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Unlike cats, dogs wagged their tails whenever they were in a good mood, right

‘As expected, the person who gives food is the best, right Isn’t that so Did I build trust by giving him a lot of delicious food’

I was smiling with the relief and joy that I had gained trust with him when suddenly he spoke to me.

This was the first time.


An attractive, low-pitched voice rang out.

“Tell me.

I will listen.”

“I have… a favor to ask of you.”

I replied in an honest tone to show my sincerity and to increase my credibility.

Cadis gazed at me over and over again as if it felt unfamiliar and burdensome to ask someone for something.

The thought of ‘Is it okay’ was clearly read in those clear eyes.

Seeing that, I had the guards open the iron door.

Even with me standing in front of him, Cadis was no longer as afraid of me as before.

“What’s your request”

“Can I live in human form…”

Shapeshifters could move faster and attack more easily when in their original form.

In an unfamiliar place, even with their weapons being taken away, the appearance of a dog must have been comfortable and stable to physically protect himself.

That was why I did not force them to turn into humans but let them do what they wanted.

Cadis glanced at me and said shyly as he could see the surprise in my eyes.

“…It’s more convenient to use tableware when eating.”

Hearing the unexpected reason, I was a little dazed.

He then added the reason why he felt that and explained when he saw me like that.

“If I eat like this, the surroundings will be dirty.”

‘Is he giving up on his sense of security because he wants to eat cleanly…’

Even though it was bewildering, it was not bad because if he turned into a human, it would be easier to surveillance would be easier.

I called the servant and ordered.

“Bring him clothes.”

Cadis, who read the permission, nodded at me.

“Thank you.”

His tail was bouncing.



゚・ : * ✧ * :・ ゚



‘I really don’t know what dogs do.’

Cats and dogs are animals that people can easily access at first glance, and even if they look similar, they are significantly different—for example, the difference between cats and dogs is as big as the difference between elephants and whales.

That meant that even I, who was a walking encyclopedia about cats, knew nothing about dogs.

‘…Why is he doing this’

Feeling a little burdened, I stood a little farther down the terrace and glanced at Cadis, who was staring at me.

He was a handsome man with deep brown eyes and dark hair that helped to create a reliable and calm atmosphere.

In human form, he was as tall as Dimitri.

‘I thought Dimitri was the tallest person I’ve ever seen.’

However, he looked much bigger than Dimitri, and while Dimitri had a slender and well-balanced physique, Cadis had a thick and muscular body.

Moreover, unlike Dimitri with white skin, he had dark skin.

Contrary to Dimitri, who had a sharp impression with sharp eyes, Cadis gave an honest impression with round eyes.

In addition, while Dimitri gave off a delicate and elegant feeling, Cadis gave off an ample and relaxed atmosphere.

‘They’re so opposite that I keep comparing Dimitri and Cadis.’

I was surprised by my own standards, as I kept using Dimitri as a measurement.

When did he become so familiar to me…

Conversely, it also meant that I found Cadis extremely unfamiliar and foreign.

And, it was because it was awkward for a person to keep recognizing someone’s unfamiliarity.


I have been having a very awkward time because of Cads, who had been staring at me since a while ago.

‘I persuaded Dimitri to let him go for a walk, but why is he just looking at me’

In the first place, was he not the person who, until a few days ago, was uncomfortable and growled just by seeing me

However, today’s Cadis was utterly different.

Does he just continue to wander around me and look at me with curious eyes If the knights had not stopped him, he would have even sat down at the table where I was drinking tea.

‘Do dogs normally open their hearts so quickly and express their interest in others…’

It was a good sign that he had loosened his guard around me.

Although I have no idea what made him forgive me, does it mean that he no longer feels any fear or resentment towards me

As I could not stand Cadis’ gaze, I eventually decided to speak to him.

“…Excuse me.”

“Are you talking to me”

I was a little surprised to see his expression brighten dramatically.

Even though he was in a human form, somehow, it felt as if I could still see his tail wagging behind him.

