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Pandemonium of Ghosts

Just when Zhao Liangcai and the Botchling were staring at each other confused.

Zhao Liangchen, who was just a few steps behind, also came to the door. He looked up and saw what Zhao Liangcai was holding was not the child ghost he had raised, but instead a bloodied Botchling.

A Botchling was a baby who was killed while still inside the mothers womb, and by all calculations, it should be a kind of Vengeful Spirit.

And is one of the most ferocious kinds.

How strong could this resentment—of being abandoned by ones mother before it was even born—be

Seeing that Zhao Liangcai was in such a precarious state, Zhao Liangchens eyes widened as he immediately shouted. “Let it go, now! Thats a Botchling!”

A Botchling

Zhao Liangcais pupils shrank. His brain was a little blank earlier, and that voice had violently woke him up like a hammer blow. The short-lived confusion instantly turned into extreme fear as all the words he had in mind were condensed into one.


He tossed the ghost in his hand away and ran. He had come charging in like a hero, but now he was fleeing like a zero.

The Botchling too came back to its senses at this moment, so you were afraid of me

Since youre afraid me, then Im not afraid of you!

Its small body turned around in the air and then pounced towards the fleeing figure.


Zhao Liangchen naturally would not just stay idle. As he formed a finger mudra, his bracelet lit up and transformed into a flying sword. The Botchling was then stabbed with a sword light.


It was pierced in the chest by the sword light and was nailed straight onto the wall behind!

But the Botchlings ferocious reputation did not come from nothing. Not only did the strike not kill it, but with its tiny hands, it pulled the flying sword out with a grunt.

Blood splattered all over. And with a strange cry, all of the blood spurted out from the gaping wound had transformed into a stream as it rushed forward!

Zhao Liangcai had only managed to get to the door at this moment, and the stream of blood behind him was already about to catch up and swallow him whole.

Zhao Liangchen grabbed Zhao Liangcai by the shoulder and shoved Zhao Liangcai backward as he held up a talisman in his hand and blasted it out with his palm.


The roiling blood stream crashed against the talisman, and as a red light flashed, it exploded.

But it was not yet over. After the blood stream, the Botchling itself came pouncing over, covered in blood and bearing a menacing look.


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Zhao Liangchen yelled again. The flying sword that the Botchling tossed onto the ground earlier suddenly lit up and flew back.


The blood light flashed again, and the Botchlings tiny body was cut into two.

Complete obliteration.

As Zhao Liangchen held the flying sword in his hand and looked at the light dying out on the sword blade, he could not help but feel distressed.

The flying sword had been tainted by the Botchlings blood, and its vessel spirit was damaged. It would take a lot of effort and materials to reconstitute it.

Immediately, this distress turned into anger as he glared at Zhao Liangcai. “You fool! Some bullheaded bravery there huh!”

When Zhao Liangcai saw that the Botchling was dead, he relaxed a little and said sheepishly, “I saw Miss Gongsun being frightened, and so I was a little anxious...”

But Gongsun Rou did not care about his heartfelt expression. When she saw Li Chu and Wang Longqi coming out from next door, she immediately approached them.

“Miss Gongsun, are you alright” Wang Longqi asked.

“Im fine.” Gongsun Rou shook her head. Upon seeing Wang Longqi limping as he walked, she asked, “Are you hurt”

“Heh, I was fighting a ghost earlier, and in the end, Li Chu and I worked together to kill it,” said Wang Longqi.

Ah well, since he had already paid me. as Li Chu thought like this, he forgave Wang Longqis shamelessness in his heart.

“Shameless.” The five little ghosts said in unison.

They had followed behind Li Chu and floated out in a row.

The moment they saw Zhao Liangchen over there, they quickly scampered over and hid behind him.

“These little ghosts...” Wang Longqi felt something was wrong and pointed at Zhao Liangchen.

Zhao Liangchen ignored him and quickly put away the little ghosts with his black bottle as he said solemnly, “Theres something really wrong with this building. Lets all go out first.”

“Ah Didnt you just kill the ghost earlier” said Zhao Liangcai reluctantly.

Both he and Wang Longqi had a bet, so he did not want to leave so easily.

Zhao Liangchen glared at him and said, “The Yin Qi here in just too strong, and there are definitely more than two to three ghosts here. There maybe on in every room!”

“What” Everyone was astonished.

Li Chu was not surprised. As night fell, the Yin Qi here got stronger and stronger, and he sensed that too.

