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Chapter 39

At that time, Dimitri was listening to Hyle’s nagging.

“Are you really going to accommodate the demands of the Count of Bilbao It must have been irrational that we moved in anticipation that we would come to an agreement in the first place.”

“It’s not like I don’t have money to pay for it.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you have money or not, it’s outrageous.

They’re making a fool of the Duke.”

“Even if it wasn’t for this, they’d look down on me in many ways.”

“So, even more…!”

Dimitri glanced at Hyle with an expressionless face.

“Are you dissatisfied with my decision”

‘Ha… There is a lot of that.’

However, as he was pressed by Dimitri’s energy, he bit his mouth tightly.


I’m sorry.”

Even though he backed down for now, Hyle was going crazy and jumping around thinking, ‘why is this person doing this’

Dimitri, who would normally have fought all day growling with the elders, was very obedient today with no fighting power.

Thanks to that, the meeting was over in the blink of an eye, although the damage was also severe.


‘It is not that I do not understand.’

He was worried about Rowaine, fearing that something would happen to her.

Hyle knew well that Dimitri would have no choice but to pamper her, considering her abilities.


Anyway, it was a pity that the damage was regrettable.

Nonetheless, what had already happened could not be undone.

Taking a deep breath, Hyle took one of his horses from his carriage and handed it over to Dimitri.

“Go to the Duchess quickly.”

Dimitri got on the horse without delay.

All he could think of was Rowaine.

‘Her expression was not that good.’

The awkward smile she had when he left Rowaine was still caught in his mind.

Because of that, he hoped the meeting would be over as soon as possible, so Dimitri came out of the room obediently and accepted all the repressions of the elders.

‘…I hope it is not too late.’

Rowaine may not know, but Dimitri fed the demon with plenty of blood and sent it to the First Knight vice-captain so there would not be any harm towards her.

Despite that, why did he feel so uncomfortable and impatient…

Riding his horse faster than ever before, Dimitri headed to the magic circles installed in each area.

He passed through several teleporting circles and arrived at the Count of Larscel.

His horse ran so fast that both the horse and Dimitri were out of breath.


When he reached the hill where the County of Larscel could see at a glance, Dimitri doubted his eyes.


Surrounding the County, the hunting dogs were searching the mansion.

Dimitri hid in the opposite direction of the wind to hide his body odor as he watched what was happening silently.

He soon saw hounds coming out of the mansion with a large sack.

Count Larscel ordered that someone struggling in the sack be loaded onto the carriage.

Even though the carriage looked like a regular carriage, it must have been a carriage to the imperial palace, considering that it was the Emperor’s hound sitting on the coachman’s seat.




゚· : * ✧ * :· ゚



As Count Larscel expected, it was not long before Rowaine was caught by the hounds with a sack covering her head.

The Count kicked his tongue in disapproval and ordered her to be put inside the carriage.

“I didn’t want to be rough, but in the end, you’re making your father use his hand, Rowaine! How dare you try to run away”

“Euu! Eueup…!”

The gagged Rowaine struggled wildly inside the sack.

Her resistance was so strong that the Count, unable to even dare to open the sack and check her face, shoved her into the carriage.

He then nailed her door and sealed it tightly.

“Open it when you arrive at the Imperial Palace.”

Then, with a light-hearted face, he wiped his hands.

“By the way, why is the Countess doing that I couldn’t even see her nose Come on, go find the Countess!”



゚· : * ✧ * :· ゚



Dimitri was sure it was Rowaine in the sack.

It was because when the hounds came out with the sack, he could smell the faint grass in the wind like he always did with Rowaine.

‘…A kidnapping’


She said that she was just going to her family…

Did she ever say that her father was the man who could do such a thing to his daughter… Of course, even if she had not said it, she was still anxious about Count Larscel’s coercive attitude the last time they met a month ago.

‘I knew it would be like this.’

What the hell were the knights of Blois doing Thinking that if he found them, he would have to deal with them firmly.

The next moment, Dimitri used his power without the hounds knowing and decided the timing to attack the carriage.

It would be a good time after the carriage had departed since everyone would take a breather and not be very vigilant…

It was when he was watching the carriage departing with that in mind—


His wide viewing angle caught suspicious movements behind the Count’s mansion from the side of the stable.

Dimitri looked at it carefully and frowned.

‘That is Rowaine…’

In the morning, the woman in the dress Rowaine was wearing was doing something there.

