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Chapter 30: Is That Something I Can Hear Without Paying

[Omo, omo!! What did I hear]

[Thats a lot of information. Is that something I can listen to without paying]

[The production team is awesome. This is such a big piece of news!!]

[Are you serious Fiancé and future sister-in-law This is going to be so exciting]

[The one in front, Feifei is the biological heiress. She should not be considered as the future sister-in-law.]

[The production team must not turn off the live broadcast, if not Ill be really mad.]

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Shi Wenfei was really panicking then!

Has Shi Ran gone crazy

She did not expect Shi Ran to say that out loud!

That was not Shi Rans style at all!

Ever since the incident at the hotel, Shi Ran had become a different person.

“Shi Ran, Feifei and I are innocent. Dont spout nonsense here!” Zhou Yufan shouted with a dark expression.

He looked like he had really been wronged.

Shi Ran curled a strand of hair around her finger and raised her eyebrows lazily. “When I checked the surveillance cameras, I saw you going in. Twelve oclock at night. Dont tell me you were there to talk about work.”

The last sentence directly blocked Zhou Yufan and Shi Wenfeis words.

Shi Wenfei stared at Shi Ran, her fists slowly clenching at her sides.

At that moment, Yu Ziqian, who had been silent all this while, stood up.

“I was actually there last night.”

Those words succeeded in turning everyones attention to her.

Pleasure flashed across her eyes and she straightened her back. Under everyones gaze, she said, “Actually, I had known Wenfei for some time already. I went to the hotel to chat with her yesterday and CEO Zhou did come at twelve.”

He really went

Everyone subconsciously looked at Zhou Yufan.

Zhou Yufan narrowed his eyes and quietly scanned Yu Ziqian.

What was this little internet celebrity trying to say

“Anyway, Zhou Yufan went to look for Wenfei because Shi Rans birthday is coming soon. CEO Zhou wanted to surprise Shi Ran so he wanted to ask Wenfei what she thinks about that plan.”

“Thats why Wenfei and CEO Zhou didnt say anything just now, but Im afraid the whole world might think that Wenfei and CEO Zhou are really having an affair.”

“Shi Ran, although Im an outsider, I have to say that one of these people is your sister and the other is your fiancé. Dont you have any trust in them”

Shi Ran sneered. “You also know that youre an outsider”

Yu Ziqian was speechless. Anger flashed in her eyes. “I was there the entire night! They didnt do anything ambiguous!”

“Oh” Shi Ran said meaningfully. “Didnt you knock on room 5602 last night and only come out this morning”

A cold gaze swept across the production team opposite her and stopped on the director. Her index finger brushed across her red lips. “I remember that 5602 is Wang...”

“Hurry up and end the live broadcast!” the director hurriedly instructed.

The next second, the live stream went dark.

Director Wang looked at Shi Ran with a gloomy expression.

However, this matter still became a trending topic.

Netizens were discussing the mysterious Room 5602 and guessing who Yu Ziqian was having an affair with.

[I think I heard the wordWang before I closed the live-stream. I remember that the director ofLove Warning is surnamed Wang, right]

[The truth is out! Other than the directors bed, who else can she climb into as an internet celebrity CEO Zhou But CEO Zhou is already in Shi Wenfeis bed.]

[I saw the directors picture. He is so fat and ugly. How could he bring himself to bite]

[The production team is still awesome. How many trending searches have they occupied in a day If I hadnt seen the content, I would have suspected that the production team had bought the trending searches.]

[Why did she bump into everything She really is indeed a know-it-all.]

[Not only did Shi Ran walk in on it, but she said it out loud. Im dying of laughter. Should I call her stupid or criticize her low EQ]

“Love Warning” had been trending on the first day of filming. It was originally what Director Wang hoped would happen.

But he had not expected to become the party involved.

The public opinion online was out of control. Director Wang could only halt the recording and call Shi Ran to a room on the first floor.

In addition to Shi Ran, Ji Wenfeng was also in the room.

“Shi Ran, you went overboard this time!” Director Wangs face darkened.

He didnt even dare to look at the trending searches!

Shi Ran leaned lazily on the arm of the sofa. “Is it because of Yu Ziqian entering room 5602”

“Of course its not just this matter. What happened between you and CEO Zhou is a private matter. Private matters shouldnt be brought up.” Director Wang said righteously.

“But I saw that Director Wang was quite happy at that time.” Shi Ran did not give Director Wang any face.

“Shi Ran.” Director Wang narrowed his small eyes. “If Im not wrong, you participated in this variety show to clear your name and become famous, right”

“Do you think youd have a chance to clear your name if you didnt have any shots on the variety show, or if you got eliminated early in the show”

“Youve probably heard of a cut, havent you Anyway, the audience doesnt like to see you. I could have cut you off or made you more hateful.”

Towards the end, Director Wang directly shed all pretense of cordiality. When he threatened someone, his expression was sharp.

Ji Wenfeng sneered, “Director Wang, this isnt our first day in the industry. You can try.”

“Right now, everyone is still guessing the identity of the owner of Room 5602. If Director Wang wants to go all out, what do you think the consequences will be”

“Before I came, I investigated. Director Wang, your wifes family has contributed a lot to your achievements today.”

“If this gets to her ears, how long do you think you can be a director When the new director comes, it wont be up to you to decide if shed be cut from the scenes.”

Ji Wenfeng had always been a tough guy. Since Director Wang was outrightly going against him, one could no longer blame him for being rude!

“Are you threatening me” Director Wang was furious and his face turned red.

Shi Ran propped her chin on her hand and yawned lazily. “Having seen how I acted just now, does Director Wang really think no one will know what you just said”

She raised her slender hand, her jade-like fingers shaking the phone.

The meaning was clear.

She had recorded the conversation .

“You!” Director Wang was furious, but he was also a person who could act according to the situation.

He calmed himself. “Sure. I wont cut or maliciously edit your scenes. I can even give you more shots later, but you guys have to promise me one thing.”

Shi Ran raised her eyebrows without any words.

“You have to settle this matter for me. You, Ji Wenfeng, are a top manager. This is very simple for you, right”

Shi Ran glanced at Ji Wenfeng and left the decision to him.

“Sure,” Ji Wenfeng agreed.

Although they were the ones taking the initiative in this matter, it was still in the beginning stages. One more friend was better than one more enemy.

After that, Ji Wenfeng taught Director Wang how to handle public relations. However, Shi Ran felt that it was boring and did not intend to continue staying there, so she left the room first.

As soon as she walked out of the door, she saw Zhou Yufan leaning against the wall, sizing her up suspiciously. “Youre not Shi Ran, are you”


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