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Five Adult Male Lions!

“Captain, are you alright”

“Captain, your injuries are really severe.”

Looking at their captains injuries, the gorilla and bear hurriedly asked him about them worriedly.

The Bengal tiger, Meng Fei shook his head. “Its fine. Be careful. Theyre from the Little Kings team.”

Wang Mang asked with interest, “Oh If the Little Kings team is already so impressive, what will the Big Kings team be capable of”

After hearing Wang Mang speak, the three African lions in the distance looked at the giant python in front of them in shock.

At the same time, they were also trying to figure out Wang Mangs identity.

Could he be someone from the Beast God Space

However, following the warning from Beast God Space in their minds, they knew that Wang Mang was not from the Beast God Space at all.

Still... If Wang Mang was not from the Beast God Space, then what the hell was this giant python

Could he be a snake demon

The three African lions could not help but gasp at the thought.

To be honest, they had never seen a real spirit or demon before.

This was their first time!

After all, what else could Wang Mang be if not a snake demon

How else would he be able to speak like a human

It was precisely because of this that they started to worry.

They did not know what abilities the snake demon had!

After all, demons and spirits had always had a presence in Chinese folklore.

However, the Beast God Space now told them that these monsters really existed.

Since they had encountered an anomaly like Wang Mang, they naturally felt a little panicked.

Moreover, even if Wang Mang was not a snake-type demon, his huge body alone was enough to make them panic!

He was 20 meters long and four to five meters tall when he reared his huge head. How could they not be afraid

However, since they knew that Wang Mang could communicate, they decided to talk things over first.

One of the lions asked carefully, “Brother Snake, this is our personal business. Its not appropriate for you to interfere, right”

Wang Mang was taken aback for a second, but he did not take them seriously at all. He said indifferently, “I can interfere if I want. What can you do about it”

The three African lions were speechless, but they were also angered.

He was way too arrogant!

From Wang Mangs tone, it was obvious that he did not take them seriously at all!

For a moment, the three lions were furious, but they did not dare to attack rashly.

Firstly, none of them knew how strong Wang Mang was.

Secondly, Wang Mangs size was too intimidating to them!

That was why they did not dare to act rashly.

At the same time, Meng Fei could not help but laugh.

With Wang Mangs help, they would gain a lot from this mission.

Meng Fei was undeniably curious to know what kind of agreement Wang Mang had reached with his teammates.

However, he also knew that now was not the time to ask.

Thinking of this, Meng Fei suddenly said to Wang Mang, “Brother Python, attack! Once the rest of their team gets here, it wont be easy to deal with them.”

Hearing this, Wang Mang also prepared to make a move.

However, at this critical moment, a muffled lion roar sounded from afar.

This made Wang Mang, Meng Fei, and the others turn around.

From the distant forest, two even larger lions were walking over at a moderate pace.

They were enormous!

They were that much larger than the Bengal Tiger, Meng Fei, and the three African lions from before.

Seeing this scene, even Wang Mang could not help but be shocked.

These two lions did not look much different from African lions.

However, their sizes were worlds apart!

It was like the difference between a kitten and an adult cat!

Moreover, the long mane on the necks of these two mighty lions looked even brighter and more domineering.

Their bodies were nearly six meters long! Their limbs were strong and powerful! They gave off an immense pressure!

Even Wang Mang could not help but feel astonished. Were they giant lions

It was simply impossible for ordinary African lions to grow to such a size!

Then… there was only one other possibility!

It was very likely that these two huge lions were not African lions, but a type of lion that he did not know!


Just as Wang Mang came to that conclusion, Meng Fei, the Bengal tiger beside him, explained, “Brother Python, be careful. They are an adult Cape lion and an American Lion!”

“The six-meter one is the American Lion. Its also the leader of the Little Kings team in this mission.

“The other one is a Cape lion. You could say hes the vice-captain of the team!”

Hearing this, Wang Mang understood. No wonder these two lions were so much larger than the other members.

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Since these two huge lions were the captain and vice-captain respectively, it made sensethat not only were they big in size, but their combat strength was also definitely much stronger.

Wang Mang gradually became serious.

Although Wang Mang did not think that these guys were his opponents, he still needed to be cautious.

At the same time, the two lions gathered beside the other three lions.

In an instant, the five lions had already gathered together!

The five lions sized up the members on Meng Feis side with ferocious gazes.

Of course, Wang Mang was obviously the focus of their attention!


Even the Cape lion and the American lion looked at Wang Mang with fear.

To them, the python in front of them was really too big!

Moreover, it was not an ordinary python!

Obviously, these two captains had already recognized the identity of the python.

This was not an ordinary python, but an extinct snake, the Titan Python!

It was precisely because of this that the two giant lions found it hard to believe!

Most importantly, this giant python was not a member of the Beast God Space!

According to their team members, it was very likely to be a legendary snake demon!

Just this point alone made them attach great importance to Wang Mang!

When the Bengal Tiger saw the lineup of both sides, his heart sank.

To be honest, he only knew that there was a lion in the Little Kings team.

He did not expect the entire team to consist of lions!

In that case, just how strong would the Big Kings team be

Meng Feis heart became even gloomier at the thought.

To be honest, even with Wang Mangs help, he still felt uneasy.

“Brother Python, are you feeling any pressure” At this moment, the big bear was also feeling very stressed out.

“Thats right! Brother Python, can you take them on” Even the gorilla was also worried.

Wang Mang said nonchalantly, “Its fine. If I say theres no problem, then theres no problem.”

Wang Mang had the confidence to say this because he had his Poison Fang — now the Peerless Poison Fang at that!

Once he sank his fangs into their flesh, no matter how powerful the prey was, they would fall in minutes.

This was also Wang Mangs trump card, and the reason why he did not take these lions seriously!

After hearing Wang Mangs words, the enemy leader, the American lion, sneered and said, “Alright! I want to see how powerful you are!”

Clearly, the way Wang Mang underestimated them had completely angered the five lions.

After all, they were five male lions. Even if they were wary of Wang Mang, they had their own pride to defend.

Now, Wang Mang was blatantly looking down on them. How could they not be furious

In an instant, the five lions approached Wang Mang in unison.

There was no denying it...

The sight of these five male lions bearing down on them at once was truly intimidating!



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