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The Enraged Zombie Lord

Tang Zhen almost used all his strength to try to rush out of the room crazily.

Once in the hall, his chances of escaping would increase greatly. Moreover, the various items inside could be used to help him dodge and hide.

Tang Zhens plan was very good. Unfortunately, he had far underestimated the importance of this metal box to the Zombie Lord and the strength the Zombie Lord had.

In the blink of an eye, the Zombie Lord had already rushed in front of him.

His speed was far inferior to that of a lord-level monster, so before he could reach the door, he was blocked by the huge body of the Zombie Lord.

Tang Zhen, who had nowhere to run, could only carefully retreat into the room. Under the cover of the Quantum Invisibility Screen, he stole a glance at the Zombie Lord, but he didnt even dare to breathe loudly.

The Zombie Lord was already furious. It didnt expect that someone would actually dare to enter here. Not only did the other party sneak past the hidden guards, but the other party even stole an extremely important item.

That item had a special connection with it, so it had already sensed it the moment the connection was broken.

It didnt matter if it lost other things. They were all things it had accidentally collected. It didnt mind throwing those things away.

However, if this particular item was lost, the consequences would be a little unbearable, even for the Zombie Lord.

“Damn it, I should have kept it with me at all times!”

As the Zombie Lord thought about it, the anger in its heart grew.

Although the Zombie Lord couldnt see the thief in the room, it could sense a weak aura that didnt belong here stopping in the middle of the room. Without a doubt, it belonged to the thief!

“Damn thief, get out here!”

The Zombie Lord roared and attacked without hesitation.

A palm the size of a basin smashed fiercely at the aura in its perception. It wanted to smash the thief into meat paste!


The ground shattered, and rocks flew everywhere. This room was smashed beyond recognition by the huge palm, and all the decorations turned into powder.

An ordinary slap actually had such a shocking power. This must be the special ability of a lord-level monster above level six.

However, after the Zombie Lord slapped out, it actually became even angrier.

Because in its perception, that weak aura actually disappeared instantly!

The other party wasnt killed by it. Instead, he had suddenly disappeared!

Damn it, he actually disappeared. He actually disappeared mysteriously with the key item used for the sacrifice!

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This way, how could the Zombie King descend Now that the Zombie Lord has affected the Zombie Races big plan, wouldnt it be sliced into pieces

The more the Zombie Lord monster thought about it, the more afraid it became. The more fear it felt, the angrier it became. It couldnt help but roar!

It was all because of this damn little thief. If it caught him, it would definitely torture him alive for a hundred years before turning him into a zombie slave and continue torturing him.

After the Zombie Lords anger subsided a little, it began to think hard.

It was still able to save the situation. Although the key item that would be used for the sacrifice had been stolen by the detestable little thief, the Zombie Kings plan couldnt be delayed. The only way was to gather enough substitutes as soon as possible.

Initially, the zombie lord-level monster planned to complete the mission in a low profile manner, not wanting to alarm the native experts of this world. But since such a thing had happened, it could only use its trump card!

When the Zombie Lord thought of this, its blood-red eyes suffused a cruel light. It turned around and walked to the huge statue. Then, it knelt down and kowtowed extremely devoutly.

On the ground in front of the Zombie Lord was surprisingly a strange black altar!

Eight strange sculptures stood around the altar. Looking carefully, they were actually carved from huge black bones, emitting a faint blood-colored mist.

After the Zombie Lord finished kowtowing, it slowly raised its hand and stretched out a finger.

The sharp nail on this finger was about three inches long. It was crystalline, like a sharp military knife.

It stabbed its heart with its sharp nails. Then, black blood spewed out of its wound. The Zombie Lord let out a suppressed cry of pain.

The black blood landed on the altar and squirmed gently, as if it was alive.

Then, the Zombie Lord chanted something in a strange tone. A moment later, the blood suddenly disappeared. At the same time, countless black smoke shot out from the altar and flew into the eyebrows of the statues in the hall.

“Wake up, my sleeping subordinates!”

The Zombie Lord stood up and roared. The eyes of the statues actually glowed red at the same time, and then they moved one by one.

They let out terrifying low roars and slowly gathered together with heavy footsteps. Then, they followed the Zombie Lord to the door of the wild building.

Standing at the door of the wild building, it pointed in all directions and shouted, “Clean up all the surrounding areas and bring all the monsters and wanderers we encounter. Then, kill tens of thousands of creatures to create a blood pool altar to welcome the descent of the Zombie King!”


