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Chapter 30: Can You Help Me

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At the same time, Li Yuansi, who had come to play with his friends and was wearing a cold expression, saw this scene the moment he looked up.

Pei Yunges eyes were curled up in a smile as she carelessly lifted her glass towards the performers on stage. Meanwhile, her eyes remained fixed on the dancer as she slowly downed the entire glass.

Seeing this, the women dancing sexily on stage somehow felt their heart speed up as heat made their faces flush rose.

All the while, the people who were cheering excitedly under the stage did not notice any abnormalities at all.

“Damn, that young miss is really good! She takes both men and women Its my first time seeing it!”

With that, a friend beside Lu Yuansi exclaimed as he stared at Pei Yunge. With that face of hers, even he wanted to jump and swim within the girls pond!

However, Lu Yuansis expression darkened. It seemed like his desk mates private life was even more unchaste than his. He even believed Pei Yunges nonsense words about finding a part-time job!

“However, I feel that she looks a little familiar. Brother Lu, do you think…”

Before his friend could finish speaking, Lu Yuansi had already turned around to leave.

“Hey, Brother Lu! Why arent you waiting for me!”

At the bar counter.

After the woman left the stage, she walked towards Pei Yunge and smiled brightly.

“Miss, if youre alone, can I sit here” She stared at Pei Yunge with eyes filled with interest.

To be frank, for a person who had been in the entertainment industry for many years like her, she was already long immune to pretty faces.

However, when she first saw this person before her, her brain still had an automatic conclusion.

This girl was way too pretty. Yet, when she smiled brightly, her eyes were void of any warmth at all. She gave others a sense of mystery, making them unable to suppress their curiosity and approach her.

“I saw someone holding a camera when I came in. You should go change your clothes first.”

Pei Yunge didnt even lift her head up.

Hearing this, the woman froze for a second and caressed the mask on her face.

“You recognized me”

“Your high notes are very stable. You have a pretty good image and you have a strong dance foundation. Yet, youre unable to become famous” Pei Yunge sounded as if she had randomly found a topic to chat about.

However, her words struck the woman right in her weaknesses!

Indeed, she came to do this part-time job because she wanted to seek some feels and emotion. However, currently, only two people knew of her actual identity.

Yu Manran couldnt help but turn away and anyhow picked up a box of cigarettes. Her slender fingers had just picked up a cigarette and was about to push it between her lips.

However, another hand suddenly took it away from her hands.

“Dont turn back and look at me.” Pei Yunges lazy voice murmured.

Instantly, Yu Manran froze, realizing what was going on.

Almost instinctively, she glanced at Pei Yunge and watched as she placed a hand on top of the counter, her eyes filled with an unconcerned laziness. Somehow, this action only made her look even more charming and attractive.

With her elegant fingers clasping on the cigarette, it looked as if she was lazily caressing the womans cheek.

In reality in a corner nearby, the person who was sneakily taking photos was so angry his eyes almost turned black because he couldnt take a photo with Yu Manrans facial features!

He clearly saw that Yu Manran wanted to smoke just now. In the end, all he took was someone else holding onto a cigarette and caressing Yu Manrans cheek!

Besides, there was no way this photo could prove that it was Yu Manran!

Not too long later, Pei Yunge returned the cigarette to Yu Manran. However, as if she was fearful now, Yu Manran threw the cigarette away instantly.

What a relief! She was so close to being boycotted online. Her affinity with the public wasnt too good to begin with.

“Take note next time.”

With that said, Pei Yunge left a few red dollar notes under the glass and got up to leave.

Seeing this, Yu Manran panicked.

“Can you help me”

She didnt know why, but there was an unshakable feeling that Pei Yunge could help her.

“I-I can pay…” Yu Manran said softly.

Once she was done speaking, she was already regretting her rashness. Would this person in front of her misunderstand her and think that she was humiliating her


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