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“Hmm Huh”


Leon tilted his head at my sudden declaration.


“That’s why I need you.”


He looked increasingly confused, so I added an explanation.


“I can’t be the strongest villainess by myself.

For that, I need a strong unit that cannot be beaten by anyone else.

I want you to be a part of it.”


“That doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I’ll do whatever I have to do for my Master.

I mean, what is a villainess”


“A Villainess is a Villainess.

I aspire to be one.”


“…Why a Villainess”


Leon asked me doubtfully.


Why villainess…


I don’t think Gilles had ever asked me that question, either.

He just wanted me to stick to my beliefs about being a villainess.


But the question of why I wanted to be a villainess is illogical and stupid to me.


“Don’t you think it’s cool for a woman to be true to herself, to be strong and smart, and to stand up for herself even when others accuse her of being a villainess”


I looked at Leon with a light grin.

He looks at me with a puzzled look on his face at my response.


“Is that all”


Leon let out a surprised gasp as I nodded and answered “yes.”


“That’s why you left the arena, lied about your gender, and worked here”


“You shouldn’t be surprised.

People work in a cake shop because they like sweets, become a soldier because they want to protect someone or be popular with many women, or run a plant shop because they love plants…or quit the nobility because they love to work.

It’s a simple reason to pursue a dream, you know.

I don’t want to change the world.

It is impossible to save everyone in this world.

I just want to be the person I want to be.

I’m not going to let anyone stand in my way.

Isn’t that what a villainess would do”


I smiled at Leon, who was staring straight at me.

After a few moments of silence, he speaks.


“…There are many people who wish they could, but can’t.”


“I agree.

But I have my whole life invested in this dream.

I’m going to keep chasing this dream until the moment this life burns out.

If you think you can accomplish anything without taking risks, then you better drop that dream right now.

…Hey Leon, do you have a dream”


Leon froze at the unexpected question, muttering, “Dreams”.


I always had a certain dream, ever since I was seven years old.

I realize that there were not many people like that.


As they learned more about society and grew up, the dreams also changed.


However, this was the world of Otome games to me in my previous life.

So, I knew my position from the beginning.

The position I had always longed for was handed to me since birth.

So I’d make the most of my role as a villainess to my heart’s content.


I was so lucky to think that this world was the real world for me now.


“I gave up on my dreams when I was very young.”


Leon laughs somewhat sadly.

All I could do was mutter, “I see” as he said so.


“Now I will focus on protecting my brother and my Master.”


“…Would you be disappointed if I told you that you are a pawn in my plan to make my dreams come true”


Immediately, he shook his head.



I want to be with Master, even if she is a little weird.”


I wanted to rejoice, but the extra words he said made things a little more complicated.


I wondered if I was weird… Well, I wouldn’t think any differently if an assassin told me I was weird!


“And you know what, I don’t want to lose my pawns.

I will never lose or be deprived of them, and the time I lose Leon, will be the time I am no longer in this world.”


Leon’s eyes reflected me standing under the stars.

I could see his pupils waver.


“Hey, do you think I can be a villainess”


I added with a smile, and Leon chuckled in response to my question.


“Yes, I’m sure you can, Master.”


His clear voice echoed gently in the quiet night.


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