At this moment, all the zombie monsters roared in unison, their eyes filled with the desire to kill.

The Zombie Lord chanted again in a low voice. Its body emitted a black and red mist that spread near the wild building.

After the mist on the Zombie Lord stopped overflowing, its tall and huge body seemed to tremble a few times.

At the same time, around the building, the air seemed to have been distorted again. Then, a black gap invisible to the human eye slowly appeared.

At the same time, more black shadows appeared, densely filling the empty space in front of the building!

After that magical light flashed, the black crack disappeared. However, this empty space was already filled with groups of Saber Shield Ghost Soldiers and zombie monster archers. They were led by Ghost Soldier Captains, and their ferocious faces looked at the Zombie Lord.

The smell of corpses was suffocating, and the killing intent was soaring.

Beside these zombie soldiers, there was also a group of cavalry riding monsters that looked like warhorses. They were wearing heavy armor, like mobile fortresses covered in blood and flesh.

“Let go of me, please let go of me!”

A voice sounded. The zombie soldiers made way and more than ten Shadow Ghost Explorers escorting several wanderers walked over. Then, they kicked them down and made them kneel side by side in front of the Zombie Lord.

Looking at the airtight terrifying monsters around them looking at them with bloodthirsty and terrifying eyes, these wanderers were scared out of their wits and kept begging.

The Zombie Lord looked at its subordinates in satisfaction and opened its bloody mouth to laugh loudly, filled with madness.

Then, it pulled out its Horse Slaying Saber and casually waved it in front of them. Immediately, several terrified wanderers heads shot into the sky.

It reached out and grabbed a human head and gently clenched its fist to crush him. After that, the Zombie Lord waved in the direction of Black Rock City!

“Warriors, lets go!”


Tang Zhen lay on the ground at home with his face covered in dust. Blood flowed from the corners of his mouth, but a pleasantly surprised and shocked expression flashed on his face.

After crawling up from the ground with difficulty, Tang Zhen wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. After walking to the bed, he collapsed on it.

The experience in the wild building just now could be said to be soul-stirring. If he hadnt teleported in time, he would probably have been slapped into meat paste by the Zombie Lord.

But even so, his internal organs were still affected by the mysterious power carried by the Zombie Lords palm. The blood flowing out of the corners of his mouth was the best proof.

However, the angrier the Zombie Lord was, the more it proved that the thing Tang Zhen took was very precious!

However, the obvious intelligence revealed by the Zombie Lords words and actions, as well as the angry snort that sounded like an illusion when he put away the box, made him feel that these zombie monsters were not ordinary monsters.

If the truth was really as he guessed, it probably wouldnt be long before a big event happened!

After throwing away the wild thoughts in his mind, Tang Zhen swallowed an Ivy ointment and felt that the chaotic aura had calmed down a lot. Only then did he stand up with difficulty.

With a casual wave, a strange metal box appeared in front of him.

Because this box almost cost him his life, and the Zombie Lord valued it so much, Tang Zhen couldnt wait to see what was inside.

Although the best place to open the box should be in Building World, Tang Zhen could guarantee that as long as he teleported back, he would definitely be caught by the Zombie Lord.

This was also the reason why he ran away after obtaining the box. Until now, he was still worried about how he could leave that damn room safely the next time he teleported back to Building World.

Tang Zhen went around the back of the box and stretched out his hand to open the box. The box was actually opened easily by him.

It was too easy. There were actually no mechanisms or hidden locks. This didnt make sense!

Tang Zhen muttered and thought to himself that the safety measures were so inadequate, but the Zombie Lord was so nervous. Could it be that the Zombie Lords private diary was hidden inside

He carefully stuck his head out to look at the box. With just a glance, Tang Zhens body froze.

At this moment, in the metal box, there was a box full of items. There was a short sword, a black robe, a few rolls of special-colored paper, a glass bottle the size of an index finger, and some junk.

However, none of these things attracted Tang Zhens attention. His gaze was completely attracted by the bright crystals in the box.

“This is… This is…”

Tang Zhen trembled as he picked up one of the crystals. After looking at it in front of his eyes, he smiled foolishly like a fool. Then, his laughter became louder and louder. In the end, he laughed until tears flowed out.

“Damn, theyre all brain beads. Theyre all monster brain beads above level three!”



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