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The first one to arrive after we opened our stall was Kuro.

At any rate, thanks to the soundproofing magic tool recommended by Elise-san and the Recognition Inhibition Magic that Kuro uses, she doesnt seem to have been noticed by everyone around us.



[Tre, Cento and Cien too, good work.

Do your best today.]


[ [ Yes.

] ]



After greeting her three family members, Kuro looked at me and gave me a cute smile.

The fact that she was really looking forward to this was evident even without using my Sympathy Magic.



[Im looking forward to the baby castella Kaito-kun and the others made, so I hurried over here.]

[No, youre really early…… Youre definitely nearby earlier, arent you.]

[Ahaha, thats a secret.]

[Well, anyway, Kuro is our first customer, but we have regular baby castellas and chocolate-filled baby castellas……]


Ill have “100 bags” of both.]



……The heck is this guy talking about now Did she just say 100 Thats a total of 200 bags, how much time would it take to bake all of them.

It would take too much time to bake them all, and I dont think it would be good if were unable to serve other customers in the meantime…… but just as I was thinking that, Kuro spoke with a bright smile.



[Ahh, its alright.

Im not in a hurry, so for now, Ill just buy one bag of each.

Ill come back around closing time later and you can give them then.]

[Ahh, that is, well…… I guess we could start baking them while were open.]



I thought she had suddenly made an unreasonable request, but if she wanted to have it before closing time, I think we could just bake them in moderation and toss those weve cooked in my magic box.

I had already baked some baby castellas and put them in my magic box, so I guess it really would be alright.



For the time being, we decided to make the bag of baby castellas that were going to give to Kuro right now, and since its for Kuro, Tre-san and I decided to bake it together.

Tre-san baked the plain ones while I baked the chocolate-filled ones, while Cento-san and Cien-san packaged them in a bag and handed them to Kuro.



[Thanks~~ Hmmm, it has a good scent.

They seemed delicious.

Well then, lets immediately try it out————!]



Kuro has a happy smile on her face as he brought one of the baby castellas in her mouth, but at that moment, her smile faded and her eyes became as sharp as a bird of prey.



[……Its different.

Of all the baby castellas Ive eaten…… The ingredients used here are different.

As far as I can tell, every combination of every ingredient cant produce a baby castella of this flavor…… Is this made from new ingredients created by Shiro! This flavor is definitely raising the perspective of baby castellas up a notch.

Moreover, its so much more than just a push up of a foundation…… This indeed marks the beginning of a new era for baby castellas.]



Somehow, looking at her like this…… makes me think that she really is Ein-sans master.

Just like when Ein-san talks about anything related to maids, Kuro seriously talks about incomprehensible things when it comes to baby castellas.



[However, the taste of the ingredients is too strong.

Even if something is added or kneaded to it, the taste of the other ingredients would probably be overpowered.

Even this chocolate-filled one would probably be———- What! The taste didnt get overpowered Even though the taste of the ingredients is of this level…… This is……]




What should I do Shes been mumbling with a serious face for the past hour or so and continuing her musings about baby castellas…… With her giving off such a bizarre atmosphere, the other customers dont look like they want to approach……

How should I say this…… Rather than her becoming unapproachable, it feels more like Kuro has this aura that makes people hesitant to talk to her, as even we were also at a loss as to what to do with her.



[……Yes, yes.

Can you please go back and do all that nonsensical thinking when you get back Youre being a hindrance by standing still there.]

[Shalltear, wait, Im now studying the infinite possibilities of baby castellas……]

[This aint the place to think about possibilities and all that.

Youre just being a hindrance…… Alright, out with you.]

[Ahhh, wait a moment! I changed my mind! Ill order 10,000 more bags……]

[Are you trying to crush Kaito-san and the others from overwork! Rejected, your orders rejected!]



……It may sound like Im quickly changing my attitude, but Im really glad shes here as our mascot.

She isnt as effective when it comes to attracting customers, but shes great as a bouncer for our stall.

I hope she will continue to do her best for the rest of the day, because I would really rely on her ability to remove Kuro while shes in that condition.



Well, at any rate, Im relieved that the problem has gone away.

However, as the saying goes, “one problem goes away and in comes another”.

I hope that this wont turn out to be a series of troubles as soon as we open…..



[Dont act so distant, my sworn friend…….

Why have you not summoned me from the depths of the abyss]



……And here comes the next problem.

Isnt it too early for me to recover the flag that I raised


















Serious-senpai : [Here comes Amel huh…… She seemed really downhearted though.]

: [Shes a bird, but she really feels more like a puppy……]











T/N: Im translating a new novel, please check it out.

Hello, its Mary-san.

Im in Another World now……


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