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Chapter 1407: Blacked Out

“Repeat Yis heroic path” Zu An repeated, his expression strange.

He thought, Is there a Change included If there is, I might actually consider it.

Of course, jokes were just jokes.

He was more concerned with something else.

He asked, “That powerful enemy you mentioned, just who is he”

The voice fell silent for a while when it heard his question.

Then, it said, “Hes a traitor who betrayed me.

“During Emperor Yaos rule, all sorts of disasters appeared frequently.

That was why he had no choice but to promote all manner of talents to deal with the dangers.

Perhaps it was because the Black Emperors bloodline was strong, or perhaps it was because they felt a sense of urgency after being beaten down for so many years, but the Black Emperors descendants were all talented.

For example, Guns family excelled in ruling over the waters, while I was also good at many things.

“Apart from that, I had eight trusted comrades who were all individuals of great talent back then, known as the Brilliant Eight.

As time went on, Emperor Yao placed me in positions that were more and more important, and the forces I commanded also gradually grew greater.

“Since we were both descendants of the Black Emperor, I expressed my goodwill to him.

When Emperor Yao was hesitant, I even personally spoke up to guarantee Guns ability to control the waters.

Unfortunately, he failed to live up to my trust.

After many years of wasted manpower and resources, he wasnt able to properly manage the floods.”

The three women exchanged a look.

They noticed that this wasnt the first time the voice had mentioned floods.

They had their own legends regarding a great flood in their world.

Could it be that he was someone from that age Still, his remnant will had been able to exist for so long… Wasnt his strength a bit too ridiculous

The voice continued and said, “Thats not all.

He kicked his benefactor in the teeth, too.

He forgot my favor of recommending him and our camaraderie, issuing a slanderous report to Emperor Yao saying that I ought to be executed.

“He was clearly someone from the Black Emperors faction.

After so many years of being oppressed by the White Emperor, not only did he not think of revenge at all; he even went to serve the White Emperors descendants like a dog!”

Zu An could sense that the voices resentment still hadnt faded.

He asked with a strange expression, “So the powerful enemy you want me to defeat is Gun Wait, no, he should now be called the Taowu.”

They had already met each other.

The Taowu had strength on the level of an earth immortal.

Even though it couldnt compare to the Fiend Emperor or Zhao Han, it definitely wasnt an opponent Zu An could face at the moment.

No wonder this person wanted him to find some divine weapon.

“Gun He alone wouldnt be enough,” the voice said with a hint of disdain.

Zu An was speechless.

This guy even considered an earth immortal insufficient What kind of being would be viewed as a powerful enemy by this person He thought, Forget it… I still want to live a bit longer.

He was about to say a few things to appease the voice before slipping away, but the voice said, “I need you to face someone named Si Wenming.”

Zu An was stunned.

That name was unfamiliar to him.

Was there really such a person in his memories He thought, If he really was someone great like Chi You or Gong Gong, I should have heard of him.

He cant be that great if I dont have any impression of him at all.

When he thought of that, he sighed in relief and said, “No problem.

Leave it to me.”

The voice was a bit surprised, replying, “Oh Youre quite brave.

You knew who the target was, and yet you took the request without a moment of hesitation.

As expected of an outstanding youth.”

“Youre overpraising me~” Zu An said, cupping his hands in ahumble manner.

He asked, “Right, how did that person offend you Ill have more confidence in being able to deal with the matter after I find out what happened.”

Even though he had never heard of that enemy before, so he couldnt be that powerful, he still had to do his due diligence.

Otherwise, he could end up being scammed without even realizing it.

“After Gun betrayed and harmed me, I only managed to survive after going through endless tribulations.

My subordinates were furious and all wanted to get revenge on Gun,” the voice said, “I knew that after that matter, our relationship had already completely ended.

If he continued to slander me in front of Emperor Yao, not only I, but also my relatives and subordinates, would all be doomed.

That was why I began my counterattack as well.

“Fortunately, because Gun failed to control the waters, he lost prestige among the people.

Even though I didnt do a thing, he had already dug his own grave.

Emperor Yao sent Zhu Rong to kill him on Feather Mountain.”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue exchanged a look.

They had passed by a mountain with several narrow grooves.

Back then, the Fiend Emperor had said that the mountain was cut apart by sword ki.

Now, it seemed that the one responsible was Zhu Rong.

What kind of identity did that person have There were no records related to him in history at all!

Zu An was shocked, exclaiming, “The god of fire.

Zhu Rong”

Just as Gong Gong was the river god in ancient Chinese mythology, Zhu Rong was the fire god.

Those two were rumored to be mortal enemies and had fought each other ferociously.

The three women looked at him in shock, not expecting him to actually know that person.

They felt that they really had to properly ask him just how many more secrets he had.

“Huh Brat, you really do know quite a bit.

How strange.

Normally, at your age, you shouldnt know about such things…” the voice remarked.

Fortunately, it didnt pursue the matter and continued, “Zhu Rongs official duty was the post of fire god, but Zhu Rong is also just a title.

There were many Zhu Rongs, so this Zhu Rong might not be the one youre thinking of.”

Zu An nodded.

He quickly sorted out the information the voice had given.

He had a strange feeling that something wasnt quite right.

The voice continued, “After Gun died, no one else could cause me trouble again.

When Emperor Yao passed away, I successfully took the throne as the next emperor…”

He was about to continue when Zu Ans eyes suddenly narrowed and he exclaimed, “Youre Shun! So youre Shun!”

He hadnt expected this person to be the legendary sage king Shun! There were many, many great scholars in ancient times who had praised him as a sage.

Yu Shun had always been considered the greatest of virtuous individuals.

In the historical record, he had been considered the incarnation of good.

Zu An was actually having a conversation with such a legendary figure He suddenly felt as if he were dreaming.

The three women jumped in fright when they saw his strong reaction.

They were all intelligent individuals.

They remembered that in their previous conversation, Shun had been named as none other than one of the ancient emperors.

The emperors back then seemed to have been able to ascend into the world of immortals.

He seemed to be far, far stronger than the Fiend Emperor.

When they thought about how that very person was in the cave right before their eyes, they even began to feel a bit doubtful toward their future.

They had always wondered, was immortal ascension really possible Now, there was a proper example right before their eyes! They couldnt just do nothing.

The voice remained silent for a while.

Then, it said with a sigh, “Its been so long since someone called me that.

I hadnt expected someone would still remember me.”

Zu An also calmed himself down a bit, then said with a smile, “In my hometown, there probably arent that many people who dont remember you.”

“Is that so” The voice chuckled, seemingly not all that surprised to hear that.

It seemed to have a natural air of confidence, continuing, “Since you know who I am, then I dont need to beat around the bush any longer.

In my later years, I suffered greatly from Si Wenmings betrayal.

Thats why I need your strength to help me get revenge.”

“Wait…” Zu An swallowed with difficulty.

“The Si Wenming youre talking about… Dont tell me hes…”

The voice explained, “Oh, he has another name thats better known by the world.

The people seem to know him as Yu the Great.”

Zu Ans vision darkened when he heard that name.

He almost blacked out on the spot.

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