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Chapter 47: Body Measurement

Following that was various check-ups such as checking the blood pressure, ECG (heart’s rhythm and electrical activity), height, weight, urine and others.

The examination was something akin to a normal medical check-up.

Yuuma’s eyes opened wide the moment he was brought to the last room.


「This is――」


Sitting in that room was a huge instrument.

There were various duct pipes and cables connected to the instrument which look like a hollowed kiln.

The mechanism parts were laid bare without cover; Yuuma was convinced that the instrument wasn’t your average instrument.

Aisha operated the PC that connected to the instrument with cable, the front hatch of the instrument then opened up, and rose upward.

Inside was a chair big enough for one person.


「Now sit in that chair for now.」

「W-What is this」


Aisha humphed when Yuuma asked that question in a timid voice.


「My homemade “Mana Measuring Tool”.

Its precision is worlds apart from the other tools out there.

It can measure mana index up to 1/10000 since it can measure minute differences between electromagnetic waves.

With this, we might be able to find out the reason why your mana index doesn’t rise.」



Yuuma then looked back at the instrument.

Then he realized that it had a quite similar form to the mana measuring tool he saw in the 『Blue Dungeon』.

Thus he couldn’t help but worry since the person herself said it was “Homemade”.


「Is… Is this thing safe It look a bit scary though.」

「It’s safe.

It’s made by this genius me after all.

Although It’s still a prototype, this is the safest and most efficient among the existing mana measuring tools.

Its patent is still in process.

Now you can feel at ease and enter the instrument!」


Yuuma sent a glance at the president who followed from behind.

The president who noticed Yuuma’s pleading raised his thumb as if he was encouraging Yuuma.

――This person is too irresponsible!

Yuuma who felt unwilling yet couldn’t refuse timidly entered the instrument.

The hatch then shut down while making a suspicious crank sound.

He could hear Aisha’s voice from the outside, telling him to stay still in the chair.

And then, the instrument started making all kinds of sounds that made him more and more anxious, and scared.

The blinking light inside the instrument looks like an alarm for him.


Cold sweat started appearing from his forehead.

The light and noises then settled down around five minutes later, the hatch opened up again after the instrument had completely stopped.


「Okay! You may come out now.」


Yuuma heaved a sigh of relief after he came out from the instrument, finally feeling safe and sound.


「How’s the result of the measurement」


Aisha shook her head with a tired look on her face when the president asked that question.


「This is still a prototype, the result won’t come out immediately.

I’ll send the result of the measurement along with the other tests later by email.

That’s enough right」

「Yes, as long as we know the reason why Yuuma’s mana index won’t rise.」


When the president was about to open the door, Aisha called out to him.


「Ah, I’ll send it along with the next exploration schedule.」


「Got it.」 Said the president as he left.

Yuuma thanked Aisha and bowed to her before he followed the president from behind.




「Maan, she really is an eccentric woman.」


Yuuma let out such grumbling once he entered the car.




I might’ve been mingling with her for quite a long time but, even I can’t deny that she’s rather eccentric person.」


Yuuma laughed inside since even her long-time acquaintance, the president himself, agreed with him.


「Nevertheless, her skill as a biologist is definitely top notch.

That’s why it should be alright with her.」



――It seems he doesn’t doubt Aisha-san’s ability.

Now I understand why Tanaka-san said that he had no idea whether their relationship was good or bad.


「Anyhow, you’re going to come with us to 『Red Dungeon』 in Ibaraki tomorrow!」

「Eh!! Are you sure」

「Yes, the truth is I want to take you after you learn “Water Magic” but, I guess the magic have to wait after the examination result come out.」

「Won’t I become a hindrance for you」

「Hahahaha, worry not, Tanaka-san and Me aren’t amateurs.

We have no problem with escorting a person.

Not that we’re going to dive into deep floor either.」

「I understand.

I’ll do my best to learn the knack for becoming a better seeker!」



The president started the engine and steered the car backwards while confirming the situation behind the car from the mirror.

After the car passed the narrow road, he stepped on the accelerator.




The morning next day, the president’s jeep wrangler went straight toward Ibaraki’s 『Red Dungeon』.

Maika was sitting in the passenger seat.

Yuuma and Tanaka sat in the back seat.

In short, everyone in D-Minor would dive into the dungeon today.

They’re going north to the Joban expressway, entering Tsukuba city.

And finally arrived right in Ishioka city where the dungeon was located.


「Yuuma-kun, I made a lunch box today.

Look forward to it.」


Maika who sat in the passenger seat turned around and spoke brightly.


「Yes, thank you very much! Are you going to dive into the dungeon too, Maika-san」

「Yes, I’m also an explorer after all.

While I can’t dive too deep, it won’t be a problem to provide support within the shallow floor.」


The president who touched the steering wheel opened his mouth.


「Since Maika can use water magic, She has more combat potential than the current Yuuma.

Her job today is to protect Yuuma.」

「Eh! To protect me」


It was really a critical blow for Yuuma, as a man.


「Geez, you’re exaggerating things.

The reason I come along today is that Tanaka-san has to support the president diving into the dungeon, there’s no special reason at all.」


Though Maika denied that with a smile, the fact that Yuuma felt useless since he couldn’t use magic was real.

Though he could protect himself if he used “Metallization”, it wasn’t something to be used in public.

Their destination came into view as they had the conversation.




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