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On the day of the Founding Festival, we moved through the bustling city to the location of our stall.

Thanks to my magic box, its very easy to set up a stall without having to make preparations early in the morning when there are few people around or the day before.

Installation was quick and easy, as all we had to do was take it out of my magic box.

The time was just before 9:00 am…… All preparations were ready, but since it had been decided in the prior meeting that the stall would open at 9:00 am, we decided to wait until that time.



As expected, as the place were setting up our stall is off the main street, people are sparse and there arent many stalls.

There was a certain amount of space between the stalls, which made it easy for amateurs to set up their own stalls.

Looking at the surrounding stalls, I can see that there is a wide variety.

Personally, Im interested in those takoyaki stalls.



[Kaito, we still have time, right]

[Eh Yeah, about 20 minutes or so.]

[Well then, Im going to have a little inspection in this hostile environment! Shalltear-sama also said it after all, that information is important!]



Leaving these words, Tre-san went to inspect the competition with her wallet in her hand…… No, she was completely intent on buying and eating.

What an enviable dynamism she had.

There was indeed still time for us, and gathering information certainly is the right choice, but I think its incredible that she could take immediate action without worrying about the delicate 20-minute time window.

She should be back before the appointed time.

With that in mind, I looked over to see Tre-san at the takoyaki stall I had spotted earlier.



[Houu, the scent of this sauce is quite great…… However, I wonder if it will be able to make me, who has eaten lots of takoyaki, hum in delight]

[Hahaha, now youve said it.

Prepare yourself or itll surprise you.]

[Unnn, unnn, Im looking forward to it then…… Ahh, by the way, dont you think Im quite the beauty]

[Unnn Ahhh, well, I suppose youre quite beautiful]

[Right! And Ive thought of this just now.

I think that many cool and skillful artisans are generous…… and have a big heart.

I think thats a good thing…… By the waaaaay, it was usually 5R for 6 pieces, riiiiight How about nooooow]

[Kuh, hahaha! So thats how it is huh, youve got me! Well then, 2 extra takoyakis for the beautiful lady!]




Has she ascended to a communi-oni In an instant, they were having a pleasant conversation, she even got a freebie.

Tre-san happily accepted the takoyaki, and this time went to another stall…… where they were baking something that looked like baked cabbages.



[Whoa~~ Those look delicious.]

[……Whats up, missy You gonna negotiate with me like you did at that store over there]



The elderly owner of the store called out to Tre, who was waiting happily, swaying her body from side to side, for the completion of the product.

Thereupon, Tre-san smiled at his words and spoke……



[Hmmm, unlike the guy at that stall, it seems like Owner-san is a rather austere artisan.

I heard otherworlders call such mannerisms chic…… However, I wont talk too much about those things to such a cool and austere person, as I have expectations of your sneaky disposition.]

[Haahh, youre really skilled at this…… Fine, here, Ill give you some extras.]

[Yay! Thanks!]



As Tre-san accepted the gift with great joy, I noticed the slightly concerned look on the faces of the owners of surrounding stalls.

How should I say this…… It feels like they wanted her to come to their place or something like that.

I could understand how they felt.

Tre-san, who was given extra freebies, had a really happy smile on her face, and you could tell straight away that she was overjoyed…… Seeing her like that makes you want to give her some extra freebies.

Her communipower really is great……



In an instant, Tre-san, who became like an idol of the surrounding stalls, came back with her hands full of food.



[Im back~~ Lets eat this together.

I dont think well have customers all the time, so lets eat these in between.]

[That sounds good.

We can take turns taking short breaks.

We have a large space in the back of our stall, so Ill put some chairs out there.]



Just as Tre-san said, there certainly wont be an endless stream of customers.

Lets take it easy and enjoy the food while taking a break in the back.

Incidentally, as for the division of roles, Cento-san and Cien-san, who are great at cooking, will make the baby castellas, while Tre-san and I will sell them…… Well, we plan to take turns in this aspect along the way.



While Im thinking about this, the time to open our stall finally arrived.

A stuffed costume, which I dont think would draw customers at all, stands in front of our stall holding a sign, and we are finally ready to open our stall.



[Kaito-kun, everyones here~~!]




And the moment our stall opened, the baby castella demon descended.

Her arrival was too early.

This guy is definitely somewhere nearby earlier, waiting for the opening……


















Serious-senpai : [Tres communipower is really high.

Also, it seems like the first customer is the baby castella demon…… I dont know how I should feel upon thinking about her eating that baby castella though.

Should I look forward to it, or perhaps be scared……]


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