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At noon, Meng Heng did not pester her too much, but when it was time to knock off, it was obviously not going to be so easy to get rid of him.

Around the time she got off work, he kept glancing out of the window. He only stopped worrying when he saw that the man from yesterday did not appear at the entrance of the police station.

“Dont worry, Ive already checked for you. That man yesterday probably hasnt interacted with her in the past. I guess they were on a blind date when they had dinner yesterday.” Zou Sheng patted Meng Hengs shoulder with certainty and silently cheered him on.

Meng Heng smiled smugly. “Thank you. Ill get going first.”

“Boss, youre not well. Why dont I send you back” Zheng Ling helped Shen Yin up worriedly and hurriedly winked at Han Xu.

Han Xu quickly sent a message to Meng Heng, but before he could finish typing, Meng Heng appeared at the office door.

“Sister, let me send you home.” Meng Heng took Shen Yins satchel from Zheng Lings hand.

Shen Yin wanted to refuse, but Meng Heng was holding her arm tightly. Li Zi was going to work overtime tonight, so she gave up the fight and follow Meng Heng downstairs.

He helped her into the teams SUV, but was in no hurry to go around to the drivers side. Instead, he placed his hands on either side of her and looked at her pale face. He frowned and suggested, “Sister, let me take you to the hospital. Youre in a bad state.”

“No, I want to go home.” Shen Yin was usually a stern and cold goddess, but when she was sick, she would could not help but wheedle like a child.

When Meng Heng saw her pouting, his heart softened. He closed the car door for Shen Yin and focused on driving, trying not to notice the frail appearance of the person beside him.

When they arrived at the hospital, Meng Heng heaved a long sigh of relief. He closed his eyes briefly and turned to help Shen Yin, who was asleep, unbuckle her seatbelt.

His breath disturbed her long eyelashes. As he looked down, he saw her cherry red lips.

Meng Heng held his breath and hurriedly retracted his gaze. He went around to the front passenger seat and carried her into the transfusion room.

Lian Jing narrowed his eyes and stared fixedly through the open window of the ward at the woman being carried in someones arms. Only when they had entered the hospital and moved out of his sight did he turn around with a cold expression.

The old man frowned unhappily. “Little Jing, I asked you to bring my benefactor here. Have you forgotten”

“I didnt forget.” Lian Jing walked to the door of the ward and gritted his teeth. “Ill bring her to you now.”

Meng Heng carried Shen Yin to the clinic. Along the way, he tried his best to tread lightly so as not to wake her up.

So Shen Yin slept well. It was not until the nurse inserted the cold needle into the back of her hand that she slowly woke up and realized that she was in the hospital.

She looked at Meng Heng, who was embracing her upper body. Then she hurriedly retreated from his arms.

“Im sorry, I… I actually slept for so long.” For once, Shen Yin blushed and stiffened.

Meng Heng did not care at all. He smiled and looked at Shen Yin intently. “Its good that Sister is awake. I was really frightened just now. Can you stay here alone for your injection Ill go buy a bottle of water for you. The nurse just told me that this medicine is bitter.”

“I-Im fine. You… you should go.” Shen Yins mind was a mess. She only knew that if Meng Heng did not leave, she would have find a hole to hide in.

Meng Heng smiled knowingly and did not say anything else. He stood up and left the hospital.

As soon as Meng Heng left, an uninvited guest came downstairs.

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Lian Jing frowned and walked up to Shen Yin. He looked at the IV drip in her hand and asked expressionlessly, “Are you sick”

“Yes.” Shen Yin nodded and realized that she had come to this hospital again.

She looked at the man in front of her expressionlessly and said sarcastically, “President Lian, I have a son.”

“I know!” He tightened his tie in frustration. “You dont have to keep reminding me.”

“What, President Lian doesnt even mind that Im divorced and have a son” Shen Yin tried her best to poke at his sore spot. She did not believe that Lian Jing would tolerate anything for her.

Lian Jing was not goaded by her. He sat beside her unceremoniously and looked at Meng Heng, who was standing nearby with a bag of snacks and water. He sneered, “Doesnt this little boyfriend of yours mind”



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