But it was a little strange as he could not sense where these Yin Qi originated from, as if they had appeared out of thin air.

Wang Longqi looked back at the circling tower block and realized there might very well be hundreds of rooms here, big and small. If there was a ghost in every room, wouldnt that be hundreds of them

He swallowed hard and looked at Zhao Liangcai. “The bet is void, how about we head out together”

Zhao Liangcai perked his neck up, wanting to spit some venom, but he dared not stay here any longer, and so he said, “Since youre already regretting it, I will give you a chance then.”

Zhao Liangchen took the lead and went downstairs.

Several others followed him closely behind. As Wang Longqi had an injured foot, he was the slowest, and Li Chu slowed down to accompany him. Gongsun Rou wanted to get closer to Li Chu, so she slowed down too. As a result, the six were gradually divided into two teams.


The three members of the Zhao clan were walking in front. Zhao Liangchen reminded them in a grim voice, “Be quiet, dont disturb them.”

“Alright.” Zhao Liangcai nodded quickly in assent.

However, before his words even fully left his mouth, a big, withered, black face suddenly emerged from the door on his left.

“AAAHHHH!!!” Zhao Liangcai was suddenly frightened by that as he staggered two steps and crashed against the fence, falling as he screamed and toppled over!

Fortunately, there was a netting underneath, but it had been there for decades and was no longer sturdy. Whats more, Zhao Liangcai was obese, so he immediately tore through the netting and fell onto the ground.

This time, the commotion kicked up was big.

Zhao Liangchen used his left hand to form a mudra as he pointed at the ghost while his right hand hit out with a fire talisman.


The black-faced ghost, which had just poked its head out, was burned by the flames long before it could see anything clearly. Immediately, it returned to the room.

When Zhao Liangchen looked back, his expression changed drastically!

All of the closed doors were now trembling, and in a blink of an eye, more than a dozen ghosts emerged from the doors and the walls and began to wander.


Among these ghosts, there were skinny old people with pale white hair, blabbering singers, green-faced brawny men, elegant female ghosts in traditional costumes, and even more non-human ghosts. The only common thing was that their cultivation was not low, and none of them was easy prey!

Zhao Liangchen frowned hard. He grabbed Zhao Xiaomiaos arm and jumped. They flew down and landed beside Zhao Liangcai.

Zhao Liangcai was still kicking about inside the broken net, screaming as he went. Zhao Liangchen gave his behind a proper kick as he shouted, “Stop screaming already!”

With the two in hand, he quickly darted towards the gate on the first floor and wanted to leave this forsaken place as soon as possible.

Suddenly, he heard a strange roar, and a behemoth rushed out and blocked his way.


Li Chu was still guarding Wang Longqi and Gongsun Rou as they were walking slowly.

Gongsun Rou saw more and more ghosts appearing around her. Her face was already pale, but her courage did not falter as she bit her lower lip and said nothing.

Li Chu could not help but take another glance at her. This Miss Gongsun may look weak and gentle, but she had iron inside her.

On the contrary, Wang Longqi—who was already limping as he walked—felt his calves kept cramping with fear. As a result, his movements became even more sluggish.

Especially when he looked up and saw almost all of the ghosts in the rooms had come out and were gradually converging downwards, he simply could not process the various ghosts and was scared stiff.

And suddenly, it was a Pandemonium of Ghosts!

It was a total state of despair!

Wang Longqi gritted his teeth and said loudly, “Li Chu!”

Take Miss Gongsun and run, dont let me drag both of you down with me! After you escape, take good care of Miss Gongsun for me! I will bless both of you in the underworld! Dont worry about me! I will be a hero again after eighteen years!”

He had wanted to say these awe-inspiring words.

But at this moment, a three-headed Yasha could not restrain its bloodthirst and dove down! All three of its head were green-faced with menacing fangs, looking all ferocious and evil, and this image alone could scare some timid people to death.

Its six muscular and sharp claws extended down, and any one of them could squeeze the head of a liger into a pulp.

The sudden fear made Wang Longqi unable to speak, and his heart almost stopped.

And then, Li Chu, who was in front of him, did not even look at it as he drew his blade and swung it.


A sharp white light passed through the Three-headed Yashas ghost body. The light was barely halfway through it before the body could no longer withstand the blow and burst apart.

Only then did Li Chu turn his head back and look at Wang Longqi. “You were calling for me just now”

“Ugh... I was asking you to be careful,” Wang Longqi said sheepishly.




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