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All disciples were shocked, they didn know who this unknown saviour was but they were sure he was atleast as strong as their Sect master. The elders were the first to react.

" Thanks for saving us Senior." They gave a deep bow, No one ofcourse recognised him but did it matter? He has saved them and that was a grace, and they had to show their gratitude.

He was clearly a Mahayana expert, he should be given the proper respect for that too.

The disciples came out of their stupor, " Thanks for saving us Senior." They all said at the same time while giving a deep bow.

Tian smiled " No need for the courtesy, its a duty of a Cultivator to help those in need of he can."

The disciples and elders were impressed with him. They thought that he was such a humble person.

Tian walked towards Lin Yingmei, " Ready to jump to save others while putting yourself in danger is not something I suggest but you have done something great, take it."

He gave the talisman to her. It contained the power the explosion which might be as powerful as an attack from a Mahayana Realm Cultivator. It was a precious gift for anyone, even for Lin Yingmei.

" Thank you Senior."

Tian turned towards the elders " I have somewhere need to go, please excuse me."

" Wait a minute Senior."

Before he could leave, Lin Yingmei called him out.

Tian stopped with a questioning look.

" Is Senior going to the deeper part of core region.? "

She asked with a little hope in her eyes.

The elders also understood what she wanted but they were a little worried.

" Thats right, I am searching for something."

Lin Yingmei smiled " If Im not wrong, this Senior must be searching for the 50,000 years old Yin-Lotus? "

Tian nodded " Thats true, its a little tricky since the Yin-Lotus has formed a boundary around it, only someone with a Yin-attirbute can enter."

He was a little helpless as he said that.

Yin Yingmei was excited inside " I can help Senior with this, I practice Yin-attirbute cultivation technique."

Tian was surprised " I don think thats a good idea, its dangerous there. It has to be atleast a late-stage Tribulation Transcendence expert. You

e only at Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm. Its not something you can handle."

Elder Mu came forward " Then let me do it."

Tian looked at her " Are you good with formations? "

" Eh..h , I won say I am." She was a little embarrassed.

" The Yin-Lotus is afterall a worldly treasure, theres a natural formation around it. That why I said you can do it." He said to Lin Yingmei, hoping that she would understand.

" If thats what Senior is worried about then there is no problem, after the Sect Master the person with the highest attainment in formations is me."

Seeing that no one objected, it was likely that she was speaking the truth.

" But its a 3-star Silver Grade Formation, I think itll be hard for you. "

"A peak formation!!" Everyone exclaimed, this was already the peak of Mortal world.

It was something only their Sect Master could handle, so thats why the senior was so hesitant. It was not something their Holy Maiden could handle.

Lin Yingmei was also a little worried , it was not something she could do on her own. But she had her own means that she didn want to tell others.

" Senior, I..I- have a way but its not something I can tell. But Im sure that itll work."

Tian heard a dao melody which made him a little confused, he nodded " Since thats the case, I won ask. I hope you

e not lying to me. But first you should take the permission of your elders."

Elder Mu was grateful to Tian, Senior cares about our opinion, hes giving us face in front of the disciples.

Other elders also thought the same, they felt a little happy.

Lin Yingmei understood that she did something wrong, " Elder Mu, I didn mean to be rude. Please forgive me."

" Its okay, we know that you are in a hurry and forgot about it. But you have to be careful and don trouble the Senior too much."

Elder Mu wanted to add Be wary of others , but saying it in front of the Senior was a little rude itself. And she thought that the Senior didn seem like a bad person so it should be okay.

" I understand." Lin Yingmei replied as she walked towards Tian.

Tian stretched out his hand , she thought that it was inevitable to avoid some physical contact. She tried to hold his hand but he shifted it and her hand landed on his sleeves.

Tian gave her look which made her realise that she had misunderstood!! It made her blush a little as she held his sleeves and soon they both disappeared.

One of the elders was worried "Elder Mu, will it be alright for both of them to go alone, What if-"

She didn finish her words but Elder Mu knew what she was thinking, " Don worry, Senior doens look like a bad person and he didn take advantage of Holy Maiden just now. Hes a gentleman from what I can see."