She disappeared behind the building, and after a while, she reappeared with the knights of Blois.

‘They locked up the knight and sent them in a carriage in a sack believed to be her Then, the real Rowaine appeared and released the knights…’

The knights’ bodies showed no signs of a battle at all.

No matter how difficult the fight with the hounds would be, the knights of Blois were not an easy opponent.

Besides, the vice-captain also had his demon.


Dimitri watched the situation with his arms crossed.

Something interesting was going on.

The carriage carrying someone with a sack, unknown who was inside, was far away from sight.

However, Count Larscel seemed to be looking for someone else even after sending the carriage off.

A group of hounds remained undeparted and continued the search.

Woof! Woof, woof!

Then, as he heard a barking dog, the remaining hounds found a woman in Rowaine’s dress.

At that moment, she and the Blois knights began running in the opposite direction of the carriage, riding the horse that had been prepared for her.

Dimitri chuckled.

‘I do not think that is Rowaine either.’

Although the distance was considerable, he had excellent body vision and recognized the woman’s identity without difficulty.

‘It must be a trick.’

Among the five knights he sent with her, one of the female knights was wearing Rowaine’s dress.

The next moment, Dimitri pursued the carriage and the Blois knights before turning his gaze back to the mansion where all the hounds had disappeared.

Finally, he saw the real Rowaine.

She was wearing a ponytail with her hair tied together.

Dropping a pile of duvets from a window on the second floor onto the roof of a neighboring building, she jumped onto it.

Then, she climbed into the stable wall and reappeared with a horse.

Rowaine joined the vice-captain, who had been left alone.

Seeing each of them pulling the horses out, it seemed like she was going to ride the horse on her own.

‘She can ride a horse…’

Dimitri tightened his grip on the reins, worried in case she stumbled.

However, he soon smiled in disappointment.

It was because Rowaine, who lowered her posture to the utmost with her hips raised on the saddle like a rider on a racetrack, rode the horse as swiftly as an arrow.

The speed was unbelievable even with his own eyes.

‘How can she be so fast…’

Dimitri clicked his tongue and hurriedly moved his horse.

At this rate, it seemed that not only the hounds would lose her, but he would, too.



゚· : * ✧ * :· ゚



‘I am lucky to have a horse that runs so well.’

I smiled, riding as if tearing through the curtain of air that came over me at every moment.

The reason I sent the knights as bait first was because I believed in my riding skills.

‘No matter how well-trained knights are, they could not run as fast as horse riders.’

I was used to riding a horse, except for not being able to breathe perfectly because I was unfamiliar with the horse.

I have ridden horses for almost ten years in my previous life and have often won prizes in amateur horse races.

‘I did not think I would use that experience like this.’

Nevertheless, there was some time to spare, and it seemed that some of the quick-witted hounds felt something strange and returned to the Count’s mansion.

When I glanced behind me, I could see three hounds riding on horseback, catching up and chasing me after grasping the situation from afar.

‘…I could not completely get away with it.’

It was terrifying to see people flocking to each other with such a frightening force to pursue me.

‘It is okay.

They are all tall, so they cannot ride faster than me.’

In order for a horse to exhibit its skills, the rider must be small and light.

There were a lot of big men who looked two meters tall.

Seeing that, I thought I could get rid of their horses quickly before I got tired.

‘Ugh… Even though they are large dogs, they are so small when they turn into humans’

As the horses with the two giant shapeshifters quickly got tired and fell back, I could see a small man who was invisible before, sprinting out behind them.

It was unexpected.

Watching them slowly speed up and narrow the distance, I swallowed dry saliva.

‘I cannot keep riding at full speed.’

I was getting tired quickly.

To make matters worse, it had rained the day before, so there was a muddy road ahead.

The muddier the ground, the more effort the horse took and the slower it ran.

Moreover, the physical strength of this untrained body was quickly approaching its limit.

It was extremely difficult to be on a running horse while maintaining the equestrian posture.

Even professional horse riders could hold on to a sprinting horse for only a few minutes.

You would not know how much training they put in to endure it.

…Much less with an untrained body.

‘I have to get rid of them as soon as possible.’

Adjusting the pace, I drew in my head the terrain I had been familiar with by looking at the map in advance during the marriage when planning for Plan B.

‘Soon, there will be a fork in the road… Let’s end it there somehow.’



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