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29 Did We Use To Know Each Other

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Shi Fu was still undergoing a checkup at the emergency room.

The doctor gave a stack of bills to Ji Lin. Shi Qinglan helped him check all of them and taught him how to pay the bills. That was how she continued staying in the hospital with them.

“Sister Qing!” Jiang Zhi finally arrived while panting.

He passed the phone over to Shi Qinglan while still feeling the shiver down his spine. “Someone called you just now...”

Shi Qinglan unlocked her phone to check.

When she saw that it was indeed a call from Bo Yucheng, she redialed the number, but there was no response from the other side.

“Ji Lin.”

Just then, a deep and cold voice called out anxiously.

Shi Qinglan looked in the direction of the voice and saw a man in a suit. He was handsome and had sharp, angular features, making him appear cold and distant. His lips were pursed into a thin line and his tie was a little crooked after rushing over in a hurry.

Ji Lin went up immediately. “Young Master.”

Shi Qingjue had deep-set eyes. He coldly glanced at the person standing at the side and asked, “Hows Grandpa doing”

Ji Lin recounted how Shi Fu had a heart attack and looked at Shi Qinglan with bright eyes. “Young Master, it was all thanks to Miss Miracle Doctor. She was the one who did the CPR for Master and sent him to the hospital.”

When he heard the story, Shi Qingjue was no longer so cold towards Shi Qinglan.

He glanced at the girl. Her long, black hair was a little messy, but that did not affect her beauty. Her features were exquisite and her skin was fair.

He felt a sudden sense of familiarity, and his heart skipped a beat. Shi Qingjue actually dazed out for a moment.

“Since your young master is here, can I go now” Shi Qinglan said. She looked down and swiped on her phone again, but there were no calls from Bo Yucheng.

“Erm...” Ji Lin looked at Shi Qingjue.

Shi Qingjue opened his mouth and subconsciously withdrew some of his indifference. “You are the one who saved my grandpa”

“I merely performed first aid for him,” Shi Qinglan replied.

She looked up, and her eyelashes trembled. Her eyes were so bright and dazzling.

When he looked into her eyes, Shi Qingjue felt his heart skip a beat. He felt an even stronger feeling that there was some sort of bond tying the two of them together.

He frowned slightly. “Excuse me, did we... use to know each other”

Shi Qinglan raised her brow in a charming way.

She looked at the man carefully, but it was difficult to read into those deep-set eyes. Hence, she laughed softly. “Sir, I think that is a pretty outdated way of picking a girl up.”

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Shi Qingjue retracted his gaze. He rubbed his fingers together and smiled bitterly. “Im sorry I must be mistaken.”

Shi Qinglan smiled and did not reply.

Ji Lin was watching their interaction. When he saw Shi Qingjues bitter smile, he was shocked. Could Young Master have fallen for Miss Miracle Doctor

“Can I go now” Shi Qinglan frowned.

It was apparent that she was getting annoyed after wasting so much time in the hospital. Besides, she could not get in touch with Bo Yucheng at the moment.

Shi Qingjue nodded slightly. “Im sorry to have troubled you today. May I know your name If you dont mind, you can also leave your contact number with me so I can transfer the repayment into your account.”

“Theres no need for money. I do not lack it.” Shi Qinglan raised her head slightly. “Your grandpas heart attack was indirectly caused by me, so now we are quits. Im off.”

After saying that, she turned to leave.

Jiang Zhi followed behind her immediately.



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