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Summoning The Subjects! Cartographer!

He looked at the other Lords opinions on this announcement as he processed the information.

“I thought the Novice Lord Test was just a simple test. I didnt expect a reward!!”

“I have a Yellow Gold-Tier Lord Talent. I will definitely stand out in this test!”

“The Blazing Sun Lord, Dragon Lady Lord, Asura Lord, and Undead Lord havent even spoken yet. Why are you with a Yellow Gold-Tier Lord Talent making noise”

“I dont want to compare to those freaks. With my Yellow Gold-Tier Lord talent, it shouldnt be a problem for me to scoop up some soup that the big shots dont want, right”

“I still want to fight for it even though I dont have a Lord Talent.”

“The ultimate reward belongs to me, the son of heaven!”

“My Falcon Corps is ready to be tested at any time!”

“Ive only summoned six professionals over the past four days. Do you think I can pass this Novice Lord Test”

“If you feel that you cant pass, find a way out as soon as possible. Give up your status as a Lord and find a local faction to be an ordinary person. Its not that I want to hurt anyones feelings, but your lives are the most important. Dont you think so”

“Im tempted. There seems to be a local faction near my territory!”

“A bunch of cowards. A real man should treat this test as his chance. The test isnt here yet and you want to escape already”

“Not everyone has the heart to fight for supremacy…”

“Thats right, who wants to be a Lord! I was dragged forcefully here, okay!”

“This Novice Lord Test will determine if you are a dragon or a worm!”

The world channel displayed all kinds of human emotions.

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Some were tempted, some were wavering, and some were already thinking of retreating…

However, most of the Lords were still filled with ambition and anticipation for this Novice Lord Test. Zhou Zhou was no exception.

“I have the Legendary-Tier Lord Talent! Theres no reason not to fight for this supreme reward!”

“I cant underestimate the other Lords since my Lord Talent will grow stronger in later stages. Perhaps some other Lord can obtain a greater advantage than me now. I cant relax for the last three days! I have to accumulate strength with all my might. Only then can I have a chance to obtain the supreme reward in the Novice Lord Test!” Zhou Zhou rationalized it.

He did not become egoistic with the achievements and fame of the past three days nor was he in the mood to continue sleeping in. He simply got up and walked out of the Lords wooden house.

Bai Yi and the others had already woken up and were eating breakfast.

Zhou Zhou washed up quickly and joined in. Everyone rested for a while before they cleaned up the Desert Fog Lizards in the monster ranch.

Zhou Zhou then came to the Gate of Summoning and prepared to summon his subjects on the fourth day.

A golden text notification appeared.

[Prompt: Do you want to summon immediately]

“Yes!” Zhou Zhou immediately said.

The next second, the Gate of Summoning suddenly lit up with white light, and 12 people walked out.

“Greetings, my Lord!”

When the 12 new subjects saw Zhou Zhou, they immediately said respectfully.

“Welcome to Blazing Sun City.” Zhou Zhou said as usual.

Then, he began to check the attributes of the 12 new subjects.

These 12 subjects were six men and six women.

10 of them were ordinary people without any profession.

As for the other two, one of them was a Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade female chef.

The other person was a Cartographer, a young boy who was only 15 years old. He looked delicate and young, but his eyes were quite determined.

[Subject: Wu Tu]

[Territory: Blazing Sun City]

[Life Profession: Cartographer]

[Profession Class: Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade]

[Ability Overview: He has aImage Memory talent. He couldrecord the scenery he saw with his brush. Later, he took the initiative to join the army for the sake of his familys livelihood and became a military cartographer. He was good at drawing all kinds of terrain distribution, natural resource gathering points, mountains and rivers, and the territory of monsters.]

[Skills: Talent – Image Memory, Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Graphic Skill, Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Terrain Recognition, Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Monster Recognition, Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Medicinal Herb Recognition, Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Mineral Recognition, Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Maple Town, Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Maple Town, Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Fish Spring Town, Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Maple Town, Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Gobi Desert, Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade – Raven Forest.]

[Loyalty: 75]

[Potential: Yellow Gold-Tier Advance Grade]

Zhou Zhou was a little surprised.

This was the first time he had seen a human with talent in skills. Moreover, it was not a racial talent like the Elementary Grade Mental Potential.

His persons potential was also higher than average since he actually had Yellow Gold-Tier Advance Grade potential! He was almost a top talent of the human race!

What surprised Zhou Zhou the most was… This child was clearly not very old, but he had unexpectedly mastered many skills.

His caliber was second only to Elder Zhao Changshou among the people he knew.

He put away the surprise in his heart and began to distribute these people.

Zhou Zhou used the four Poison Crossbowmen Class Change Certificates that he had obtained previously to turn four men into beginner-level Poison Crossbowmen.

Zhou Zhou assigned the other two men to Zhao Changshou. Zhao Changshou and the others were building new buildings every day, but they were very short of manpower. Zhao Changshou, this old man, sometimes had to personally build mud walls.

The soldiers could help them when they were free, but their main profession was still going out to conquer monsters. It was impossible for them to do construction work all day.

Therefore, it was still necessary to assign construction personnel to Zhao Changshou and Qian Du.

As for the remaining four female subjects, they were assigned to Qin Guang and his wife immediately. There were more than 600 people in the territory, it was not possible for Qin Guang and his wife to provide food to so many people every day by themselves. It was better for them to have more help.

Finally, Zhou Zhou looked at Wu Tu.

Wu Tu was still a child after all. Under Zhou Zhous gaze, he quickly became a little nervous.

“Dont be afraid of me. Im not going to eat you. Go to the gnome alchemy workshop later and apply for a mechanostrider from the workshop owner, Ashburn. After you get it, get familiar with it.”

“When you have completely mastered it, follow my scout team in the exploration of the surrounding information of the territory. Draw a map for me.”

“This mission is important. Can you do that” Zhou Zhou pondered for a moment before saying.

“I can! Thats what I did in the military. Im already familiar with it.” Wu Tu said confidently.

“Okay! I like how confident you are. Since youre so confident, I will entrust you with a heavy responsibility and make you the vice-captain of my scout team if you can satisfy my conditions. How about that” Zhou Zhou said seriously.

Wu Tu volunteered to serve in the army so that his family could survive so Zhou Zhou believed that he was not a brat who knew nothing.

Therefore, he did not look down on him because he was young and wanted to give this child a chance.

In any case, he would only be the vice-captain.

The captain and the other soldiers could also look out for him and prevent him from doing anything wrong.

When Wu Tu heard Zhou Zhous words, his eyes could not help but light up.

When he was in the army, no matter how much knowledge he learned or how many skills he mastered, he did not gain the trust of many soldiers because of his tender age.

He did not expect this Lord to trust him so much after he came here.

My Lord seemed to be different from the others…

The young man thought.

Then, he nodded vigorously.

“Ill definitely become the vice-captain!”

The Lord in front of him smiled and ruffled his hair before turning to leave.



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