiled and refused: "No, you will know how troublesome it will be when you get married."


Twins: "Marriage Only fools will get married, we will play till we get inside the coffin."


Li Dingbei usually trained in the army, so his skin became a little darker, and one couldn't see his blushing at this time.


"Well...I'm not married either."


The more Shi Zhong thought about it, the more wrong he felt, so he replaced the triple anti-theft lock on his door overnight.


After returning from a business trip the next day, Bi Ming, who still didn't know the situation:




Although there was no marriage pressure and parenting pressure, Bi Ming left at the age of 30.


Accidentally left.


[Host, the risk of expatriating to the Middle East is already very high, and there is really no way.]


Bi Ming did not expect that she would be attacked at the consulate and then sent away by stray bullets by local armed personnel.


[Forget it, let’s enter the next world, it’s a pity for a certain fool.

She felt a little regretful.]


The Green Tea System also wants to complain about this.

Where is the scheming man who is on a par with the host


Taking retreat as a step forward, suppressing the men who have been infatuated with their hosts for many years, and was also prosperous, wasn't he simply a monster, right


[Host, don't you think that your "Idiot" coaxes you into peace]


Bi Ming was stunned for a moment, and then burst into laughter: [Well...

I would also like him to do that.]


All her willfulness will be satisfied by him.


Like a spoiled child, after shopping around, you must choose the one that makes you most comfortable.


It's a pity that this time she has to break up with the idiot who waited for her to come home.


Bi Ming's remaining conscience took a small puff.


Hope people are okay.




The author has something to say: 


Tomorrow, I will go to the men's side shows.


As for the background of the interstellar whistleblower in Lianzhuang, there will be powerful sentinels full of murderous atmosphere.

I know that you may be familiar with abo, but in fact, there are more tricks in whistle, and mating is also divided into mental and physical, it is easy for thieves to steal.


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