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Chapter 30: Capturing Human Soldiers

The soldiers looked at the Dwarf in front of them excitedly.

The peasant woman hugged the child in her arms tightly and looked at the two soldiers in panic.

What happened Didnt they leave just now

“See, I told you. There are children here, and theres more than one.”

“Hmph, to think that your ears are so sharp.”

“That childs voice was just a little loud. If not for you, we would have missed out on a lot of good things.”

“Let me see... There are more than just these two. There should be a small one in the hole just now.”

“Im rich, Im rich!”

The farmers wife hugged the child tightly in her arms in panic and curled up tightly at the side.

The soldiers were even more excited when they saw this.

They took the initiative to step forward and push the farmers wife.

“Hey, do you understand me Hurry up and hand over the brat in your arms!”

“If you take the initiative to hand it over, the two of us might be able to let you live a little longer!”

“Dream on.”

The peasant woman held the child tightly in her arms and looked at the soldiers in disgust.

The soldiers looked at each other and laughed in unison.

“Aiya, why does everyone who has a child always have this reaction”

“Who knows”

“In any case, they cant stop us from doing what we want!”

The soldier suddenly pulled out the sword at his waist and skillfully picked up the child in the farmers wifes arms.


As soon as the child left the womans arms, he started crying in panic.

“My child!”

The farmers wife pounced forward, wanting to carry the child back.

However, the other two soldiers did not give her a chance at all. They kicked the peasant woman against the wall.

“Please stop!”

The peasant woman looked at the two soldiers with teary eyes.

“Sigh, do you think a childs head is worth three gold coins”

“I dont know. It should be worth it. Anyway, I think its better to kill the younger one than the older one.”

“Its more convenient to bring a few more heads out”

With that, the soldier with the child laughed and threw the child to another person.

“Youre done. Lets get rid of it as soon as possible and kill the other two big ones!”

“My children, my lords, please let them go!”

The peasant woman looked at the Human soldiers in front of her in panic. She endured the pain in her body and knelt in front of the two of them.



The soldiers burst into violent laughter.

Letting this Dwarfs child go was equivalent to letting money slip from their hands for nothing.

Only a fool would do such a thing!

“Dont worry. Its not just your children. We wont let any other children go.”

“We wont let you off either.”

“But dont be too sad.”

The soldier smiled viciously and pulled out the sword at his waist.

“Well send the baby down first. Youll be down soon after the baby.”

“Alright, stop talking so much nonsense with that woman.”

The Human soldier slammed the table beside him and placed the crying baby on it.

“Come on, lets go.”


The soldier stood in front of the table and raised his sword high.


The peasant woman pounced on the soldiers leg and hugged his thigh tightly.

“Get lost!”

The soldier kicked the peasant woman away impatiently.

“Get lost. Its not your turn yet!”

“Let go of my baby!”

The farmers wife pounced on him again in despair, but the soldier at the side mercilessly kicked her hard.

“Be quiet. I told you itll be your turn soon.”

“My child...”

The peasant woman sobbed in despair and closed her eyes.



An illusory voice floated over from afar.

The soldier who raised his sword immediately stopped what he was doing.

He looked around hesitantly.

“Did you hear anything just now”

“I think so.”

The other soldier nodded.

“But who cares Hurry up and cut it down so that we can end work early.”

“Youre right!”

The soldier raised the sword in his hand again.

However, just as he swung his sword at the baby on the table,


In an instant, a bolt of lightning struck down from the roof of the shed.

Before the other soldiers could react.

The soldier who had just raised his sword turned into a piece of charred charcoal and fell to the ground with a thud.

“Whats going on”

The other two soldiers watched in panic. The shattered charcoal on the ground quickly hid behind a cover.


One of the soldiers frowned unconsciously.

“The weather tonight is clearly very good. Why would there be thunder on the ground”

“Who knows The weather here is very strange. Lets quickly deal with these Dwarfs and leave early.”

The other soldier nodded and drew his sword.

Just as he was about to slash it, a second bolt of lightning suddenly struck down from the sky!


He looked at his companion, who had already turned into charcoal and emitted a faint smell.

The only remaining soldier gulped uneasily.

“Didnt I just say that”

Could it be that the illusory voice appeared again

“Stop! Didnt you hear me”

“What the hell was that”

The soldiers Adams apple bobbed up and down slowly, and his hand dropped from the hilt of his sword.

Fortunately, he was a little slow just now.

Otherwise, he would have ended up like the other two.

“All Humans, listen to my orders. Hurry up and gather!”

Hearing the Generals voice, the soldier hesitated for a while before deciding to leave first.

Initially, he wanted to deal with the three people in the room first before leaving. It seemed that he could only deal with them when he returned the next time!

The soldier sized up the three Dwarfs in the room and said fiercely!

“The three of you, listen up. No one is allowed to step out of this shack until I return. Otherwise, Ill make your deaths even worse.”

After saying that, the soldier pulled open the curtain of the house and walked out.

However, as soon as he stepped outside, all the strength in his body seemed to have been drained, and he fell limply to the ground.

What happened

Before he could think about it, a few beauties that glow like moonlight appeared in front of him.

So... so beautiful...

For a moment, the soldier was in a daze as he stared at them.

The Dark Elf sisters looked at the soldier on the ground in disgust and kicked him hard.

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Why did these Humans always look at them so strangely

“Your Majesty, weve caught the last one!”

“Well done.”

Moon Bell raised her eyes and looked coldly at the tied up Human soldiers in front of her.

“More than 300 people are all here.”

A ferocious glint flashed across Moon Bells eyes. She would not let any of these Humans off.

“After hanging them up, the rest of you go and call out all the Dwarfs in this shack.”

“The rest of you, follow me.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”



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