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“I’m off tomorrow.”

“Even though it’s a vacation, you should still rest early.

It’s almost twelve o’clock now.”

After some confrontation, Ruan Sixian suddenly raised her head and met Fu Mingyu’s eyes through the mirror.

Sure enough, something was wrong.

He just had to rush her to bed.

“As I said, I checked it last night, and it was used up already.”


Fu Mingyu looked at her directly, and the idea that he had pressed down in his mind sprouted wildly again.

He put down the hair dryer, put his arm around Ruan Sixian’s waist, and pulled the towel down without any trace, then said with a low voice, “I already bought it today.”


Then what are you pretending for just now!-

Ruan Sixian’s bath towel just half-hanged on her body like that as he was pressing her against the sink.

Then he pinched her chin and kissed her jaw from behind.

The mist in front of the mirror rose again, blurring the sight, leaving only two figures filled with emotion.

After a long time, the atmosphere in the bathroom made people a little breathless.

Ruan Sixian grabbed Fu Mingyu’s shoulder and frowned tightly, “Let’s not do it here, the ground is so slippery.”

Before the words fell, she was lifted up in the air.

Although there were no neighbors around the house, and the bath towel on her body had long since disappeared, Ruan Sixian was still a little embarrassed when she was carried out just like this and buried her head in his arms.

When Fu Mingyu passed the living room on the second floor, he glanced at the cabinet on one side.

There was a box on it, which contained ceramic fragments-

The night outside the window was thick, and the moon already crawled out quietly at some point, bringing a few rays of light to the room and dissipating some of the wet and heavy atmosphere.

Ruan Sixian leaned on Fu Mingyu and rested for a long time before she finally said dully: “What time is it now”

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“Two o’clock.”

“I still want to take a bath.”

“Okay.” Fu Mingyu heard the words and picked her up.

“I will go by myself.”

Ruan Sixian broke free, “You go to another room to wash.”

Based on past experience, it is absolutely impossible for the two of them to stay in the same bathroom at this time, or tomorrow’s vacation will be wasted.

So without waiting for Fu Mingyu to say anything, Ruan Sixian had already put on her pajamas and jumped out of bed.

Fu Mingyu sat up and stretched out his hand to turn on the light.

At the moment when the light was turned on, he heard Ruan Sixian shouting at him from outside.


Fu Mingyu rubbed his brow bones, took a deep breath, then got up and got out of bed.

He leaned against the door, looking like he wasn’t fully awake, “What’s wrong”

“What’s wrong” Ruan Sixian pointed at the box, “How did it break Who broke it”

Before Fu Mingyu could speak, she said again: “Aunt Zhang is the most careful one.

Could it be that you smashed it Why are you so careless”

Fu Mingyu has just opened his mouth when she widened her eyes again and said: “I see, that’s why you are so anxious today.

Fu! Ming! Yu! Have you lived enough!”

After a series of questions like a machine gun, Fu Mingyu took a deep breath and said, “Doudou came here today.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

She looked at the shards in the box, and then looked at Fu Mingyu again.

Then she closed the box with a snap, turned and walked towards the bathroom, “Oh.

Then forget it, I will make another one another day.”

Fu Mingyu looked at her back and was about to say that he would accompany her next time, but instead, he heard her say: “I can’t argue with a dog anyway, right”

Fu Mingyu: “…”


Later, Ruan Sixian went to the pottery workshop again.

This time, she has experience and is much more skilled than last time.

“It was this shape last time.” The ceramic teacher stood behind Ruan Sixian and said, “Would you like to change it”

“No need.” Ruan Sixian raised her brows, turning the wheel at a constant speed in her hand, and said with a half-smile, “He doesn’t deserve it.”

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