‘Why does he like it so much And, how does he show his emotions like that’

As I had been dealing with the coy and arrogant cats, when I dealt with Cadis, it was too stimulating for me.

It was like the sweetness of the fruits that seemed to give me a taste of soda mixed with sugar.

I tend to be shy and passive, but Cadis has a lot of extroverted aura.

As he was coming so close, I sat down and pulled my upper body back a little without realizing it, and the knights quickly stopped him.

Cadis, who seemed to have no will to attack, apologized and quietly stepped back.

He seemed depressed, with his shoulders drooping.

‘…How can a person be so transparent’

Feeling pity, I had no choice but to speak to the knights.

“It’s okay.

Let him go.”

At that, his expression brightened again.

“Why did you call me Is there anything you want me to do”

I smiled awkwardly at the question with the will to do anything if I asked for it before opening my mouth, “Just in case there’s… is there something you want to say to me”

“Is that what you want to say Can I do it if I have one”

Muttering so, Cadis rolled his eyes and pondered what to say.

‘Don’t squeeze your head…’*

[ T/N: It’s an idiom which means ‘To make a great effort in thinking through.’ ]

…Why did he look at me like that if he did not have anything to say, then

Cadis uttered brightly as though he had come up with what he wanted to say after having been in trouble for a while.

“Can we go for a walk together”

Then, he held out the chains that bound him.

The knight who was holding the end of the chain stared at him ferociously, but his gaze was only on me.

The next moment, Cadis cautiously suggested as he read my hesitation.

“I’ll never get close to you.”

I was a little surprised and amazed, so I could not immediately refuse.

‘Why does he want to go for a walk with me’

I was going to ease his resentment a little bit by providing him with convenience though I never imagined that I would be able to get such a liking from him.

‘Why all of a sudden…’

I looked back on yesterday to see if I had anything that would suddenly change his attitude, but I could not figure it out.

Rather, I thought that Dimitri would have made him hate me even more because of his tyrannical attitude.

‘…He couldn’t have forgotten that Rowaine had abused him already.’

In the end, although I was puzzled, I could not say no to Cadis, who wagged an invisible imaginary tail in anticipation, and nodded my head.

“Yes, we can.

We can walk a little.”

The knights were agitated as if they did not think I would allow it.

Still, I was planning to score points for Cadis when I had the chance.

‘It’s not difficult to walk together.’

So, we walked together at a reasonable distance.

He seemed to want me to hold his chain, but it was difficult for me, so I had no choice but to entrust it to the knight.

‘No matter how hard I try, it’s against the ethical consciousness of modern people to hold and drag people around…’

Cadis walked at the same pace as me.

While it was awkward to walk alongside him, somehow, I felt reassured.

He then asked me cautiously.

“May I ask you a question”

“Ask me.”

“I want to know your name.”


He is asking for my name…

I stared at him, wondering if I heard something wrong or if there was any hidden meaning in the question.

However, Cadis was waiting for my answer with his clear, innocent eyes.

I was stunned as I tried to mumble Rowaine’s name, stammering unsurely.

“Ro…waine Lars…cel Now, I guess it’s the Duchess of Blois…”

Nevertheless, Cadis looked at me with his straight eyes and said.

“Your real name.”

For a moment, I stopped breathing.

…What does he mean, my real name Unsure of his intentions, I stared into his dark brown eyes.

But, there was no intention in his eyes.

He was purely asking me.

“I want to know who you are.”

Little by little, I carefully exhaled the breath I had held in as if I was secretly breathing.

A certain shiver seemed to unfurl from my stomach.

My eyes fluttered wildly, and many thoughts ran through my head.

Even though I could have pretended not to care about what he was saying, I did not do that.

It was as though a certain powerful will in my mind had taken over.


Seo Eunsoo.”

“Seo Eunsoo.”

Cadis smiled and repeated my name out loud.

“You can call me Eunsoo.”

“Yes, Eunsoo.”

His straight lips parted, revealing his straight teeth.


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