Her words convinced others, Thats true, and hes so strong so why would he need to act.

" We should go back and report to the Sect Master." One of them suggested and all agreed and they went back outside.


Two figures appeared somewhere outside an entrance to a cave like structure. They were Lin Yingmei and Tian with Ren on his shoulders.

Lin Yingmei was surprised to see her, but she didn ask anything. It would be improper.

Tian didn bother explaining too, " Inside there is a Earth-Fire Flood dragon, mid-stage Mahayana Realm. Hes lying over the Spiritual vein which is running deep inside.

Hes been absorbing not only the Spiritual qi from it but also the heat from the surroundings to improve his Fire elemental source it seems. The rapid decreasing heat has created the Yin-zone inside the cave which has given life to the Yin-Lotus."

Lin Yingmei ofcourse knew all of this so she wasn much surprised. She has been prepared for this for long, her master has given all the necessary instructions before.

Just by standing outside the entrance one could feel the freezing cold. People below Golden Core Realm wouldn even be able to take ten steps before becoming an ice statue.

This was the major issue as why no Mahayana Realm expert had succeeded in killing the Flood dragon. Most of their Cultivation was being suppresed just to keep the Yin qi outside their body reducing their fighting power.

Only someone like Sect Master of Jade Lotus Sect wouldn have been suppresed here, rather she would have been boosted in her strength.

But due to some incident she had damaged her Meridians and could only send someone else to seek the Lotus which would help in her recovery.

Lin Yingmei was the person she trusted most, so she sent her with some elders in hope to take the Yin-Lotus. They were not supposed to fight the Beast as that would be impossible on their own. But Lin Yingmei had a formation with her which could restrict it for a few minutes with the help of elders.

But who knew that they wouldn even make it to the place and got almost killed by the Miasma Serpent. Thankfully a powerful Mahayana Realm expert was passing by them coincidentally and saved them.

Lin Yingmei knew that there was no hope for them to get the Yin-Lotus by themselves, so she could only rely on the expert. She had a gift that no one knew about, except her master.

She had a Dao bone at the centre of her forehead. Even though it was only the size of a fingernail, it was a very rare thing in Mortal Realm and would make Cultivators come after her if news got out.

Even if she was the Holy Maiden a Major Sect, her identity wouldn be enough to save her then. Thats why her master had strictly instructed her to keep it a secret and even given her many life-saving items.

Dao bones were made by Heavens itself. When a strong Cultivator or a Beast went through Heavenly Tribulation and ascended their bones would go through baptism and have Heavenly laws marked on their bones.

Though itll be only a little, not even a full finger but even that was considered a treasure. It can make your comprehension double or even triple and youll feel more close to the laws of World.

Those born with an innate Dao born are even more blessed, they can comprehend any Cultivation Technique in a year where even a genius might take ten. Dao bones keeps radiating Dao rhymes if not controlled by the person. Dao rhymes are like music of the Heavens itself, everyone would feel closer to the person and want to help him/her somehow.

This isn a orthodox use of Dao bones and even looked down by many as its considered an insult to the Heavenly Dao. But people with Mortal Soul can tell even if they are under the influence of Dao rhymes.

Lin Yingmei had done the same thing thinking that Tian was a Mortal Soul only even if he a powerful Mahayana Realm expert. She did feel guilty but for her Masters sake she had to do it.

The cave inside was dark but illuminated at some places by the crystals embedded into the wall. The crystals had a bluish-red glow which looked pretty.

Lin Yingmei was attracted to the beautiful crystals. Her Master has informed her only about the Beast and the Yin-Lotus. She didn know anything else. It was her first time seeing such crystals and she had no knowledge of it.

She couldn help but ask Tian in hope that he would know.

" Oh, these ? Its Fire-Ice elemental stone, these will be formed if there are both Fire and Ice elements in harmony. Its somewhat rare but nothing much. Is it your first time seeing these?" He casually explained as he pulled out one from the side wall.

He passed it to Ren and she wolged it down in one bite.

Lin Yingmei was shocked, this little Feline was not that simple it seems!

She had ask " Senior, whats the common use for it." She wanted to make sure if that crystal was just a candy anyone could eat. She also wanted to try!

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