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07 Cheating scandal

    Early the next morning, the news of the derailment of Mrs.

Ning, Song Yuyin was spread all over the major media networks.

    The news came from several sets of pictures posted by an anonymous Weibo account, in which a man and a woman were walking into a hotel together.

    Only the side of the woman was shown, and the picture was blurry, but according to the blogger this was Ning Ze’s wife, Song Yuyin, and the man with Song Yuyin was her lover, an 18th-tier male model.

    Although these photos cannot prove anything, many websites have forwarded them in order to fight for traffic, but they had added two question marks at the end.

    However, these two question marks were completely ignored by the netizens who like to eat melons, and Song Yuyin, thus became a trending topic.

    [Oops, it’s over.

Host, I’m afraid you will no longer be able to complete your goal.

Now that things have become so big, it’s hard for you to get a proper divorce.

It’s over, the host is going to hang the ball [1].

Although it’s only been a few days, your baby system is very reluctant part with you host, woo woo woo [2].]

    “This is nothing but a trivial matter, look at you worrying so much”

    [Host, what are you going to do.]

    “This 18th-tier male model has a name and a surname, and he is the male lead of this scandal.

If we can investigate him, it will be game over.”

    [But how are we going to find him.]

    “I think Lawyer Feng should know someone who can do it.

After all, she is in this line of work.” So Bai Ertang decided to go out to find Lawyer Feng.

    As a result, as soon as she walked out of the villa door, she heard loud noises coming from outside the iron gate of the courtyard.

    “What’s going on”

    Bai Ertang looked bewildered, and saw the housekeeper rushing over in a panic, “Madam, it’s the reporters.

They want to interview you.”


    “There are only four or five servants at home.

I tried to persuade those people to leave, but they said they wouldn’t leave if they didn’t see you.”


    She is a wealthy wife with no name, no surname and no identity.

She is not an internet celebrity, nor has she entered the entertainment industry, or has made any contribution in any field.

How can so many reporters come to interview her, so inexplicably

    [Of course it’s done by your old enemy, host.] The system kindly reminded her.

    Hmph, it goes without saying that Ning Jing is behind this.

    When Bai Ertang was worried about how to break out of the siege, the driver with the sunglasses came over, “Madam, come with me.”

    “…You, can you do something”

    “Well, the villa has a back door, which is usually not used.

We can get out from there.”

    So Bai Ertang got into the car with the sunglasses driver, who was also 6 feet tall.

He stepped on the accelerator and rushed out of the back door.

Although there were some reporters squatting at the back door, the car was too fast for anyone to react.

And before they could even get back their senses, the car had already disappeared.


Let’s go around a few times before going to Lawyer Feng’s place.”

    Bai Ertang was afraid that someone would be following her.


    The driver uncle replied, his voice very mellow.

    “Uncle, I’ve troubled you these days, I don’t know what to call you.”

    “It should be…my surname is Xia.”


    “I also saw those reports.

The date is noon from the day before yesterday, obviously this is a fake news.”

    “Yes, I was in the law firm at noon the day before yesterday, and you are my witness.”

    “…I am your lawyer, so my testimony is useless.” Feng Xiaoyuan shook her head, “It seems that we have to start with that male model.”

    “That’s what I think, starting with a male model, we have to find someone to investigate him.

I wonder if Lawyer Feng knows anyone who can do this”

    “Leave this to me.

But from now onwards, your divorce case will be very troublesome, you have to be mentally prepared.”

    “Don’t worry, I am prepared.

If Ning Jing wants to mess with me, he has to pay the price.”

    “Your confidence is very good, so I will try my best to help you win this divorce case!” Feng Xiaoyuan’s tone was full of admiration.

    After saying goodbye to Feng Xiaoyuan, Bai Ertang decided to go shopping.

    [Host, please accept the loving reminder from the system.]


    [Host, you don’t have much balance in your account now, and you have spent a lot on lawyer fees and investigation fees.

If you go to the mall to shop again, you will not be able to make ends meet later, which will make it more difficult to complete the task.]

    “Then I’ll just go window shopping, and not buy anything.”

    The most popular places in the mall are clothing and restaurants.

If she gets money in the future, what would be better to invest in

    Bai Ertang thought while shopping in the mall.

    Then her phone rang, it was Ning Ze’s call.

    Isn’t this guy on a business trip How come he has time to call her every day when he is so busy

    As a result, Bai Ertang was stunned by a roar as soon as she answered the phone.

    “Song Yuyin, I was just thinking why you suddenly wanted to get a divorce, so that’s the reason!”


    Bai Ertang was stunned for a while, and took a long time to react, “Oh.

Are you talking about the derailment.”

    “You still have face to say!”

    Ning Ze was really pissed off, how could a useless woman like Song Yuyin dare to cuckold him!

    “Ning Ze, do you think my taste is so low Do I lack men so much In this life, I have never liked other men except you.

If you don’t believe me, then I’ll just commit suicide to prove my innocence!”

    Bai Ertang suddenly changed her tone, after shouting hysterically, she abruptly hung up the phone.

    [Host, you… are you in love with Ning Ze]

    Nothing like that, its just that there are too many enemies around me for the time being, so let’s first draw Ning Ze over and help me deal with his dad.

    [Oh, the actress inside you came out.

Next, are you really going to commit suicide]

    Of course not, let’s go and see if Starbucks’ latest coffee is delicious.

    Bai Ertang was in a good mood.

    Bai Ertang calmly went to drink coffee, but Ning Ze, who was on a business trip in Z city, was in a hurry.

    He was skeptical about this report at first, but when he had first seen the news, he felt that the green hat on his head was very big, and was instantly angry, so he immediately called Song Yuyin.

    As a result, Song Yuyin not only denied it, but also wanted to commit suicide…

    Although he was satisfied with Song Yuyin’s confession, Ning Ze was more worried.

    Ning Ze and Song Yuyin have been together for more than ten years, and he also knew that this woman is terrifying when she goes crazy.

In case of impulsiveness, if she really commits suicide…

    Ning Ze broke out in a cold sweat, and immediately asked someone to book a plane ticket and rushed back.

At the same time, he asked the housekeeper to keep watch on Song Yuyin, lest she really wants to commit suicide.


    After Ning Ze’s plane arrived at S City, he went straight home.

    It was already nine o’clock in the evening, he didn’t rest even for a bit today, that too without eating anything.

    On the contrary, Bai Ertang was simply enjoying her day.

    In the morning, she went shopping in the mall, drank coffee, and ate Western food.

In the afternoon, she bought some snacks and came back to play games.

After that, she took a bath and slept.

    While sleeping, Bai Ertang was immersed in the dream of a successful divorce and countless property shares.

    [Host, wake up!]

    Suddenly, a lolita voice sounded in Bai Ertang’s mind.

    Don’t disturb my sweet dreams!

    [Host, you can’t sleep anymore, Ning Ze is back!]


    Bai Ertang immediately jumped up from the bed, why did he come back!

    […Probably because of what you said to him.

Ning Ze thought that you were really going to commit suicide.]

    Ahhhh, this, where is he now

    [Just downstairs.]


    So fast!

    Why didn’t you tell me sooner!

    [Didn’t I wake you up!]


References↑1Dead↑2Sound of crying


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